How often to you have attacks? Or bad attacks?


How often to you have attacks? Or bad attacks?
After getting the lifestyle down pat do you still have attacks? Or are you able to go years without an attack?

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  1. I usually only get one or two bad glutenings a year. Usually from going out to eat or from trying a new gluten free product. Been diagnosed for 5 years now and it does get easier to avoid flares with time.

  2. As long as I don’t get glutened never

  3. In the last 7yrs once, but very careful with diet

  4. I’ve gotten a few what I refer to as “dustings”. Meaning amount so small I just get dizzy, sleepy and nauseous. But I haven’t been sick, sick in 3 years. Diagnosed 4 years ago. I stick with restaurants I trust, but mostly make my own food. Tiring, but necessary.

  5. I have had maybe 10 attacks in the 14 years I’ve been gf. Due to eating out or consuming something that indicated it was gf and may have had something in it.

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