How much turmeric should a person take a day for cancer?


Question: How much turmeric should a person take a day for cancer? If raw how many inches, if in capsule or tablet form how many MG a day? I have a bottle of capsules – 300 MG directions say 1 two or three times a day with meal or glass of water. Another is in tablet form with black pepper added saying it has 450 MG of Turmeric and again 1 with food or large glass of water 3 times a day. Can a person ingest too much? I would think not since it is a food but just wondering.

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  1. From this article:
    "Though a precise cancer prevention dosage of turmeric has not officially been established, studies involving human patients with diagnosed cancer found that curcumin doses of about 3,600 mg (3.6 grams) induced paraptosis; targeted destruction of cancer cell mitochondria; disruption of the cancer cell cycle; cancer cell down-regulation; and arrested stem cell development."

  2. I love turmeric but it may thin the blood so if someone is having surgery they should let their doctor know beforehand.

  3. I buy mine in the spice aisle at the grocery, how much tsp 1/2 tsp etc. a day should one have?

  4. I buy bulk organic turmeric at health food stores. I melt virgin organic coconut oil in a pan, put popcorn kernels in, sprinkle with black pepper, then add about 1/2 teasp of turmeric and pop the corn. Comes out a beautiful golden yellow, can't taste any of that but the turmeric + oil + pepper is all working together. Then I sprinkle some garlic salt on top when popped and sometimes, a few drops (use sparingly) of the Bragg amino acids .

  5. Stage 4 Colon Cancer – I have taken 2 caps (400 mg) twice a day for 2 years. Still kicking cancers butt. I also take Vit C, D3, Green Tea and Liporic Acid.

  6. U can have too much- of anything

  7. The naturopathic doctor I saw told me to take 3 times 300mg per day a total of 900 mg along with other caps….

  8. I take turmeric with the black pepper. I take it for arthritis and it works fairly well. I would assume that for combating cancer the dosage would be about 3 times what I take now (4 caps a day) God bless.

  9. Max reported tolerable quantity of turmeric is 8gm. But d question about curcumin for cancer…include black peeper to increase its bioavailibity to the body…otherwise absorption in very poor. U may msg me your email ID…I wl send u an article on curcumin.

  10. Cancer dose is 1800mg+ but you've got to include 1% black pepper or heat with fats such as Ghee or coconut oil , otherwise it has very poor absorption. A better version of Turmeric (Curcumin) is called Theracurmin it uses nano particle technology.

  11. For my friend we started out with the 3 capsules a day then moved on to the tablet form and she was taking 3 a day but we decided to up the dose so now she takes about 12 tables a day. I know the black pepper aids in the turmeric do it's job. Just about every thing I make has turmeric in it from a dash to 1/4 t. I also got her B-17 and she it taking 100 mg of that a day. I made Essaic tea but she hates the taste so I drank it. I do have her drinking aloe vera mixed with lemon and purified water. A very picky eater and that is probably why she has cancer. She will take pills because she doesn't have to taste them.

  12. I take the spice powder form. But you can get circumin capsules also which is the main ingredient in tumeric that is the cancer fighter from what I understand. I mix it into stir fries, into my soup, chili, you can put in in so many things and it brings up the flavor. I also take something called Phytoprofen made by Thorne Research that has circumin, indian frankincense and Picorhiza root extract. While actively fighting cancer, I took something called Cannarrest that had it in it…from Vitazan but I had to get it through my naturopath. I don't really think you can take too much…but try and get at least 2 tsp. worth in particular if you are battling cancer.

  13. Take a look at liposomal curcumin. Curcumin is poorly absorbed but liposomal technology aids much better absorption / upwards of 90%.

  14. Nicole Fleming Atchison is that in the powder form? What is it taken with/mixed into?

  15. Good question, I'd like to know as well.

  16. I was told to take 2 tsp. a day…not sure how that breaks down in mgs. but that was for fighting cancer.

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