How much magnesium oil should you be taking?


How much magnesium oil should you be taking if you are deficient female, age 42, and how often each day?

Apparently I’ve been taking it wrong on a high dose and never feeling better. Kept thinking I take so much and I’m not gett better that something wasn’t right. Sure enough. I was up to 2600 of the oil. So today I start applying it correctly and it is working! And boy is it ever. Im tired and a bit too relaxed and loopy.

So, I could really use some advice on what to do. Need more details please just ask.

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  1. I was taking every 2 hrs throughout the day. With the way I was spraying it on me and location I clearly was wasting a lot of oil.

  2. It's like starting mag but going backwards. I have no idea what to do. I'm so sleepy right now the mag is going to put me to bed early. I want to say maybe I was getting half of it, but I really don't know.

  3. what were you doing before and what are you doing now?

  4. I was squirting it directly on my skin, a whole lot on my legs mostly, upper legs. I would do it in the shower cause otherwise there would be magnesium all over the bathroom floor with the counters. But it ended up on the bathtub. And i'd rub so much in one place it felt like possibly the bottom layer was absorbing but there was a greasy top player that did not absorb and after 20 minutes when I would clean it up it would still be a little messy. Today I sprayed the oil directly into my hand over my shower and rubbed it all over my body in small portions. Making it much more absorbable. And boy is it ever. And by spraying about three sprays in my hand I didn't waste oil as well. Huge difference.

  5. Are you balancing it with potassium and sodium? Have you had an htma?

  6. Not at the moment and can't afford a htma at the moment either.

  7. what brand are you using, Holly

  8. Life and Flow Pure Mag Oil.

  9. Mag on its own can mess up the ratios between potassium and sodium. Try to get more of those and see if you even out. I would get heart palps or dizziness with too much mag- low K and Na.

  10. Have you tried mag-a-hol? It absorbs so much better with the vodka and doesn't leave a horrible residue like normal oil does.
    Also, you need cofactors of magnesium to help it get into the cells and also balance your other electrolytes.

  11. I have a question. Can you use magnesium oil on its own or do you need to also oral

  12. i personally don't take mag supplements. i've been able to keep my mag in range with Epsom salt baths and milk of magnesia as deodorant.

  13. Holly just do what you feel works the most. I personally use mag oil foot baths and Natural calm. Working great for me.

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