How the heck do you do this diet?


Ok all you AIP’ers! How the heck do you do this diet?!?! I hate it! I’m hungry, cranky, tired, and still in miserable pain & fatigued! I can’t do it! I hate almost all the recipes I’ve found! I love salads but need something yummy on them, like ranch or chipotle ranch or blue cheese dressing! I hate vinaigrettes so that won’t work. I love Mexican food and teriyaki bowls. I’m on the verge of tears and just giving up! I feel worse now than when I started! Only good thing is I’ve lost 5 lbs! It’s only been a week and I’m just done ????

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  1. That is exactly why I haven’t started it yet.

  2. You can do it. Im not aip but I did a detox for over 30 days I was miserable thought I couldn’t do it. Im doing better now I’ve lost 25 lbs. I still have a ways to go but I am doing better and that’s the main thing. There is a palo whole 30 ranch dressing so you might be able to use it for aip. Look on Pinterest. It’s def not the same but it’s way better than some of the other stuff. I can do some of the vinaigrettes but I do not like oil and vinegar. The ranch I made worked for me. You just have to keep on it and you will get used to it. I think part of what saved me to is I did have a meal plan to follow at first and I had metagenics shakes that I drank which I made them taste good. Good luck and you can do this. I’ve been gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and corn free since April. Few mistakes here and there but I’m still working on it myself. You can do this.:).

  3. Five pounds in seven days? That’s great! Keep it up.

  4. I don’t even care about the weight, lol! I just wasn’t to feel better & stop hurting. If I could just see/feel something. A slight decrease in pain, a little more energy & less fatigue it would be some motivation. But I just feel the same , if not worse. I don’t understand the whole reasoning behind eliminating night shades. One article says eliminate, another debunks it! If I could just have chipotle powder even! I’ll try the coconut ranch, maybe mix it with avocado….

  5. Laura, are you consistently getting enough sleep and drinking enough water? If not, the AIP diet will only take you so far with results. Ditto for stress – are you living a relaxed lifestyle and, if not, are you taking steps to manage your stress well and reduce the stress where you can?

  6. The first 7-10 days are the hardest. Stay strong you can do it. I felt the exact same way as you at first. It was so damn hard! Don’t give up yet. I can’t tell you how much better I feel a year later. Almost all of my ailments are gone. You can do it! Your body is adjusting to the different foods you’re eating.

  7. When do you start noticing a difference? How can I add foods back if I don’t feel any different? I’m a seriously cranky dieter lol!!!

  8. I felt way better after the first 2 weeks. Physically I felt better after about 7-8 months.

  9. I just joined and know nothing of this diet, but it sounds a lot like a lifestyle change put out by Hallelujah Acres, George Malkmus (sic). I did that back in the 90s and went through a yucky detox phase, but while on it, I felt the best ever, and lost 35 lbs in three months. I was in my 40s. It was most difficult to stay on. I eventually lost the motivation because it felt so depriving. If I would have known that at 53, I would be diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, diabetes, HBP, COPD and joint disease, I would have stuck with it. I hope you can hang in there Laura.

  10. I’m really trying… But I really hate it, lol. Just made my 2nd pot of chicken & veggie soup with plenty of stock for other uses. I’m heading out to get more coconut milk… I just can’t guarantee I won’t sneak a tiny bit of chipotle powder in something though!

  11. I just need to notice some improvement soon….

  12. Vitamin d, b12 and probiotics have helped my energy. Instead of doing aip I removed grains/gluten, dairy, soy and corn and am starting to feel better and it’s only been 2 weeks. You can do it.

  13. Maybe you need go back to a diet that doesn’t make you miserable? Feeling deprived and stressed can also cause symptoms.

  14. Sneaking in non-compliant spices will reduce your ability to get the improvement you say you’re wanting. Have you started AIP strict from the beginning or did you give yourself a transition time to ease into it? Like two weeks of mostly compliant (while being consistently 100% compliant on the no dairy, gluten, corn, & soy) while trying out different recipes & finding a couple go-to favorites. For me, I gave myself a two-week transition and had eggs and potato chips (only ingredients were potatoes, oil, & salt) while I was finding the recipes that worked for me.

    Also, if you’re having food addiction cravings, some feel these more intensely than others and people vary in how long they feel them – anywhere from 3 to 14 days, with most being around 7 days. You’ve got to stay strong and not cheat while you still have the cravings because if you cheat, your countdown to lasting relief from the cravings has to start all over again. Once you’re past the “I gotta have X!” cravings and have a handful of tolerable to good recipes, it gets a lot easier. Hang in there! You CAN do this!

  15. I did it because I felt so much better while doing so. Plus, I’ve been gluten free for a while now because i have celiac and it made the transition much easier.

  16. I’m currently back on it after going round and round with it for awhile now. It takes a bit of trial and effort to find recipes you’ll enjoy plus your body will need time to adjust. I believe I have finally found what tweaks to make to keep myself satisfied throughout the day. I’m going to recommend some resources to you… Firstly, join the AIP support group here on FB. It’s filled with tremendously supportive and inspiring folks. Second, a couple cookbooks you may really enjoy are The Healing Kitchen and He Won’t Know it’s Paleo, both these books have absolutely delicious recipes. There’s a frozen meal delivery service called Paleo On The Go and they have a delicious AIP menu. Also, check out Eileen Lard’s book called The Simple Guide to AIP.. She answers frequently asked questions, troubleshoots, and breaks it all down very simply. She also has a phenomenal podcast that I listen to regularly.

    Also, it’s been suggested that one gives a standard paleo diet a chance for a month or two before going fully AIP. Some folks may not need to go any further than that, although many do because nightshades can be troublesome. Still, you’re getting off gluten dairy and grains so it’s an excellent starting point.

  17. I promise you that if you do it right…you’ll love the way you feel more than you miss the concoction of chemicals most people call “food”. When I first started it, I hated it too, but I also hated being tired all the time, feeling foggy, stressed out and fat. I knew from the research I’ve done, advice from my chiropractor and independent doctor that ALL AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS ARE CONNECTED TO LEAKY GUT. This is the key. This is why diet is sooo important in fighting Hashimotos. A few very important things that you need to do are 1 – drink enough water (filtered water because chlorine can cause thyroid issues). I drink 100 oz per day, but I’m also very tall so you might need less 2- go gluten free and understand that gluten takes 3-6 months to get out of your system 3- de-stress (do yoga or pilates, play music, listen to soothing music, paint) Whatever you choose, make sure that its time for you to relax and release your stress. 4 – chew your food thoroughly. It should be baby food consistency before you swallow. Digestion begins in the mouth. 5 – avoid soy like the plague! well, because it basically is the plague. It contains plant forms of estrogen (phyto-estrogens) that can mess with your hormone levels and it also contains phytates which inhibit the absorption of some nutrients. Its also one of the most genetically modified foods on this planet. 6 – Probiotics – take good quality probiotics with at least 5 strains of bacteria and at least 10 billion CFU. These good bacteria will fight off the bad bacteria that have taken over in your gut. The bad bacteria are what have been giving you food cravings. 7 – Give it some time. It took your body time to build up to this point where your immune system is attacking your thyroid. Give it time to calm back down. 🙂 I hope this helps you out and I pray that you find relief from your symptoms soon

  18. It took cca 2-3 weeks for me to start feeling better. I included b vit, zinc, selenium and magnesium supplements as well. I was never hungry if I included plenty of healthy fats in my meals – 1-2tbs of olive or coconut oil. When i had cravings i would eat an apple or o tablespoon of quality coconut oil. It just takes time to adjust, hang in there! And then after a while you will start reintroductions an it will just keep getting easier 😉 as far as nightshades, i tried to reintroduce peppers and flared sooooooo badly, it was horrible!!! So I would definitely suggest you eliminate them and then try reintroduction 😊 good luck!

  19. Thank you everyone! This truly helps. Not liking it but I’ll stick with it. Just hope I feel better soon so I can add at least something yummy back into my diet. Soon….

  20. Laura Obenchain \nHave you tried jasmine rice cooked in a stock cube then putting that into leaves of a fresh washed gem lettuce?

  21. I totally relate Laura but know that when I did a similar “elimination diet” (taking most yeast containing foods out) years ago I felt like a totally new (energetic & positive) person! It is worth it especially when you stop craving the unnecessary & “junkie” foods! Thanks so much for all these wonderful & insightful recommendations ladies!! I’m working on getting myself a new place or a new system down(living w/ mother who ‘s a great cook & wants to take over the kitchen all the time but isn’t a good / fair thing for my own healthy diet!). So wish me luck all. Where there’s a will there’s a way – right?!

  22. There’s a new spice on the market, btw, called Paleo Powder. I got it at our local grocery store. Maybe it’ll suffice your spicy cravings!

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