How much mag. is best to take with Vitamin D?


How much mag. is best to take with Vitamin D? My dr. wants me on 50,000 IU twice a week but I am going to try and find a smaller dosage. Also which is best for IBS?

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  1. Also my mag. levels are normal according to my dr. but I am unsure how she tested it. My Vit. D level is 18 and I think I have low magnesium as well. I also have adrenal insufficiency.

  2. I would work on upping your D levels a more natural way. Take a look at the link just posted by Shanee. It has studies, way to improve levels and effects D synthetic D has on the body.

  3. These are the tests your doctor should be doing to get a complete picture.

  4. You're not gonna want to take that D, friend. Do some more research, ask more questions of your doctor, and listen to these fine folks in the group for guidance. 🙂

  5. I would stay completely away from Hormone D. The Sun and food sources only. You'll create more health issues if you do. Hormone D mobilzes calcium from the bones into the bloodstream and settling into joints and tissues, Not good!

  6. Up the magnesium, and your D will go up naturally. D needs magnesium to balance your level.

  7. Your Doctor is a Dunce.

  8. K-Ka-BOOM!

  9. My vit D is around 60, I take it occasionally in liquid form olive oil. I am also taking Vit K2. Could this help metabolize calcium? Taking coral calcium. What is safe vitamin D?

  10. With my ibs, I found a mix of diff mag helps me the most. I spray mag chloride on my feet and legs at night and take mag citrate 500 mg. In the morning I take mag glycinate 500 mg

  11. Just keep in mind that when posting pictures, like that above in Julie MacMillin's post, some people do WONDERFUL on the magnesium listed as 'the worst forms'. We are not created equal and what works for some, may not work for everyone.

  12. essiac 8 herb tea is best for IBS…………

  13. Ibs sufferer's tske coconut oil. stops it. 1 tsp. Can cook w or put in smoothie. Amazing!

  14. Patrick, I agree – I take Mg Oxide to help w BMs and sleep, but I don't rely on it solely for magnesium supplementation. Also, the source of that Meme was a Hashimoto Thyroiditis group, so there tends to be more difficulty in absorbing magnesium in that group.

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