How much of the spray can I use safely?


I suffer from extreme over-the-top, painful GERD that began while withdrawing from an SSRI or antidepressant I took for 15 years. The withdrawal has been beyond brutal but having digestive issues on top is a whopper. At any rate, I have tried every tea, herbal remedy, supplement and diet for GERD without any relief. I had a rough night two nights ago and out of the blue thought I should really try my magnesium spray that I have to sleep better. Holy moly my GERD is sooooooo much better. I can eat without being in agony, albeit the most incredibly bland food possible, but at least I can eat SOMETHING. There must be some connection here! My question is how much of the spray can I use safely? After I eat and I feel like my heartburn is increasing I spray myself a few times and it really helps. But I certainly don’t want to overdo it. Should I gear up to a supplement or just continue with the spray which is helping? Plus I may not be able to properly digest a supplement because my stomach is in such bad shape right now.

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  1. Have you tried Betaine HCL with Pepsin? Low stomach acid looks a lot like high stomach acid.

  2. You can take MOM under the tongue to bypass the gut. I use 1 tsp and hold for 5 minutes then spit or brush my teeth with it. Wonderful way to bypass the gut. Also I healed my gut with 2 tblsp. of kefir milk daily. It has some probiotics and was very healing for my inflamed gut lining. When I got really desperate for sleep I would use a ranatadine tablet( this one works in 30 minutes). Took a long time but I was finally able to add kambucha and then sauerkraut and pickle juice to my diet.

  3. The bottle should contain info on how many Mg per 10 sprays minus absorption. It's hardly you will overdo it.

  4. This is interesting, glad you've found something is helping, did you spray it anywhere in particular? Such as areas where it might go near the reflux sites or just spray it on your skin anywhere as long as it was absorbed?

  5. Spray as much and as often as you like. I would spray the front of the neck and down to the end of the sternum.
    And, don't forget Mg's cofactors and adrenal cocktail, too.

    Many find Aloe vera juice very soothing to an inflamed digestive tract.

  6. DGL is quite soothing when my reflux inflammation gets bad

  7. I tried DGL and literally every supplement on the planet that is supposed to help GERD. Most of them did not help in any way and many actually worsened my situation like Apple Cider Vinegar and digestive enzymes. I was finally placed on Protonix that is an acid blocker and that enabled me to eat a little here and there. But I do NOT want to stay on this medication. I want to get to the root cause and really heal my gut.


    Slippery elm can be very soothing. I have seen good results with d limonene for some people.

  8. Ok I have really helped my acid reflux. But as a result my lifestyle changed. Gave up coffee in the morning stopped all supplements that are acidic. Brags vinegar, camu powder Fish oil. foods no garlic onion all the no acid reflux stuff. First thing in the morning I drink cammomile tea than I tablet dgl licorice about 20 minutes later. Than 20 minutes later I eat breakfast. I wait 30 minutes after eating to drink water. also if I felt acid coming on I drink more water. also taking renew life 50 billion fridg kind. I wait to lay down about a hour or to after eating. after about almost a month. I dropped the dgl licorice. Sometimes enjoy a decaf never on an empty stomach. I still drink the water the same way and the tea. I am going to see a functional med dr to find out why I am prone to acid reflux. But for me this recipe reduced the pain great

  9. From my HAshmotos experience (another group) people with low stomach acid suffer from reflux. PPI's do not help and in fact reduce the ability of the stomach to break down nutrients for proper absorption. I had gastritis and got off the acid inhibotors and now take Betaine HCL w Pepsin and digestive enzymes. Brilliant . Of ourseI am not assuming you h ave my condition but t he GERD is common.

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