How to get your 2 year old to eat gluten free foods?


So as I’m learning more about Celiac disease and reading everyone’s post and comments I’m learning so much more. I had no idea about the cross contamination of it and how serious it is. Does anyone out there have kids that are gluten free but didn’t make there whole family go gluten free? I read somewhere online that if you go gluten free without it being necessary you can have problems. Im so glad I joined this page to learn more about this.

I had no idea what to really expect and it’s so much more than a simple diagnosis of “celiac disease” And having to be gluten free. It’s something so many people struggle with everyday buying food and using your phone to make sure it’s gluten free. Going out to restaurants is out of the question, because you know that the food is probably cross contaminated. And the food that you buy tho it says gluten free might not be. So who do you trust? I think that there should be more education to everyone about this not just a diagnosis. I was told two years old is the earliest you could be diagnosed with this and my daughter was diagnosed a week before her second birthday.

We had the blood work, that came back in the doctors words “unmeasurable” and than we had the endoscopy and immediately following the procedure the doctor said start the gluten free diet immediately. A week later it was confirmed celiac disease. We started our diet and my daughter went almost a week without eating. She got really sick. So of course I result in going back to giving her the things that have gluten but that she would still eat because even that list was microscopic than I continue to do research “how to get your 2 year old to eat gluten free foods or foods in general” and everyday is struggle. The food doesn’t taste good in the first place.. so how do I expect her to want to eat it. Breaking down crying not wanting her to get more sick or have more severe issues I’m at a loss with no answer and a baby who just doesn’t eat.

Everyone says try this or try that and I do. But nothing works. With pediasure 3 times a day which is an insane about of pediasure making sure she eats fruits and vegetables, the couple bites of gf chicken, and her multivitamin it’s still not helping. Last night she looked so pale and her eyes looked sunken in and I’m just hoping and praying that something happens to help me understand this more because I’m genuinely concerned and not everyone understands. Everyone says how easy it is to get your child to eat this or eat that but it’s not. Thank you for listening to my story. I’m thankful to have joined this page to learn about this; and interact with people going through the same things.

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  1. I am so sorry you have to deal with all that. I know it can be so overwhelming. My situation is different. My son has SPD and OCD (no celiac) he has only ate about 5 different foods his whole life. I have tried so hard to get him to eat other things and its just not possible he is just in a constant battle with his brain. I was diagnosed with Celiac over a month ago and it is so overwhelming to me because I have to feed my son gluten items and I have no way around that! He won’t eat unless he has he normal 5 foods (which all contain gluten) Its not his fault that he is that way. So it will not be possible for me to have a gluten free house and I know so many think it is necessary. Stay strong momma! I know how difficult it can be to feed a child unwilling to eat new things but it is necessary for her health to stop the gluten.

  2. Stop feeding your daughter gluten. There are gluten free fried chicken pieces. Make gluten free Mac n cheese for her. Make hot dogs, read the labels. Be her advocate, be her hero so when she grows up, she knows you did right by her.

  3. Thank you both! I appreciate the feed back! I am trying to avoid gluten as much as I can. Right now we are at 1 week with no gluten. I’m getting her to eat the gluten free chicken, fruits, cucumbers, string cheese, there’s just not a lot she’s willing to eat but I know it will get easier as time goes on. My problem I’m struggling with is worrying if she’s getting enough but I suppose that’s why they have her drinking pediasure 3 times a day. And I also give her a multivitamin I just worry it’s not enough and if she’s getting enough. Everyday I try to introduce something new even if she won’t try it I still try to put it in front of her. For the off chance she does we celebrate that so she knows it something good

  4. DON’T PANIC?. Try not to let it cause tension around meal times. It’s early days yet. Give it some time. She may be fearful of all foods if food has always mad her feel miserable. I know before my diagnosis I thought of food as the ‘enemy’. Think outside the box a little bit look at naturally gf foods. Eggs meat fruit veg. Which of these did she eat before? If they are gf she can still eat them. Google some simple gf recipes for perhaps cookies of something you know she will like and make them together. If she eats fruit and veg try them with dips or peanut butter if she likes it. It will take her some time to recover so be patient. None of my children are Ceoliac but I remember when the were little and could go for 2 or 3 days on very very little food. I used to worry so much. Believe me it’s the opposite now I don’t know where they put it all?. Can you get a referral to a paediatric dietitian? Perhaps they too could help. Best of luck. She’ll be fine you’ll see.

  5. You can still go out to eat safely. Just need to research and be very upfront when you order. findmeglutenfree app for your phone is a godsend. it has gluten free/Celiac friendly restaurants and reviews. It’s how I found some great safe places to eat.

  6. Try Gluten Free on a Shoestring. She has a .com site, and her fourth book, Snacks, is very kid friendly.

  7. My daughter is the only celiac, but we made our kitchen gf, due to cross contamination & she eats better when we all eat the same stuff. We (without her)do eat gluten when we are out of the house.

  8. What gluten items does she normally eat and like? Does she eat meats? What about veggies?

  9. Why would going gluten-free be any more of a problem for someone who doesn’t have celiac disease than for someone who does? You still need to ensure proper nutrition and adequate fiber. Gluten is not an essential nutrient and is not good for any human so the whole family should be gluten-free.

  10. I am the only one who is gluten free in my family. My daughter is vegetarian. So I adapt all meals to gluten free/gluten full/vegetarian/meat. It is actually not that hard to do. It takes planning and practice. I hate cooking so if I can do it, anyone can!

  11. I have a GF AND Gluten household. Family of 5, 4 adults and 1 child. The Child is Celiac and two of the adults are Elders (Above 75) and have serious medical issues but are still self-sufficient. I set up in my large dining room, a “Kitchenette” for the child and mandated that dinner is GF – like it or lump it. The household kitchen is galley style so 1 side GF, the other is not. Had two refrigerators because the elders ate food that we did not, so GF is in our fridge. The child has been GF since 7/10/17. and just had her first “Glutening” at another child’s birthday party. We have been making it work and she has grown about 1 in since going GF. It can be done. Below is a picture of the GF Kitchenette. Kitchenette

  12. Most wheat products are fortified and many gluten free products are full of sugars, that’s why they say to not put kiddos on a GF diet if it’s not needed. You should probably consult your pediatrician! They may be able to shed more light or recommend a good supplement to help any deficiencies

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