How to relieve red, inflamed bumps on the skin?


Hello, how to relieve red, inflamed bumps on the skin? (Keratosis Pilaris to be precise).

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  1. Go gluten free.

  2. I tried that for too long and was unfortunate enough to see no difference.

  3. My brother increased his animal fat intake and it resolved. Mostly butter and he would use tallow as a skin balm.

  4. Please search the site. This site is strictly minerals related.

  5. Search the site for prior conversations. Please keep new conversation to minerals balancing please

  6. It's autoimmune related. Google Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). It's an elimination diet that restricts more than gluten….

  7. Wheat, grain, gluten & dairy, corn, soy & egg are all possible causes. You could eat extremely clean for 3 months then every 3 days bring in a new food in large amounts and keep a journal (mental & physical symptoms). Much cheaper to do than expensive testing & unnecessary supplements 🙂

  8. Stop gluten and wheat

  9. Potassium stopped my sons keratosis on the back of his arms. And keratosis is a mineral balancing related question as in my sons case, his potassium is low.

  10. I rub the magahol on my neck and shoulders, and then I would rub some on the back of my arms where I have the keratosis pilaris. It seemed to help by about 50%.

  11. It's almost impossible to get rid of….the only time I got rid of mine was when I was pregnant….go figure

  12. Make sure you're eating plenty of liver (retinol and zinc plus other cofactors really helps it). Stay away from modern foods including the grains, vegetable oils and omega 6s.

  13. Tallow balm!!

  14. I've gone completely grain free and it made absolutely no difference for mine. My skin was fine until after I had my son. I have done lots of research and found that it can be caused by a Vitamin A deficiency, which cod liver oil can help!

  15. I have Dermatitis and heard that most skin diseases are related to lactose problems.

  16. I believe it is vitamin A deficiency caused by malabsorption – they say often gluten.

    I know mine disappears completely when I supplement with CLO.

  17. My kid's doctor suggested omega 3s

  18. My daughters doc also said Omega 3 and hers is greatly improved.

  19. Possibly iodine painting

  20. Keratosis pilaris is a fat and retinol deficiency.

  21. I think it can also be a sign of gluten sensitivity.

  22. Mine went away when I stopped eating grains (including gluten) and increased fat (mostly through coconut oil & grassfed butter).

  23. Yep agree with the 3 others that said its vit a/ retinol deficiency related. Add cod liver oil, 1 tbsp Nordic naturals artic (not artic d) liquid

  24. I had it and it's gone now with mineral balancing, gluten is a secondary reaction IMO. I prefer the orange flavor Nordic CLO btw

  25. Kp duty chicken skin scrub. Got rid of mine after just a few uses. It's totally worth it

  26. Food intolerances cause it here (gluten, dairy, salicylates).

  27. My daughter had it on her arms and face. After 6 mos gluten & dairy free, it's gone. (Cocoa Butter significantly helped while she still had it)

  28. I'm getting some CLO for ceruminoplasm…hope it also helps with the bumps. I've done just regular omega 3's and it made no difference.

  29. Transdermal magnesium alternated with eucerine body lotion completely eliminated mine

  30. Another option that helped me was a yeast/fungal detox. I do eat a grain free diet as well.

  31. Initially B12 helped mine, but then it got worse again, then magnesium made it go away completely.

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