How to get vitamins and minerals without a stomach…


Can any of you direct me on how to get my vitamins and minerals without a stomach… It’s been removed as part of a life saving surgery…. I know o need to get this in through my skin as I’m not getting the benefit I’m ingesting… I don’t know where to go or what to even take….

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  1. Yes… That was part of it

  2. Look at POTS on the passing out for one idea….. I haven't used the spray consistently, but it REALLY helps body pain!!

  3. There are some doctors that will give IV nutrition for certain things. This may be a possibility.

  4. In every profession, a few professionals, and a lot of amateurs.
    There are other doctors that are confident you will get what you need by a well-balanced diet. That means a Big Mac in one hand, a quart of drink in the other. Good balance there, they weigh about the same.

  5. Did you treat the underlying cause of why your stomach needed to be removed? For example have you been tested for H pylori? If you haven't tested for h pylori, you need to test for it because it could be the reason you are unable to absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals

  6. There are some very good quality liquid vitamins. Perhaps those would work. I had gastric bypass 13 years ago because I thought my obesity was causing my health issues. Turns out it was the other way around. But I wasn't as educated about health then so I have a very small stomach and a bypass to my duodenum. Some of the supplements I take are specifically for bariatric patients. I don't know if they include enzymes to help with digestion but perhaps you could look into it. I have a daughter who has severe phobia about food and I can't get her to take vitamins or minerals orally. I have found several transdermal supplements. I am currently giving her zinc and magnesium lotion. The zinc is helping with her food aversion and she has only been taking it for a few days. I hope some of this helps you.

  7. Thank you very much

  8. Angie Skinner
    Were you tested for H pylori

  9. A couple times

  10. Negative?

  11. What tests did u get?

  12. Kombucha tea if no one said that already!

  13. With no stomach, I would not have expected an H.pylori test to be anything other than negative.

  14. Michael, H pylori is the number one cause of stomach cancer and reasons for stomach removal. H pylori can live in the body after stomach removal as well. It has been found in the liver, teeth, gums, saliva, intestines, semen, vaginal secretions, pancreas and other areas as well. It can live in the body even after stomach removal and continue to cause problems in other areas it infects.

  15. I have seen many false negatives when it comes to testing by the way. That's why I asked what tests were given. I would recommend that if you have not had the IGG blood antibodies test, you may want to get it

  16. Absolutely. Despite the absence of a stomach, I have seen urea breath testing done as if there was one.
    But then, I also see Serum Magnesium testing done, when it is 99% in tissue, only 1% in the serum.

  17. We talked about that I should test

  18. Ifra breath test is the most accurate. Why most dr don't do it I have no idea

  19. IGG blood test is actually more accurate than breath as I understand it

  20. No it's not. Urea breath testing actually detects current infection as does a bx from endoscopy although that's more invasive. The IgG testing detects antibodies that has nothing to do current infection. It could have been 5 years ago or 6 months ago. It could have been a previous infection that was treated and gone. IgG antibodies in anything show up from chronic or past exposure. IgM is actually acute or current although breath testing is still more accurate for H pylori current infection testing

  21. How do I get the breath test?

  22. Actually as a first time test like if no treatment has ever been given yes it's most accurate
    IGG is not appropriate to confirm eradication because antibodies stay in blood for years, but as a first time prior to any treatment test, it is known to be most accurate
    Since she has never been treated for HP this IGG blood test is very appropriate actually

  23. You should get both breath and blood

  24. I tested positive on breath. My doctor gave me breath. What city and state are you living in

  25. It's actually super simple test. You breath in a bag and then drink a solution wait 15 mins(I think it it may be less) then breath in another bag

  26. If you google "h pylori" plus your city and state you will find lists of doctors who might be able to help. You should call each one and ask if they take your insurance and if they offer the breath test. While you are there I also strongly recommend you ALSO ask for IGG blood test cause I have seen false negative on breath that were positive on IGG blood

  27. It doesn't matter if she had past if she has no current it would be irrelevant for treatment. I did not say check IgG for eradication i said it shows past infection not when.

    Detects the presence of H. pylori antigen in a stool sample
    Urea breath test A person drinks a liquid containing a low level of radioactive material that is harmless or a nonradioactive material. If H. pylori is present in the person's gastrointestinal tract, the material will be broken down into "labeled" carbon dioxide gas that is expelled in the breath.
    H. pylori antibody testing Test not recommended for routine diagnosis or for evaluation of treatment effectiveness. Detects antibodies to the bacteria and will not distinguish previous infection from a current one. If test is negative, then it is unlikely that a person has had an H. pylori infection. If ordered and positive, results should be confirmed using stool antigen or breath test.

  28. Heather if she has had it in past and never received treatment that means she's STILL infected. Hp does not just go away on its own without treatment!

  29. I've seen false negative on both breath and stool.

  30. I have an HP group with almost 1000 members I see all kinds of things go on with testing problems

  31. Never been treated and I think my son has it too

  32. However in her case it's probably not a issue anyway she didn't have the surgery due to a stomach issue so unless there is another reason to check it's not an issue and when they performed her surgery they should have taken biopsies of any areas that were abnormal or looked suspicious and the bx is mich more accurate than the blood or breath

  33. I work in a laboratory for 15 years and see them too:-)

  34. Heather, I suffered HP for almost 4 years with no stomach or digestive symptoms other than gluten intolerance. Once I quit gluten my obvious digestive symptoms resolved but many other problems developed
    I do not know the reason for stomach removal in her case but how can you be so sure it's not linked? What makes you so sure it's not linked?

  35. Just because they "should have" taken a biopsy does not mean they did and you should not make that assumption

  36. Over 30 years ago, an Australian made the claim that if he were given the stomach secretions from an esophagoscopy, he could tell if the person had an ulcer. He was right in 95% of them, But if they were followed 6 months, he was 100% correct. And then he got an esophagoscopy, was shown to not have an ulcer, gave himself the Campylobacter (later named Heliobacter pylori), and got a verified ulcer. Showing the causal relationship. He also showed that the antibiotic Flagyl, along with the metal Bismuth, killed them in 80% of cases.
    An ulcer, cured with a simple prescription. Often, the whole family would be treated.
    But as long as 10 years later, it had still not become the standard of care, and doctors continued to cultivate their "Ulcer Patients". Kept the waiting room filled, instead of those patients never being seen again.
    Now, we don't know why the stomach was removed. But we can hazard the guess that if it were associated with an ulcer, the pathologist report reflected the H.Pylori presence. Then it was up to the PCP to deal with it. If he even chose to. But Kate is absolutely right H.pylori. When a report talks about "extragastric manifestations

  37. many vitamins can be absorbed through the skin or sublingually

  38. I get my B12 by injection, D by sunlight and Magnesium (partly) through the skin (bath)

  39. I also have stomach issues, vitamin absorption issues & have to take 100-200% more than normal stomach acid meds due to DNA. I am actually taking multiple doses of flinstone vitamins during the course of the day. Seems you would be able to take them sublingual. They were recommended when I was trying to donate blood & my iron was too low.

  40. I do take a liquid probiotic & it does help with my stomach pain.

  41. Curious ~ would H pylori cause GERD as well? What causes it, and if treated can it come back and how? Thanks Kate 🙂

  42. H pylori does cause GERD in most cases. I have heard it's possible to be caused by other things but most often the cause is hp. After treatment for hp, all issues caused by hp should resolve.
    However, in some cases, people who have had hp many years, or have had extensive organ or tissue damage may be left with some problems after treatment. But most problems correct over time after treatment. I had hypothyroidism, neuropathy, insulin resistance, bruxism, fibromyalgia, weight management problems, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, gluten intolerance, stress, and many more problems, I was hospitalized 4 times for heart arrhythmia in February, I suffered almost 4 years after a BF infected me with his saliva.
    ALL my problems gone after treatment and I feel 20 years younger.

  43. Kate's comment about how she got the H.p in the first place is very relevant. Family members can reinfect each other, and people on GERD medications can serve as virtual reservoirs of it. ANYBODY that is functioning at less than optimum should consider H.p as a prospect. Especially if they have been low-carb for a long enough time that Candida isn't likely.

  44. "have to take 100-200% more than normal stomach acid meds due to DNA" ?????
    Ya know, sometimes when you are in a discussion, sometimes someone says something that seems astonishingly wrong. And you know that if you share your opinion, they are going to be defensive, and rigid in their opinion. But I think if Amy were to have her own thread started, rather than having Angie's thread hijacked, she would find that there are many alternate opinions. Including the prospect of the MTHFR polymorphisms.

  45. Michael very true about acid reflux / GERD meds creating infection reservoirs for spread of the disease. My ex-BF took Tums and Rolaids almost every day for YEARS. His whole family suffers diabetes, gall bladder issues, auto immune disorders, neuropathy, etc. they think it's all "genetic". Haha. Right. They don't listen to me, don't believe me… They listen to their doctors so they will stay sick and die from hp complications. I started experiencing symptoms after 6 months of dating him. Took me almost 4 years to figure out my root cause was HP. I didn't get the same classic digestive symptoms he had. Everyone experiences symptoms differently with this disease. But certainly those acid reflux and GERD meds make spreading germs much easier because they neutralize digestive system from top to bottom… H pylori can swim all around everywhere especially mouth, teeth, gums, EVERYTHING

  46. Sounds to me like Amy needs an H pylori test too. All the symptoms are there: low iron, low stomach acid, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, digestive problems, etc

  47. Ferments and probiotics are high in histamines. Be sure you can handle them by ruling out histamine intolerance. There are certain strains of probiotic you can take that are low histamine. Broths and any foods that are not fresh cooked are also high in histamine….

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