How to completely detox gluten from your system?


Another question. Any ideas on how to completely detox gluten from your system? I still feel ill from eating gluten before my Dr appt. probably why I’m awake at 1:00am feeling nauseous and bloated.

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  1. I drink heaps lemon water, sauna and take probiotics but o don’t think there is any way bit to totally keep away from it and let your body push it through 🙁 someone said charcoal and I read that Iodine pushes out toxins and to increase it (Iodine Protocol)

  2. Drink lots of water, and take 2 charcoal pills, that is what works the quickest for me. It absorbs the gluten from your system and eliminates it faster.
    And take a benadryl, it takes care of the allergic / sensitive symptoms.
    I always have charcoal tablets and benadryl on hand.
    You can get charcoal tabs at Walmart or health food stores. Or GNC store.

  3. It is not “left behind” gluten making you feel sick. It is the autoimmune system battling the gluten. It is like the after effects of the flu

  4. Try charcoal pills

  5. I’ve had the flu and head cold for weeks started 8 weeks after stopped gluten eating. Poor body is trying to detox so bad.

  6. No but I would like to know

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