How much magnesium do you take?


How much magnesium do you take to fight depression and which vitamins? Other I should add? I try to deal with a very heavy depression and need help!

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  1. I have seen mention of Lithium Orotate for depression too… Some ppl claiming made a huge difference in their depression. And many people have undiagnosed MTHFR gene mutations so methyl B vitamins, real folate and avoiding folic acid might help too.

  2. Ulla why do you take both?

  3. Because I think I need up to 1000 mg/day but that is too much to take at the same time, it needs to be divided. I can not take citrate in the morning as it makes me tired. But the oxid also helps muscle relaxation without making me tired. I have a problem with muscle tension which is present already when I wake up in the morning. The citrate helps my sleep when I take it at bedtime.

  4. Are you in Norway Wenche-Britt? Have your tried a full-sprectrum light for the depression? When I lived in Norway I used one of those to good advantage. I know you can get magnesium citrate by Solaray at Sunkost. Someone mentioned Ashwaganda, but I wasn't able to get that in Bergen last summer. You could order from iherb (stay under the allowed amount for import) – they deliver quite fast. I believe you can get the Epsom salts (engelsk salt) at some apotek. I did see it at

  5. Niacin has greatly reduced my depression.

  6. Thank you Wenche-Britt for posting this. I'm sorry you are struggling too. I have fought depression for years, and have found this year to be one of the worst! On this page I recently read someone posting about candida. If you don't already know about this, look up the symptoms. Depression, anxiety,poor memory, irritability, mood swings are just a few that I have that sent me researching this. I have almost all the symptoms, and left untreated can be bad. I am making a dr. Apt to get tested. Anyways, hopefully you will find something that works! But definitely look this up too

  7. There is no magic pill(s) that will reverse your depression. A hair analysis test with related blood work will elucidate the underlying root cause that is creating the collection of SYMPTOMS we call depression.

    I see clients weekly who self-medicate with various vitamins like Niacin or vit D because someone on the Internet claimed it works amazing. The ONLY effect such protocols have is to dampen their symptoms. It's no different than taking a Tylenol to dampen chronic pain, which directly stems from a mineral imbalance.

    When I run a hair analysis on them they suddenly realize the pernicious consequences of taking supplements without proper testing. I show them how they have systematically SKEWED their biochemistry and mineral metabolism even further than what it was. And they do become surprised when their depression is reversed while sticking with the rebalancing program.

    Sweeping depression under a carpet of vitamin megadoses won't make it go away.

  8. Peter Nicholas that statement is self promoting and inflammatory. While it may be true there are underlying issues with any depression, it is also true that a vitamin B deficiency can cause symptoms of depression. I agree there is no magic pill, and you shouldn't always believe everything someone puts on the internet, however, my life experience is that I've tried most every pharmaceutical antidepressant drug on the market in the past 30 years, along with a few other drugs for off label use, vitamin B has been more helpful for my depression than ANYTHING else I've taken. When someone is depressed, anything which does not harm them should be considered as an option, because without immediate help, they might not be around long enough to receive the results of hair analysis. I'm sure you know a lot more than I do about a lot of things, but please don't negate my personal experience by tooting you own horn of knowledge. When is help not help? When it hurts.

  9. You completely misinterpreted my post, Robin A. Hyatt. We need all vitamins and minerals in the proper natural doses. Daily doses of 3000 mg of Niacin or 3000 IU of vit D are not natural and no human has ever taken them in the history of the human race. In fact, it is very easy to show the damage they cause over time.

    Depression is not a deficiency of 3000+ mg of Niacin. Depression is a mineral deficiency/imbalance. We've known this for over 2500 years since the ancients who cured depression with minerals.

    The truth is out there.

  10. Thank you for clarifying, Peter Nicholas

  11. Lugol's iodine helped me a lot. That was before I discovered depressions connection with mag and B12

  12. Just came out of unrelenting depression after 6 months. Along with crashing fatigue. Have been taking 1600 mg SamE, Htp5,superB,fish oil and some bio identical hormones. Added 900 mg mag citrate just about 3 weeks ago and that took care of the fatigue as well as making me feel totally like myself again. Everyone is different. Life's circumstances play a huge role too. Chronic stress is so bad for your mental and physical well being. Counseling can help too. God bless you. I've been there. Be gentle on yourself and ask for patience from your loved ones. Reach out for support. You'd be surprised how many angels are out there.

  13. Chronic stress depletes Magnesium which, in turn, affect the Adrenals.

  14. 5htp, same, gaba, essential amino acids. Malatonin for sleep. Since I have been able to sleep all night, the depression has lifted. I also take benadryl at night for allergies and read that it increases seratonin and based on something else I read, honey at night to regulate blood sugar and protein at bedtime. I eat nuts. And yes, 800 mg magnesium and counseling. Have to get out of the pit first with diet and supplements. Then sign up for counseling and go. I found a local church with a care team and it's free.

  15. Please find an integrative medicine doctor on ACAM website and have your thyroid checked. He or she can also write for natural thyroid.
    All the supplements in the world will not fix a hypothyroid condition.

  16. I was hoping to hear back if you are in Norway. We cannot get a lot of stuff; like melatonin, it's considered a drug, which also would apply to GABA. I have friends who fly over to the UK or Denmark to get what they need and bring in the allowed personal quota of items. I think a lot of this has to do with EU rules. When I lived in Norway (I'm now US based) and before the EU, it was easier to buy stuff, especially from the US. It drives me nuts and when I go home to visit, my suitcase has mostly supplements and few clothes in it…….

  17. Have you tried organic green juicing?

  18. I take 400 mg of magnesium malate and 400 oxide (for constipation)

  19. But I need to taper oxazepam/serax, which probably makes depression a chronic state! I take 45-55mg oaxezepam per day! How do I start and survive tapering? I hate being dependant on oxazepam and I don't know how to live without it! And being depressed i clean shit!
    Give me a kickstarter! Please! I need support to taper benzo and work myself out of this killing depression!

  20. Wenche-Britt Hagabakken My suggestion would be to go and see a Functional Medicine Doctor. Depression is not so easy and not one pill fits all. The FM Dr will give you a plan that suits your needs. Good luck and God Bless xxx

  21. Wenche-Britt I would like to recommend another FB group: Life beyond antidepressants. It is a support group for people who want to get off psych drugs, a very good one and you get many good tips.

  22. Wenche-Britt Hagabakken, there is some good information here, and I agree with Ulla-Stina Rask, that to be in a group that deals with this would be supportive and helpful for you. Lykke til!

  23. Wenche-Britt Hagabakken, I did a taper of zopiclone. There are several online support groups for those tapering benzos. There is some really good support and information out there. You want to be careful, but it can be done.

  24. Thank you Anne, I successfully tapered from SNRI last year and certainly a good support group is helpful!

  25. Water titration taper is a very good way of coming of benzos. Youtube have some videos showing you what to do. It's a good, slow process.

  26. Wenche-Britt Hagabakken
    Excellent question…

    There are NO absolutes… It really depends on your mineral status. The most common CAUSE of the condition called "depression" is excess Calcium, coupled with too little Magnesium. They have KNOWN this was the factor since 1928. (No, that is NOT a typo…)

    Adding to this imbalance are the impact of heavy metals, like Aluminum and Mercury, that are very destructive to Mg status, and also affect the status of Copper that is highly involved in neurotransmitter production, which will also play a role in one's mood. But it's important to understand that Mg status is VERY MUCH a factor in how bioavailable Copper is to the body…

    What is most helpful is a broader perspective of minerals that is provided via a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ( and a Mag RBC which is the acid-test for Mg status in the human body. (Serum Mg is a TOTAL waste of time, $$$$ & blood, btw…)

    And the added assault of most, if not all Rx meds to "treat" depression, is that they CAUSE Mg Loss…

    I'll let you connect the dots on that dynamic…

    Hope that sheds some new light. You might also research George Eby, PhD:

    A votre sante!

  27. & if you don't have any hair on your head? What then?

  28. Here you go, Nancy Langsjoen, I just had this open in the files! My husband will want to know the answer too!

  29. cracked myself up thinking of an alternative. =)

  30. I was able to taper off over 6 months by adding natural remedies for anxiety and depression.

  31. What remedies Erin Henry

  32. I love Ashwagandha! It's very good for anxiety and depression.

  33. I tried Ashwaganda and it did nothing at all for me… But we are all different!

  34. 5-HTP, S.A.M.E., passion flower tea, gaba and essential amino acids. I have noticed a huge difference in my mood since I have been sleeping all night. I am also going to counseling at church. I read some posts in the adrenal fatigue group about how to sleep all night. Honey at bedtime keeps blood sugar normal. You may want to look into that. Anxiety and depression are signs of adrenal fatigue. When I started treating that, I started getting better. For the first time in years I believe this is physiological and not all in my head. Years and years of chronic stress can cause adrenal fatigue.

  35. There is a wonderful woman named Cheryl Barnett Townsley in the adrenal fatigue recovery group who has a website and holds weekly telephone conference calls where you dial in and listen to all of the information she is giving you.

  36. Erin, how much 5htp do you take? Or do you take it in a combination tablet with some others? I take a product called Super Sleep that has melatonin, 5HTP and LTheonine together, and it helps some. But I need additional sleep aid in order to get to sleep. I have fibro so sleep is fleeting at times.

  37. Hey…..try making and drinking daily beet kvass! You will be amazed.

  38. I personally react the opposite of almost everything I take…

  39. 1 pill. I also take melatonin and benadryl. For allergies but helps with sleep and also increases seratonin. I really started sleeping all night when I quit the coffee and added honey and nuts before bed. I once had combination sleep medication that worked very well but I don't remember the third ingredient. It had valerian root, melatonin, and …. Maybe tryptophan. Not herbal but st. Johns wort comes to mind. The combination worked very well. It could also have to do with the gaba and the amino acids that I take at night.

  40. you need to try to identify the source of your depression before you can treat it properly.Meds only treat the symptoms,St johns wort works for some,ashwaganda as Jill said, until you find what works for you

  41. It depends on the cause of depression. For me personally, being more careful in my diet (I follow the Blood Type Diet and I'd gotten lazy with my food choices as I got depressed), plus I increased my 5-HTP dose and started taking rhodiola root. I also gently increased my D intake while being very careful to get lots and lots of magnesium along with it, and I started going to therapy. That was along with the other supplements I take regularly, such as magnesium and a B complex.

    What worked for my body may not be what works for yours. Be very careful with D supplements in particular, as those can damage your magnesium stores if taken inappropriately.

  42. I'm a natural health professional,I treated many with like you said different protocols

  43. Counseling does help get to the cause and develop a solution but I needed to get out of the pit before I would go.

  44. I am sorry you are struggling. Have you ever considered using essential oils to help combat your depression?

  45. It depends on which type of depression you have.

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