How to detox from forced vaccinations?


Someone posted something I think on this page the other day about how to detox from forced vaccinations. With the new bill in California that would remove all exemptions except medical and others being attempted in other states like Washington, I want to start researching how to reverse and detox if needed. Can anyone re-share that post or link me to it. I have scrolled and am not getting anywhere.

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  1. Get the HTMA done so that you know what the imbalances are that need to be corrected.

  2. I use homeopathic Lyssin 30C to detox rabies for my cats (if they had to have other vaccines, I would also use it then) and when I had to take the rabies vaccine.

    The protocol is to use it aqueous (shake the bottle 20x hard before each dose and the dose is 1ml) and take for 3 days prior to the shot, get the shot on the 3rd day and take for a week after.

    I don't recall how many times a day you take it, I'd have to look it up if you're interested in using it. When using it for my cats I just add it to their water daily.

    I would consult with a qualified homeopath.

  3. Thanks for the info. Good to know. I might use that on my dogs. The post I am talking about though had an article attached to it. I thought I had saved the post, but now I can't find it. 🙁

  4. Don't give in (to the vaccines)

  5. Might be a problem if they pass laws forcing vaccines. 🙁

  6. Regardless.. There will be people in your state who will not be vaxxing regardless. On Facebook you can find the non vax/ anti vax group for your state. Make friends there and keep in touch with them. Vaccines are a choice no matter what laws are passed. Tgeres a will theres a way. My kids will remain whole and intact regardless of law. I protect them and myself.

  7. Im in Toronto Ontario btw. We have exemptions but you never know what law of Ontario/canada may do. That's why I only follow gods law and law of nature

  8. Charlotte, the only protection your children will have is everyone else getting the vaccine. Not exactly fair, is it?

  9. My daughter lost her job as a Physical Therapist Assisant at a hospital because she refused to take the flu shot while nursing her infant son. She even had a not from her OB/GYN and it was denied as it wasn't a CDC approved 'excuse'! My other daughter is in Nursing School and in Clinicals and she'd be kicked out of the program if she didn't take the flu shot and other required immunizations! So, having a protocol to help rid toxins for these required vaccinations would be beneficial. Both daughters are homozygous A1298C which means their/our methylation isn't good and makes it much more difficult to detox than the average person.

  10. Ken Thompson at this point I don't think the benefits outweigh the risks. I don't think a normal, healthy child is at risk from serious complications/death from normal childhood illnesses or flu. Their protection will be a healthy immune system and proper care if they ever contract an illness (which mine haven't and they've never been vaccinated) As for forced vaccines yes I can understand dependent on the profession- thankfully I am not in health services. But even if I was, I'm sure there are other avenues to show "proof" if you know what I mean…

  11. I am a nurse. Luckily the ONA fought for nurses right to refuse the flu shot otherwise I'd be forced or loose my career. I have to wear a stupid mask at work all the time though. Can't get out of the MMR or hep B, though.

  12. High doses of chlorella, lipoic acid and nac! Fresh organic juicing, coffee Emma's!! These things aid liver detox! Lots of pure clean water!

  13. When our choices are taken away we are done away with

  14. Ken if vaccines are safe and work why are you worried about unvaccinated children? How would that child put yours at risk! The vaccinated got measles very well from another vaccinated child! My daughters never had the flu nor have I ! We've never given it to anyone yet we have never had vaccine??

  15. Like every illness why are we not focused more on safely building the immune system with nutrition, breathing, healthier life style, less chemical load of toxins??? Something's really wrong here!!

  16. At this point, I have so many questions, that I would not take any shots for any reason. They do not seem to be proven to be safe OR effective. I found this list of questions recently and this makes me want a shot even less than I did.

  17. You can always use homeopathic nosodes instead of vaccines! They work exactly like them.

  18. I do understand the concern but these vaccines have been out there and in mass use for many decades. Cases of measles have been virtually nill and even the recent outbreaks are statistically negligible.
    The idea that the measles vaccine causes autism has been scientifically pooh-pooped. If that was the case we would millions and millions of people with autism.
    However, I respect your right to make such decisions for your child as long as those decisions don't impact the health of someone else's child.

  19. Hygene and nutrition. Thats what eradicates disease…

  20. Majority of us adults are due for boosters… herd immunity theory dispelled 😉

  21. Ken.. there are millions and millions of people with autism.

  22. Lynette, even if that was true it is still a minute fraction of people who were vaccinated over the past 60-70 years.

  23. This may not be the place to discuss. And talking about autism like that its clear to see you do not know any vax injured child. Just because it didn't happen to your friends and family doesn't make it not real. Google the recent vaccine court cases autistic kids are currently being compensated with millions.

  24. I guess thats okay then … as long as its not your child effected.

  25. I keep up to date with vaccine injury court cases.

  26. Maybe he needs to watch the "bought" movie that another member put up a link to recently.

  27. I couldn't get it for free so I never saw it yet. Silent epidemic on youtube summed up my years of research. And more…

  28. My apologies. This is obviously a very emotional topic and you're correct. I have no personal involvement though I have taught many autistic kids in my classroom and no parent ever commented that the autism came from a vaccine. Regardless, this is quite off topic for this forum so I am withdrawing from the discussion, lacking as I am enough information to continue.
    Regards and Blessings.

  29. Gee, Ken Thompson. You have a very strange profile and odd ideas for someone who is in a natural health forum. Why do you have no friends or photos on Facebook?

  30. Let's keep it civil, folks… or this thread will go POOF! in this night.

  31. Gee, Sharon. Stalker much? Like any one with cyber sense I have my privacy settings set so that only Friends can see my Timeline and other information.
    While YOU use a fake name and allow the world to see your posts. Not wise.

  32. Ken Thompson you are a shill. go away.

  33. Feel free to find me on Amazon fake Ken Thompson or

    Fine Art America

    or Twitter

    or LinkedIn

    We'd all love to see your other work, Ken but it is probably just more bashing on other health sites.

  34. OK…. enough now. No name calling, either. This is the last post.

  35. Ken Thompson Yes, the idea was squashed, but it is coming to light now that it was falsely quashed. One of the researchers from the original autism study has been completely cleared from any wrong doing and the research has now been validated. The witch hunt, and allegations of fraud against Andrew Wakefield and his colleagues was a blatant lie. He is still fighting as he was from day one for transparency and actual research. That and the two ex CDC research scientist whistleblowers who are now stating the CDC told them to not only falsify their research results, but the real unpublished results showed an increased risk of autism to the tune of almost 400% for african american boys. Here are a few articles I have posted on my page if you wish to peruse. There is so much more where that came from.

  36. woops. missed that that was supposed to be the last post. Sorry MJ Hamp.

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