How often should we be following up?


When I was first diagnosed, I think they told me that I would need to follow up every few months. However, when I followed up 3 months later, the doctor said I don’t have to come back for a year. A month after that, I had my first swing to hyper. When I made an appointment for that, she just casually told me to cut my pills in half until I feel hypo again and then take the whole pill again (uh yeah I went ahead and found a new doctor). Anyways, how often should we be following up? If Hashi means you swing back and forth, how in the hell will your dosage ever be steady?

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  1. My dr makes me come back 6 weeks after a dose change for blood work. So much can happen!!!

  2. My doctor has me come back every 6 weeks as well for blood work and a follow up.

  3. My checkups are yearly unless I have an issue. I can call and request blood work if I think something is going on. Blood work happens sooner if my meds have been changed.

  4. I was 3 month visits for 2 yrs and then went to 6 month visits with 3 month blood work

  5. I have appointments every 3 months

  6. I go yearly unless something feels off. I can request labs any time I want.

  7. I have not found a good Endo in my area. I see them yearly and get the annual blood work. I primarily use my chiropractor and I'm reading the Hashimoto's protocol right now.

  8. I go about every 6 months. My dose has been stable for a year. However, I have an order for blood work in case I feel off I get the blood work done and the doctor reviews to see if dose needs to be changed.

  9. Good question. The less I have to see my endocrinologist the happier we both are. I only use her to get my prescription for Tirosint. She hasn't a clue how to address Hashimoto's. All she is concerned about is my TSH. At first I panicked when my endo (I've had 3) didn't want to closely monitor me every month. When the first one said, "Come back in 6 months," I think my eyes filled up with tears. Is he kidding? I feel like crap. That was years ago and I've taking the power back from my endocrinologist to myself by reading and researching everything I could on the internet. I am feeling great and what mattered most on how I feel is what I put in my mouth. Diet is everything. Time to get back to the basics. No sugar (I use Swerve), no gluten. Eat as well as you can and no junk. Sometimes at my 6 month TSH check up I am 5.0 which is high and I get a scolding about not taking my medicine on a regular basis, but I'm terrible when it comes to taking pills, I just promise to do better but, hey,, I'm feeling great now. Used to lay on the couch all day to being the energized bunny. I've got this! I never say that to my endocrinologist. Don't want to hurt her feelings. 😉

  10. I was seeing my family doctor every 3 months at first as well. Then it went to every 6 months, now once a year. I'm not on meds though, I just deal with the swings. I always feel way better when I'm leaning more toward the hyper end.

  11. 6 weeks after starting new meds then 6 months after that. I can tell when my levels change so I just call and make an appt then, do labs first then see Dr when labs come back. For me I don't need to go in every 6 months, just when I feel a change.

  12. It is all dependent on how my numbers are. Sometimes every six months, sometimes every month. I go a lot. I have to so I stay optimal. I'm losing weight on KETO so she was like four mos for your ultrasound or 15 more lbs whichever comes first. This was last week and my numbers were great

  13. Eventually, it settles out. I had a standing order for blood work at the lab for more than a year. Also, once I got off Armour, which was unstable, I was consistent.

  14. I have only ever take naturethyroid.

  15. I go every six months. A year is stretching it.

  16. Every 3 months

  17. Diet is really the key. I take thytrophin pmg (a food grade supplement) follow a gluten free dairy free caffeine free plan. Eat 1 Brazil nut a day for selinium. When I first got diagnosed my TPO was 1657, should be less then 35. No drugs and I Feel amazing.

  18. A good Functional Medical Doctor is best at treating Hashimotos Thyroiditis in my humble opinion.

  19. when I go hyper I do what your doctor told you to do, however, you do need to be seen more often than that. switching meds is not a good idea, i found out, just because I swing hyper sometimes. you do have to address other problems such as parasites, infections, supplements, gut issues.

  20. I went and explained the issues I started having again such as extreme fatigue, moodiness, hair loss. He seemed to think it was most likely related to depression but he did draw a thyroid panel. I don't have the results yet.

  21. even if your numbers come back ok, these can all be symptoms of side effects from some meds, especially levothyroxine. I had to change doctors because my doc was off base on this issue

  22. Chelsea McClung are you taking any supplements?

  23. Just vitamin d

  24. I totally understand and am going through same thing now. On my THIRD Endo bc the first 2 were horrible and did same thing to me!

  25. Have you had your iodine checked?

  26. Ok so here is my update:
    My TSH was 4.97, I'm iron deficient and my vitamin d was still low even though I take a supplement. I'm a little irritated because when I was telling the doctor that I was pretty sure it was my thyroid making me feel terrible, he said it sounded more like depression. So anyways, he upped my medication and wants me back in 6 weeks

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