How to Make Mag Water (Magnesium Bicarbonate)


How to Make Mag Water (Magnesium Bicarbonate)


one liter of plain sparkling water, carbonated water, or Seltzer water, optionally soda water.

45ml (3 T) of plain Milk of Magnesia containing about 1500 mg of elemental Magnesium

(Optional: Mg oxide or Mg hydroxide powder equalling 1500mg of elemental Magnesium)

This recipe can be doubled. Use a two liter bottle of sparkling water and 90ml of MoM


• Chill the one liter bottle of sparkling water

• Measure out the 45ml of plain Milk of Magnesia (MoM)

• Slowly open the sparkling water to minimize loss of carbonation

• Pour a bit into a glass (two to three ounces) to allow more headroom

• Slowly, very slowly, trickle in the 45ml of MoM

• Cap the bottle

• Shake with vigor

• Let it settle until clear

• Shake with vigor again

The sides of the plastic bottle may pull in a bit and this is OK. There may be some white residue on the bottom of the bottle and this is OK, too. The residue is unconverted MoM.

The Mag Water concentrate should now be ready to use.

To Use:

Each ounce of the MagWater concentrate contains about 45mg of elemental Magnesium.

Pouring the liter of the concentrate into a gallon jug and filling it with water is the conventional method of preparing a Mag Water dilution for use.

This Mag Water, diluted, can be enjoyed throughout the day to provide a small steady stream of both Magnesium and bicarbonate.

It can be flavored to suit your taste or added to other beverages.

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Answers ( 29 )

  1. WHat about just using regular water, I wonder?

  2. I found a bottle that i made in the back of my fridge . How long does it stay good for?

  3. It says it can be added to other beverages. That's good. I can use this for my infusions. Is there anything you shouldn't add it to? How about temp? Using for tea?

  4. I am sure this is good and has many benefits but just being realistic for ME…not something I would do. I will stick with baths, supplements, oil

  5. Celestial Meeker, Wendi Lynn Andlovec, Amber Flores

  6. I just ️ mag-water…I drink a gallon a day

  7. This is the easiest thing to make. Ever.

  8. How much is 45 ml? In ounces?

  9. 30ml=1oz

  10. 1oz = 2 tablespoons; 45 ml= 3 tablespoons

  11. M J MJ Hampstead – where you mention about the sides of the "plastic" bottle, does it need to be plastic? If I buy a litre of sparkling water, they are sometimes in glass bottles – does that matter? Do you need to keep the litre concentrate capped, and can you just use it bit by bit over a few days added to plain water? If I added to a gallon, (approx 4 litres), I may not drink all that in one day, or store it all at once, can I just make up bottles as and when, storing the concentrate in the fridge? Also can you warm it up to add to a hot drink?

  12. No, the plain sparkling water does not have to be in plastic, it can be in glass. Lots of folks have not had good results with sparkling mineral water, just so you know that there is a difference.
    Yes, you can use it bit by bit. I go through a liter of Mag Water concentrate in two to three days.
    Mag Water does not need refrigeration.
    Yes, you can warm it, but I would not boil it.

  13. Thanks – so what other water shall I get – I think we can only get just sparkling water in the UK?

  14. You can make your own carbonated water…I use spring water with the soda-stream with a modification in that I've connected it to a 20lb food grade co2 tank…. I figure I make a gallon of mag-water for under $2.00 a gallon

  15. Sending luv n get well wishes to jenny xo

  16. Don't think I could be bothered with the soda stream and the modification though Richard – what type of water do others get in the UK to make this?

  17. Has anyone found a way of doing this in Australia? MoM isn't available. The imports I've been able to find on the net are SO expensive & can't guarantee they don't have extra additives. I can't find a powdered version of that form of Magnesium unless it's mixed with other stuff.

  18. Thanks, I was going to share this with my massage therapist if you don't mind. I'm pretty sure you have said yes, but I want to be in the habit of asking permission! Of course, I'm sending her to both websites.

  19. What are the benefits of drinking mag water. Just an added way of getting magnesium into the body?

  20. Thank you so much MJ Hampstead, you so rock!!


    MJ Hampstead won't sparkling water leach calcium from bones?

  21. I'd prefer not to have a gallon of Mag water and would rather dilute the concentrate straight into a 500ml water bottle. Does anyone know how much concentrate is needed in 500ml?

  22. What about adding a small amount of borax to the recipe?

  23. I know this thread is old but I was searching through the posts. My question is can the mag water be ok as my one source of magnesium supplement if I go with that?

  24. How about potassium bicarbonate? Magenesium Chloride flakes? Ive avoided sparlking water with the additives I see.

  25. MJ Hampstead cam you use La Croix water

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