How people date having this intolerance/disease?


I’ve been curious to know how people date having this intolerance/disease? I wouldn’t even know where to begin, or I’m just scared dating someone that doesn’t eat gluten free. The hard part is where to look.

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  1. Find a celiac meetup or support group in your area, or take a gluten free cooking class. You might catch some fish at those 🙂

  2. Date someone in the medical field. I did lol

  3. It’s actually a great way to weed out the bad ones! When I started dating my husband he researched it so he could know what I could eat.

  4. My husband was willing and very fine with eating gf around me, and at home now that we’re married. You’ll find out who’s really interested in you. I would say to anyone I was dating that if they ate gluten, I couldn’t kiss them. Usually they were happy to eat gluten free!

  5. Well. I did meet my soul mate on this group lol. Sarah Hypolite

  6. I just started dating again and embrace it as part of who I am. Really if they aren’t willing to learn then it’s not going to work. And I pick the restaurants

  7. If someone isn’t willing to accept this about you then they have nothing to do in your life. It’s an easy way to get rid of cunts and fake friends ! Works for dating too obviously.
    But i’m pretty sure most people are ok. I’ve been GF for 3 months and never met anyone that was mean or not believing me. People always try their best to make sure i don’t get sick. Should be the same for dating !! Someone who really cares about you will go over it and try to help you if they love you ! At the end of the day it’s hard for you not them.
    Why would you be scared of dating someone non GF ?? That’s like… most people in the world… being scared is sad you’d miss out on so many great things !!

    But seriously, my husband is very understanding & enjoys my food (I cook a lot for the family) and if someone cares enough about you, it won’t make a difference. It’s just food. Food does not identify who you are as a person.

  9. Whenever someone suggests dinner for a first date, I just counter with something else, saying eating out is tricky for me. Haven’t had a complaint yet!

  10. Just disclose. Bring up brushing before kissing and it’s the same except for eating out easily.

  11. It is hard. I recently met a guy who is so sweet about it, he always lets me pick the place and even does his own research when wanting to take me somewhere. Before meeting him is was always sort of a hard thing. I kept it to meeting for drinks on the first date to be safe

  12. My boyfriend eats gluten sometimes when we go out. It doesn’t bother me at all. Why should it? Why should I ask him to do something like change his whole diet when he doesn’t need to? He is good about trying not to eat a lot of it and we go out together but if he wants to get a burger I’m not gonna get mad. I honestly don’t see the big deal about it we were already dating when I got my diagnosis

  13. my partner supports me being celiac. He will try the things I eat aswell, and when cooking he just adapts to the sauces or ingredients that are friendly for both and some nights we both cook seperate. I was concerned also when I found out but he cares more about keeping me safe and healthy then having to change a couple of ingredients. Have a laugh over the foods that don’t taste so good and enjoy the ones that do, it shouldn’t become a burdon

  14. Girlfriend you are lucky you at least know what’s up! When I first started dating my husband I was pooping all the time and bloated like I was pregnant and randomly vomiting. That made for some super uncomfortable date nights. This could actually be more of a benefit for you to find out the quality of the person you are dating. If you are up front from the get go and they go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and able to eat and that you are ok then I am going to say you may have found a good catch. Just my thoughts on the situation. Good luck out there. Remember there are plenty of fish in the sea. (I met my husband on the website plenty of fish, lol)

  15. I cook ‘normal’ food for my family and GF for me,whenever I feel like cos l am lazy to cook for me too.

  16. I got diagnosed 9 years ago & divorced 8 years ago. It was intimidating at times & it also has helped me weed some out. I am 42 now & I will say that at this age, it’s tough to say that anybody comes to the table without something. My something just happens to be related to food. People with food allergies have dealt with it well ahead of us. It’s possible.

  17. A good guy will understand and might even want to join you in your gf lifestyle.

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