How to help get through a possible “Copper dump”?


Can anyone shed any light on how to help get through a possible “Copper dump”? I’ve checked the files and searched. Caught a cold/sinus infection about a month ago while doing tax prep (ugh). Took only a few (2-3 days) of Colloidal Silver. Then took about 4 (spread thru day) Whole Food C’s to try and make up for it, hoping I didn’t knck down my progress on Cp too badly. Now I feel like a wilted flower. Legs and back feel like jelly, can barely stand up for long. Did have racing thoughts and difficulty sleeping but The Healing Codes seem to have helped keep those at bay. Doing Epsom soaks already. Herbs for gall bladder & liver, ALA. I’ve seen it has to do with lowering the potassium inside the cells, but other than adding in some additional sodium, any ways to help this along, please? Thanks! Morley Robbins a very weak voice saying, ” h e l p . . .” Any thoughts, please?

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  1. Lisa Parker
    Colloidal Silver knocks out Copper status… Robert Thompson, MD has shared this truth on more than one occasion. I've not entirely sure I know what's unfolding here… sorry. This may require a more extensive chat to better understand the dynamics…

    A votre sante!

  2. Wish I could help. 🙁

  3. Get better Lisa Parker!

  4. I take colloidal silver when I'm feeling sick – sinus/throat, etc. what now?

  5. Is copper fat soluble or water soluble?

  6. I did a homeopathic medicine for my last sinus infection and EO steam baths. Knocked it out in a day and a half. Garlic and honey are amazing along with elderberry syrup.

  7. Have you ever tried activated charcoal? That's what helps me when I am having a copper dump. Also coffee enemas

  8. How do you know when you are dumping copper?

  9. I'm going through the same thing. It's very up and down. One minute I can barely stay awake then the next I have insane insomnia or I get congested with a headache. The last part is finally gone.

    Things I find help increase magnesium, potassium and eating more calcium rich foods tend to soothe things as I think these are getting depleted. I was reading copper coming out of storage increases your metabolic rate and that it can produce lactic acid as calcium so taking in more helps mop up the lactic acid. Eating an extra yogurt did seem to ease symptoms for me. Might have been placebo effect.

    If symptoms are bad some activated charcoal can help bind excess toxins and maybe copper that are being released especially if having any gi symptoms. Copper releasing can cause constipation so keep things moving magnesium and potassium will help. Some sites recommend coffee enemas to help the liver detox to clear the copper.

    I've been reading molybdenum can ease copper dumping. I haven't tried it yet. I'm still researching it. Some are for it and some against it. Not sure where the group stands on it.

    I wonder if 1p6 which can help with excess iron can help with excess copper. I'm not sure about that as I don't know enough about it.

  10. I took notes a long time ago about how to deal with copper detox symptoms. I'm not really sure that's what's going on here, but I'll share anyway. These should help:

    Add more animal protein and fewer cooked veggies.
    Coffee enemas and short saunas.
    Rub feet.
    Milk thistle.
    Slow walking and deep breathing.
    Release fear and negative emotions.

    I'm not sure I'd supplement with ALA right now. It stirs up mercury, so what is it doing to copper? Hmmm… Feel better soon!

  11. I found taking milk thistle And NAC reduced some symptoms too.

  12. Lisa Parker when I copper dump I take molybdenum and that eases the severity of it. I don't take it every day only when I copper dump because molybdenum also causes detox. Don't know the science behind it but it helps me a lot.

  13. I was trying to go to sleep last night and tasted copper– what on earth does that suggest? I also had done my first foot bath with borax, baking soda and epsom salt. Also have been intermittent fasting. I don't know what copper dumping is unfortunately

  14. KimMarie Ranieri, contact my office for the H Pilori Protocol. It was developed but Dr. Deavlin from UCLA Integrative Oncology Department. He has used it with success. Basically, for this use the nano silver is swallowed in four doses 15 minutes apart which strelizes the small bowel and potentially the colon. Live Probiotics, 50-100Billion is then taken multiple times per day to restore the bacterial flora fairly quickly. No month long antibiotics, the infection is gone in about an hour. Way cool.

  15. What's your contact info ?

  16. Robert Thompson, MD…
    I must confess, I am now corn-fused…

    Forgive me if I missed it ^^^^, but how is nano-silver OK & colloidal silver toxic to Copper status? How do its properties change?

    Many thanks for clarifying!

  17. This is a good page for clarity on copper dumping and helpful tips on how to help the process.

  18. For those who have asked me, taking copper Homeopathic is NOT a good idea for this. The actual symptoms of my copper dumping more closely resemble the Materia Medica of Zincum homeopathic; weak brain and nerve power, jerking, twitching, clonic spasms (I have been continuously biting my lip in the same spot with a jerk while eating , insomnia, racing thoughts, severe weakness; weak legs; fluid retention; muscles in sacrum, hips and low back feel as if they would be forced apart, no strength to stand. Just a sample. Taking a homeopathic in this fashion would simply cause you to prove the remedy and probably not do much for the issue. I have been a Classical Homeopath for 26 years, so well familiar with "proving" remedies.

  19. LOL Morley, The difference is particle size, biological activity, and concentration. Nano-is 8 micron size average silver particle. The activity and toxicity of silver is based on the particle size and surface area. Colloidal is usually over 200 microns size per molecule and does not conduct electricity. Nano is positively charged, rapid electrical conductor electron donor, and enters into and out of cells as needed. Colloidal by definition cannot cross a semipermeable membrane or conduct electricity (for the most part, simple version). Most all copper problems are caused by taking ascorbic acid (not C, we have been through that). Once we have the C molecule, copper becomes utilized better throughout the body and most of it's adverse effects are minimized. Copper is incredibly important to human physiology. All 60 plus cytochrome enzymes, all hemoglobin synthesis, all iron utilization, all hormone synthesis, all healing, all connective tissue strength, all blood clotting, and the list could go on and on, depend on copper and the C molecule. As we know, death occurs without the C molecule (the hemorrhagic disease, Scurvy). Silver may potentiate the effect of copper or interfere with it. I am not yet sure about that yet but there will be an interaction (Thompson-Doberhiner Principle), and the whole issue is confused because of the misuse of ascorbic acid and/or sodium ascorbate and calling it "vitamin C" confusing the research and everyone who thinks they know something. I only began using nano silver in December 2015, before that I had ignored all silver thinking it was all colloidal. Colloidal causes argriphilia, accumulates, remains insoluble, clumps over time, etc, all bad. Nano remains stable in suspension for over 3 years, 1 gm of nano-silver covers a surface area of over 6 square miles. It's use is impressive. There is no known toxicity and no known resistance to nano-silver. Its uses are growing rapidly, e.g. artificial joint surfaces with it last forever, catheters with it in them never clot off or get infected, eventually all implantable medical devices will have nano silver in them or on their surfaces resisting secondary bacterial invasion. In an emergency, nano-silver rapidly sterilizes water. I put it in my dogs water bucket to keep algae from growing, my hot tub also (never ever use brominated chemicals in your hot tub, see my iodine book). If we combine ozone and silver, uses, there would never again be a need for a single toxic antibiotic. Check out find one near you. Never leave home without nano silver. Argentin appears to be the best brand thus far by over 2.3 times. There are only two brands thus far. One is 10 molar, Argentin is 23 molar. My nutrition company carries the Argentin, I am sure others do also. Throw away the colloidal. Please. Time will tell about the interactions of copper with nano-silver. I would suspect that if copper is in excess, the silver will help it be excreted. It copper is deficient, the silver could be a problem, but thus far I have not seen it. It will take a year or two to figure this out. Usually, silver is used intermittently, so it could take longer to tell for sure, but I would not trust any conclusion that did not recognize the importance of using the correct whole intact C molecule use before making any observations. That's all I know. LOL Some I don't knows in there. LOL I am very curious about it. There has to be an interaction. It may be good or bad depending on the copper issue and the "C" used. We will just have to C. LOL

  20. Robert Thompson, MD…
    Well said, & well done!

    Thanks for sharing & clarifying…


  21. Yes Sarah, lets hope so. Ozone and UV light blood treatment would also be strongly recommended to boost your immune response. There are no guarantees.

  22. Win, do not be brain dead, NOT COLLOIDAL!!!! NOT Colloidal!!! Please.

  23. Jessica Liau, Catherine Tan

  24. Vicki, please read the above post. Once again, Colloidal agregates (clumps), accumulates, causes argriphilia, has toxicity, is large not small molecules i.e. smaller surface area, doesn't cunduct electricity or cary an electrical charge, cannot enter into cellular physiology, gets stuck in interstitial spaces, is way less effective, is not physiologic, has no proven medical benefit, has been shown to be potentially toxic, and I could go on and on. Nano is not colloidal. It works. It is safe. Please tell your sister-in-law.

  25. Hi Robert Thompson, can i ask you in terms of topical application of collidial silver on affected areas, is it equally as bad as ingesting it? There are many children (after stopping topical steriod creams application having very bad flare ups on eczema areas) and many parents are using collidial silver for topical application on the infected areas (to prevent further infection).. so it will be very helpful if we can get your comments on this. Many thanks in advance 🙂

  26. This might have been answered already, I might have missed it. If someone is told they have Lyme among other autoimmune disorders and the NP says take Collodial Silver and considering there is Iron Overload and Low Copper, which he of course had no clue about the Iron or Copper. That would be a big NO, correct?

  27. High copper people tend to be sympathetic dominant and have a hyper-vigilant amygdala. I use energy work directly with those parts of the brain to realign and balance the brain pathways along with the mineral balancing. It's pretty exciting and very rewarding to see the quick response.

  28. Please do not take colloidal silver, ever. Only Nano silver. Please understand the distinction. Do not be mislead by ignorant greedy people who want to sell you anything, harmful or not. Colloidal silver is harmful. It will accumulate and will eventually cause argriphiilia (bluish darkening of the skin). What I am talking about is NOT Colloidal!!!

  29. Peter, please reread the definition of colloidal (chapter 1, The Calcium Lie 2). Colloidal does not carry an electrical charge. It does not cross a semipermeable membrane. Nano-silver, is positively charged silver molecules, ionic, in water suspension, i.e. dissolved like salt. Colloidal does not dissolve, it is suspended, mixed, not dissolved.

  30. Thanks Robert Thompson for the above, will bluish darkening of skin goes away after a certain period or its permanent scarring?

  31. Permanent! The colloidal will continue to accumulate in the interstitial spaces between the cells. This is the reason for the "blue." It oxidizes, like our silver bowls.

  32. Hi Robert Thompson, so even after minerals rebalancing, it cannot help to reverse or lighten the damage?

  33. Looking at silver to buy.. Most call the product both colloidal and nano.. How do you know you are actually getting nano vs. colloidal?

  34. There is simply no reason to use colloidal. Nano silver is at least 25 times more active against anything than colloidal silver. Argentin 23 markets a gel for first aid, wounds, and their care that is better than anything there is, even the Rx Silvadene, commonly used for burns, which is actually colloidal silver for topical use. Ozone oil is actually the best for healing and is also bacteriocidal. But, Nano silver is great to stop infections also, and is painless. Ozone oil can sting a little at first, but very briefly. Stick with Argentin 23, there is currently no equal. If it says colloidal go to another site. Colloidal is not nano.

  35. No, colloidal remains forever in between the cells. Even with exfoliation, it remains. It does not have a charge, so it will not be affected by mineral balancing.

  36. Jessica Liau, Catherine Tan

  37. Thanks Robert Thompson, it's good to know now.. but sad that it will become a permanent thing on my daughter's skin.. 🙁

  38. Yes, that's the company.

  39. Folks, I'm turning off commenting on this. A discussion in a new thread needs to be started if we're going to talk about silver. I don't have the energy to follow up on the continuous thread here. Please start a new thread when you have a new topic of conversation, it will be easier for everyone to follow and to look up later. Thank you.

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