How To Lose Weight With Hashimoto’s


Can people give me some ways that they were able to lose weight with Hashis? I’m really struggling and can use all of the suggestions that you can throw my way!

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  1. AIP elimination diet

  2. Hate to say it but phentermine! 25 years with Hashimotos. Tried weight watchers, nutrition system, paleo, gluten free, blah blah blah….it’s hard to exercise when you have the energy of a slug! The only way I was able to lose weight and keep it off was to see a diet Dr. Follow a sensible diet and take phentermine for energy to get off my butt and for an appetite suppressant! I’m sure others have things that have worked for them but I’m just telling you the honest truth as to what really worked for me!

  3. Following

  4. NOTHING else worked for me except for intermittent fasting it is the best!!I

  5. AIP.!!! after 10+ years struggling with this nonstop I did 100% compliment AIP for about 3 months and was down 15 pounds at the end…I then got lazy and am struggling to get back to 100% compliment, because its the ONLY way I’ve lost a single pound ever.

  6. I’m looking into the keto diet right now

  7. I wasn’t purposely trying to lose weight but relief my symptoms. I went gluten free , soy free and dairy free lost like 6 pounds in a short amount of time

  8. rrrhhh
    Did HCG

  9. Misty, I have for well over 15 years. If you send me a PM, I can tell you what worked for me after many failed attempts! I just don’t want to get in trouble for promoting certain products.

  10. I went from 270 to almost 350 lbs after quitting smoking after 20 years. I dropped my caloric intake to 1300-1500 a day and power walked a mile 5 days a week for nine months. Didn’t even drop a pound. I have no idea what to do.

  11. Aip diet would really help you out a lot!

  12. AIP!! The weight basically fell off!! And, I never was able to lose weight before.

  13. Its been a battle for me too! So many failed attempts over the years!!! I have managed to lose about 75 lbs with LOTS of lifestyle changes that I made over time! Its taken me a while but its been permanent. You can message me if you’d like! I’m happy to help! I still have 75 lbs to go but I’m not giving up! I’m looking into getting a certification as a heath coach in nutrition just because I’ve learned so much over time! LOL

  14. A lot of recommendations for AIP …. I’m trying to remember what that is.

  15. Autoimmune protocol

  16. Low Dose Naltrexone…. I now way 117 lbs

  17. Weight watchers

  18. AIP. Been on it for almost 1.5years. Lost exactly what I needed to lose (20lbs). I saw someone suggest keto. Its generally not good for the thyroid. Its been known to help other autoimmune disorders but it tends to be problematic for hashi (dont know why, but it was my experience as well). Good luck!

  19. Lowering my carbs was the key for me. I had put on 20 lbs. Blech. I cut way back, increasing protein and really cutting my carbs. Then… you know, you slide up.. oh a cookie here, a cookie there. How about some ice cream? Haha.. I feel like an addict!!!

  20. I have currently just paid to have a stool analysis, SIBO and di02 test to see what my body can and can’t tolerate with my functional doctor/nutritionist she said once we find my triggers my she will guarantee I lose weight so once I know anything I’ll let you know. If anyone wants to go hashimotosandmeuk Facebook page I’ve just set up I’m going to log my journey. I was going to try the AIP diet but I personally think that everyone’s body is different and everyone’s triggers are different for e.g chia seeds are supposed to be good for u but they play havoc with my gut x

  21. Try to use my fitness pal. Free app to see what you are eating. You don’t have to use it long, for a week maybe.
    Then you can see how many calories you are consuming, if you are eating enough protein and all that. Our eating habits don’t change a lot from week to week. And that also makes it so easy because if you have once put something in it, it’s so easy to press it next time. So if you find it annoying, just relax it’s just for a few days.

  22. After 5 years of trying so many things I’ve found that the Keto diets is the only thing that works for me. 6 weeks and down 16 lbs

  23. I’ve lost 20 kgs since July. Given up gluten, sugar and most dairy. Green smoothie for breakfast with protein powder and collagen. Soup based on chicken bone broth for lunch – so nutritious I don’t get hungry. Lean meat and vegetables for dinner, very small serve. Snacking on celery and hummus mainly.

    Doing lots of exercise (ie 6-800 cals 5-6 days a week). Getting much better sleep since CPAP machine arrived in August has also given me much better energy. Started T3 in August but I don’t think it’s had much of an impact on energy levels (hopefully it’s brought my RT3 down though, as it was maxxed). About to do my first bloodtest since this regime started so will be interesting to see where that’s at.

  24. Yeast free diet is the only thing that’ worked for me in a long long time. Down 10lbs in 2 weeks and my joint pain, muscle pains, and throat are feeling sooo much better already.

  25. I started bioidenticals 6 weeks ago. The Armour alone wasn’t doing it for me and I felt awful every day. Now I’m on a compounded thyroid AND testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, lugols iodine, vitamin D, iron, etc etc. feeling better already AND dropping weight.

  26. Walking, light running and eating healthier. I did not need to eliminated gluten or dairy. It takes a while but the weight does come off. I’m down 10 pounds since Jan. It’s the only kind if exercise my body can handle.

  27. Keto is the only thing that has helped me. And even then it’s VERY slow. And before I get yelled at lol I see an Integrative doctor and she suggested it.

  28. I just finally got on levothroxin treatment, started eating less portions of food more times a day (increases metabolism) and dropped soda for the most part. Started martial arts again after 16 years off. In 2015 I was 165. By 2016 I was 140. Today I fluctuate between 127to 130. Depends on the day

  29. KetoDiet. I started last Monday and have lost 10 lbs

  30. I’ve yet to find the solution. 🙁

  31. the main thing I did was get on Armour Thyroid… it has T3 and T4, my body couldnt convert the t4 to the t3 so my body wasnt getting what it needed at a cellular level… after I started taking armour I have had a much better quality of life and lost over 80 lbs by that change and daily walking 3 mile power walk, in 6 months… my energy level has improved greatly… good luck! Ive been on armour since 1998…

  32. Vegan. I can’t stop the weight loss now. Biggest issue is buying new jeans constantly.

  33. I lost a lot of weight by simply going gluten free

  34. Weight Watchers works for me nothing else did.

  35. Thank you all!!!

  36. If anyone is doing the Keto diet, please please be careful!! I ended up in the hospital

  37. From what Misty Shaw Winn?

  38. I know but why did you end up in the hospital

  39. Ketoacidosis. Some people who have Hashis cannot handle the Keto diet.

  40. People please talk to your Dr about ketoacidosis and get the facts about the difference between that and the keto diet. We have too any facebook doctors out here. Too much alcohol can cause ketoacidosis.

  41. Alright so ketoacidosis is caused when you eat a ton of fat and don’t do anything to burn it off, so it builds up causing excess ketones which causes your blood to turn acidic. So, if you do keto, EXERCISE or cut back your fat intake. It’s actually pretty rare to get ketoacidosis.

  42. Guess I’m a rarity

  43. I don’t eat gluten or cow dairy. Switching to NaturThroid from synthroid helped.

  44. Shannon Marie how is naturethroid different?

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