How to eat after chemotherapy?


My friend just completed first round of chemotherapy for poorly undifferentiated sinonasal squamous cell carcinoma. She lost 7 lbs. Dr.’s have advised her NOT to eat any raw vegetables or even salads. I had hoped and planned to feed her fresh green vegetable juices and fresh fruit smoothies. And meals with very minimal carbs because I read tumors/cancer cells love carbs. So…. my question is what have you read or been told how to eat after chemotherapy? I realize we want her to gain weight and stay strong… I am so confused….please any advice would help…♡♡♡♡

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  1. Coconut oil is good for cooking

  2. Omg, why oh why are people not getting the message, look what is happening to Dr Oz because he spoke out about the benefits of natural healing, biodentical hormone treatment and eating a good clean organic diet, you really need to change your mindset, look at the results of chemotherapy and radiation on the body, I've first hand experience of it, my oldest sister is dead after one dose of radiation and my other sister is burned right through to her kidney and the kidney is shrivelled to the size of a marble they wouldn't listen to me, doctors are business men and women, the longer they keep you sick the more money they make, your body can heal itself, cancer is an inflammation in the body as a result of poor immune system, boost the immune system with vitamin c, selenium and iodine and take a multivitamin and mineral supplement, then go organic, detox the body in this order only, Colon, Candida, Parasites, kidneys and liver last. All the support you need for this can be found in the health food shop. For breakfast mix a cup of organic cottage cheese with 3 table spoons of flaxseed oil and leave for 10 minutes then sprinkle organic ground flaxseed and eat every morning for breakfast, drink carrot juice, take hemp seed oil and do everything you can to beat this yourself, take a teaspoon of organic breadsoda mix in a table spoon of raw honey and fill a glass with cooled boiled water and drink three times a day, eat nothing out of a cartoon package or tin, juice fruit and vegetables together, if you want to cook steam the veg, chicken and fish and organic beef, No Sugar whatsoever, you will get natural sugar from fruit and honey, best of luck and I hope that this helps you get started. Xxxxxcx

  3. And false knowledge from education dictated by Big Pharma & the medical mafia.

  4. Doctors are led by a money carrot.

  5. Doctors are the worst people to talk to about health. After an 8 year medical degree most doctors get about 3.2 hours of nutritional information. Not courses, not classes just 5 minutes here, 3 minutes there 8 minutes here. After 8 years it adds up to 3.2 hours. That's nothing. They treat sickness & disease by covering up symptoms with chemicals & know nothing about health.

  6. The Doctors orders need to be Questioned – this Advice is Ridiculous
    Try Back to Eden Gardening Methods – works well
    Spinach is Fast Growing, GRlic is a Blood Purifier, Pineapple, Celery
    Carrot Juice & Vegetables are an Excellent Source of Cancer Killing Agents
    Cut All Processed Foods & Sugar

  7. Really that's what advised advised against?? Well I guess when you think about it we always see children etc in hospitals fighting cancer eating sugary processed foods which are the WORST foods to eat fighting cancer – so that's ok but fresh cancer fighting fruits veggies and salads are not ok – REALLY where do these Doctors come from?

  8. I wouldn't listen to the oncologist about not eating fruits abd veggies. I heard once that they tell you that because the bacteria on the produce could cause problems because the chemo rapes your immune system. First of all oncologists know nothing about nutrition period. Get alkaline – best way with foods. Cheap kindle book for 99 cents – Get alkaline Get Healthy. It'super important to eat well, juice and take iodine drops and vitamin D. Get busy researching and then fight like hell.

  9. You won't be surprised to learn that mainstream medicine doesn't accept cesium therapy as a reliable treatment. They're waiting on more clinical evidence, and they believe it is simply a coincidence that those areas with low cancer rates also had high cesium levels. You may have heard that the Hunza people of Pakistan consume apricot pits, which are high in laetrile. So cesium would not be the only factor in their success at avoiding cancer.

    Still, it's worth looking into, as long as you're clear it's not a do-it-yourself treatment. Seek help from a doctor professionally trained in alternative methods. And be aware that not every alternative cancer doctor offers cesium therapy. The doctors we've interviewed (and we've interviewed a great many) all employ a wide range of treatments; they don't rely on just one. Finally – one more thing — I've read that cesium can lower potassium levels, so ask to be monitored and take supplements if needed.

    Be alert to side effects, which include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and sometimes tingling or unusual sensations around the mouth or in your fingertips.

    You can get cesium chloride as an oral supplement or in liquid form from most stores that sell dietary supplements.

  10. Make up your own mind. Don't be bullied and browbeaten. Threaten a
    malpractice suit and a complaint to the licensing authority, even before
    treatment, making it clear you will do so automatically, if you don't get
    “personalized oncology”
    At the minimum, the following should happen:
    Surgeons must be informed that fresh tumor tissue removed during biopsies
    or operations needs to be preserved for microarray DNA testing and for
    chemotherapy sensitivity or drug induced apoptosis. The drug(s) chosen
    for therapy must show activity against the patient's OWN tumor, not some
    laboratory line.
    However, this regimen (entirely scientific and sound) has been around
    the 1980s, supported by doctors like me, yet has been resisted
    by the cancer establishment. They hate all that extra work and expense
    and would rather give their patient standardized treatments, fully
    that it will kill a significant number of those people they are
    pretending to
    I repeat, standardized chemotherapy does not work. Required doses differ.
    That's one of the reasons it's so toxic. The lucky patients who get the
    dose (for them) will recover and sing its praises. The others die of the
    or die of the therapy.

  11. Thank you for your reply Dora Graye and Chepa Paz I completely agree with you that everyone has to make their own choices about what to do. It's very scary and the naturalists are just as overwhelming with info as the conventional doctors. The first naturopath we went to basically told us to get his affairs in order if he went with chemo. The one we work with now sees there's a benefit to tougher meds if the situation is dire. I'm working very hard not to pressure my boyfriend anymore about what I think will work.

  12. I agree on more veggies vs fruit. I have fruit as a "treat"

  13. Mike Sicard, it is my understanding that one should eat more veggies versus fruit. Fruit is good for most, but not for those with cancer because it is high in sugar (yes I know it is natural sugar, but it is still sugar).

  14. What is caesium and how do I get it please.

  15. That doctor is crazy. Do exactly what you want to do. No sugar or nothing what sugar in it. Hope everything works out.

  16. go all raw fruits and veggies more fruit then veggies add nuts and seeds but remove animal product . don't worry about weight loss to much worry about a good diet and healing .go to a sight called raw figs or move you lymph's good luck

  17. Chepa Paz I agree. Everyone needs to make their own choices of what is right for them. I started out (kicking and screaming) with chemo/radiation/surgeries I did it out of fear and pressure. I integrated holistic therapies along with the allopathic. There are many who go the medical route and believe it is the only way to go. I support everyone's choice and I know how difficult this journey is and how challenging it is to find the treatment that is most fitting for self.

  18. Scientists believe cesium affects cancer in four different ways.

    It changes the pH level of cancer cells – and leaves the pH of healthy cells untouched. In fact, cesium appears to boost cancer pH levels above 7.5, which is a crucial cutoff point for healthy tissues – meaning the cancer cells die. (A pH of less than 7 is acidic; more than 7 is alkaline.)
    Cesium starves cancer cells – because it limits your body's uptake of glucose, which cancer cells rely on for sustenance. Without glucose, they end up starving to death.
    It stops the process of fermentation, the means by which cancer cells metabolize glucose.
    It neutralizes the lactic acid that is associated with the uncontrolled multiplying of cancer cells.
    In short, cesium chloride addresses what many consider the very nature of cancer cells — acidity. Cancer cells have lower pH levels because of the lactic acid produced by fermentation. Fermentation (converting glucose) is the primitive way a cancer cell sustains itself. So in terms of stopping the spread of cancer, cesium is one of the best bets out there.

  19. Karen Egan I have been offered many different treatments from my oncologist, but none of them make any sense to me–nor are they going to help heal the mets..I now go to an herbalist, healer, reiki, acupuncturist, and massage therapist because I know that is where I can be healed. I want to keep my body clean so I can heal–there was a great deal of damage done from the previous treatments and my body and mind just could not handle. I have learned (and continue learning) to pay attention to what I really believe will be best for me…mind over medicine is pretty powerful!

  20. Please those that talk bad about chemotherapy and do not have had cancer, do not confuse us. Cancer is hard enough to have people telling us and telling us about how bad chemo is. If you have never had cancer please stop pushing. Let keep alternative positives ideas flowing

  21. Dora Graye…I have bone mets as well. Are you under treatment now?

  22. LaKaye Soulstice Mbah I had a total of 8 rounds–16 weeks. I was told I was "cancer free" after the chemo, mastectomy, and radiation. I honestly do not believe the chemo or radiation got rid of the cancer. I chose not to do any other allopathic treatments…three years later I was diagnosed with bone mets. In hindsight I would have followed my heart and inner voice (eliminate the fear) and go completely holistic, I did what I thought was best for me at that time and I am still working on eliminating the guilt. I truly believe living a healthy lifestyle; plant-based diet, exercise, appropriate supplements, positive attitude, and lots of love will help me heal.

  23. First, understand that the same assholes that told her not to eat vegetables are the ones that recommended she be poisoned with that chemo shit to begin with….

  24. If you buy fresh organic vegetables and clean them well I see no reaason not to eat them.I've been on chemo 2 1/2 years for stage 4 colon cancer and I eat raw veggies every day.or if I don't I buy the ProGreen in a jar and mix with a juice.Making sure veggies are clean is the important part.It's what makes you heal yourself.I did quit chemo for a year and ate all the right stuff and it still came back.So sometimes for some people chemo is what keeps us alive.

  25. and who inspired my above treatment:

  26. oh good Lord, her doctor's have absolutely no idea what they are speaking of – In January of 2015 my article on successfully eradicating Equine penile Squamous Cell Carcinoma by using baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar was published in Natural Horse Magazine and the well known Countryside Small Stock and Journal. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Warburg discovered cancer is unable to survive in a high PH / Alkaline or a highly oxygenated environment – baking soda provides both of those environments. Sugar feeds Candida (yeast), Candida feeds Cancer. Candida raises your acidity, baking soda lowers it. Change the environment, change what is then able to survive in that environment. Veterinarian documented and before/after pics. Remedy for humans and animals alike.

  27. The way I understand it, oncologists don't want the patient to eat raw foods for a while, because there are bacteria and fungi in raw foods, more so than in cooked foods. So maybe cooked vegetables?

  28. My partner does all he's told not o do to support himself through his chemo and he's managing well if you consider he's being poisoned by them. My advice do what's right for you and tell them nothing. the best thing one can do is eat fresh while doing chemo for weight gain naturally, good oils, like Hemp, coconut, almond butter, cashew butter. all good stuff to the tools to beat this. Your immune system is the key and with cancer it's down so you need to bring it up!! Best of luck with this and if you want to know more about Transfer factor, please feel free to contact me. More than willing to help you it's he best thing both of us can use to help us win ….

  29. My treatment chemo 4 drugs combo started june 2014 and went until march 2015 had radiation before that

  30. Dora Graye, would you mind telling me how many rounds, how often and how long you did chemo? Are you in remission/cancer free now?

  31. Gina Snow when I was going through chemo I was told to avoid salads and greens too. I was very sick due to the chemo (I was down 20 lbs, nauseous all the time weak etc) BIG mistake and thankfully I did not listen to them. The only food that felt good was when I ate my greens. It allowed me to feel stronger. Doctors do not get the importance of good healthy nutrition (that is not their area of expertise). My doctors told me to just put food into my system–drink milkshakes, candy…as we all know cancer loves sugar!

  32. I was also told not to eat these. The doctor explained that often these veggies are not cleaned properly so that was the reasoning. The chemicals and bacteria are left on them. He went on to explain if I ate them at home and cleaned them properly it was okay. He suggested the greens be soaked in a sink full of cold water with a half of a cup of vinegar for 10 minutes.Then a thorough rinse with cold water and a spin in a salad spinner to dry them. The same mixture for other veggies but also scrub with a vegetable scrubber. I hope this helps and explains the doctors reasoning.

  33. digestion is work drink whatever you can juice and some great herbal teas…………fyi

  34. The entire time eat right and suppliment will keep is immune system strong just check on sloan kettering websites for interactions of suppilments and meds

  35. I'm still confused. If you decide to go conventional (my boyfriend's choice for himself, not mine) should we let the chemo "do it's job" and THEN rebuild him with nutrients? Or continue to have him eat healthy and take supplements the entire time?

  36. Cancer grows in an Acidic environment …what is Chemo ? Acid …so there you have it . They think acid will kill the cancer but it creates an environment for it to "spread " as they call it . Look up Killing with Chemo Dr Robert Morse on Youtube. He is a naturepath ..he teaches people how the body heals itself with our assistance of course in diet ( raw fruit ) , herbs, creating an alkaline state for the lympathic system to clean itself out .

  37. most doctors say they wouldn't do chemo themselves. What does that tell u

  38. The chemo has already done its job! Now comes the time to rebuild. Raw greens are the best! It builds immunity . Please do not listen to someone who is not acting on your behalf. Doctors are taught to kill the cancer , not to look after the patient. Many will say eat anything as long as you gain weight! The focus here is to build up what the chemo has destroyed, not to gain weight! The main thing is to eat what feeds you AND starves the cancer. Go GREEN! Read the ph miracle by Robert O Young . Drink green smoothies every hour and drink alkaline water. Even if you loose more weight it will stop when you get healthier ! Big bear hugs!

  39. Tye N Jessica Andross

  40. I'm not positive as I forget…but I seem to recall they didn't want us to have too many antioxidants or it would protect the cancer cell from the chemo trying to kill it.

  41. Gina: Maybe try steamed veggies . Raw isn't always right every time. Steamed can be very nourishing & gentle. x3C3 Hope &,warm hugs 😉

  42. stick with your original plan….and forget the quack

  43. Husband is on chemo since years and has no side effects whatsoever because he eats a good healthy diet.

  44. Nice insight Renee

  45. The combination of lemon and baking soda are proven stronger “killer” cancer than chemotherapy for about a whopping 10,000 times. Why no one told us anything about this? Well, because there is no profit from healthy people.
    They spend nothing. It’s that easy. Billions and billions of dollars that the pharmaceutical industry gets in their budget would no longer exist. Lemon is a proven anti-carcinogen. On the organism it produces a strongly alkaline environment in which cysts and tumors simply cannot dwell. Specifically, cysts and tumors feed on substances that create acidic environment in the body, and as long as the body is acidic tumor can grow. But as soon as you stop the flow of acidity in the body the tumor has no food and becomes stagnant. Therefore, soda combined with lemon is an exceptional fighter against cancer because of their effect is quite alkaline. Namely, combining it with coffee should be avoided and of course all the other ingredients of the body that creates an acidic environment and the result is certainly warranted. This magnificent fact discovered back in 1923 a German scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg, who for his cure for cancer even got the Nobel Prize, but nevertheless, people do not know the truth.
    What was discovered by Dr. Warburg?
    Dr. Warburg discovered that cancer is the result of anti-physiological lifestyle. Anti-Phuspt diets (with food that is acidifying) and physical inactivity of the body creates an acidic environment poorly oxygenated. Acidity cell displaces the oxygen from the cells, and the lack of oxygen in the cells creates an acidic environment. ‘If you have too high acidity, automatically will be missing oxygen in the body; if you lack oxygen, you will have acidified organism. The acidic environment is an environment without oxygen, spoke Dr. Warrburg.
    ‘And if you subtract 35% oxygen, cancer cells can create in just two days. Thus, the cause of cancer today is acidified organism and cells without oxygen. In his work “The metabolism of tumors,” Dr. Warburg showed that all carcinogenic forms fulfill two basic conditions: blood acidity and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). He found that the tumor cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high concentrations of oxygen. Tumor cells can survive only with the help of glucose in the environment without oxygen. Therefore, cancer is nothing but a defense mechanism, which our cells use to survive in an acidic environment without oxygen. What affects the acidification of the body and the occurrence of cancer? The answer is very simple: food. Most people today, unlike twenty years ago, are eating food that is acidifying the body so it is not surprising that the occurrence of this disease is in the systematic increase.

  46. No raw living foods even though a 100% raw/living food diet removes toxins from the body, and fills deficiencies(which is the cause of cancer) and actually CURES it.. I know why they say that its because they are so powerful that they bind to and remove the chemo..Also chemo severely weakens the immune system, and makes a person very prone to infection so they have concern about anything that could possibly carry bacteria.Whole foods only,no sugar very minimal low glycemic fruit,no white flour,no cooking with oils..Id say one of the most important is no animal products since they're very acidic,inflammatory and feed cancer,but if shes not wanting to cut them all out then at least remove dairy, and eat(the highest quality) meat very seldom.Immune boosting mushrooms,cellfood,IP6,cannabis oil,apricot kernals,turmeric,essiac tea to name a few..Really,the most important thing is to strengthen the immune system,which is hard when using chemo/radiation because it tears it down.Its so sad hearing about things like this..Mainstream Doctors have it SO wrong.People are made to suffer terribly for greed..Fuck'n dirty ass money lining their pockets.

  47. I'm glad you posted this. I've been wondering this myself. There are so many diets and protocols. I'm really surprised that they told you no fresh food though. Seems so counterintuitive.

  48. Strength of the immune system is important I use elderberry and lemon water in addition to natural pharmacy food

  49. Chemo therapy is acid ..if it falls on your skin it burns a hole on your skin . They used to give it in IV but it collapsed so many veins instead they put a port in you to get it in there CHEMO is toxic cancer causing poison . Its acid . Doenst just kill cancer it also kills healthy cells .

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