How the hell do you get them to listen?


Looking for some advice, have a Dr appointment today, I’ve been calling to let them know my symptoms have gotten so much worse…. Yesterday’s conversation they asked if my stomach was the only issue…. So to start no one has been listening to a frickin word outta my mouth. I’ve asked for a complete thyroid panel…. Still haven’t had a complete one. I’m at my wits end and have never felt so crummy in my life. How the hell do you get them to listen? Let alone give a crap

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  1. I have no advice ?. I have to visit my PCM a minimum of 3 times for the same problem before she’ll refer me to a specialist. All this even after I have positively diagnosed myself with 2 auto immune diseases and she still doesn’t listen

  2. I’ve been there. 11 years of trying to get pregnant, a thick neck, my pediatrician telling my mom when I was little I would have thyroid issues, gastrointestinal pain and diarrhea since about HS and “it’s all in my head.” My PCP never ran the right tests. It wasny until I had a miscarriage (age 34) and was referred by an OB to reproductive endocrinologist (tests are normal but my antibodies dx hypothyroid) After that, I started sharing my story with friends and doing research. Stopped eating gluten and suddenly my pain was less…

    Best advice I have is advocating for yourself and finding a Dr that listens.

  3. Ask for an endocrinology referral and stay strong

  4. I hate it when drs seem to ignore our questions

  5. I went 4 decades

  6. Thanks everyone, PA was awesome today gonna check the gall bladder she thinks insurance should cover complete thyroid panel if it comes from endocrinologist

  7. I hear ya. I have CD and CFS and fibromyalgia. Symptoms have been getting worse so I made an apt with my current Dr hoping for any help. He told me to take an extra allergy pill every day for life and that should fix everything.

  8. I understand completely…it’s so frustrating. I had been getting flu after flu for 3 years (literally got a flu every 4 or 5 weeks) and because I worked with kids, all I heard from doctors was “well, you work with kids so you are going to get sick”. I would always follow up with “I have worked with kids for 15 years and have never come even close to being like this” and they would just not respond…it didn’t fit the narrative and my complaints fell on deaf ears for years

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