How to remove fluoride from my tap water?


Can anyone tell me how to remove fluoride from my tap water….recommend a filter that is not too expensive….or tell me any other way to do it? I have been drinking filtered tap and refrigerator water but it doesn’t take out fluoride…any suggestions?

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  1. The black filters in a Berkey last between 3-5 yrs & the fluoride for 3000 ltrs – I bought the S/S one – very pleased with it

  2. Berkey (I like the DIY post) thanks Colon Mills or "Zero Water"

  3. A Berkey water purifier or a water distiller.

  4. What do you guys think of this one? assuming you can use your own carafe so there's no plastic

  5. berkley, or solar / heat / evaporation / condensation, which is slow … basic, place plastic bag over leaves, come back for water in plastic bag, … sometimes i watch you tube on those survival shows or search water reclamation, water survival, etc

  6. I get my water jugs filled at the culligan wTer machine because it is reverse osmosis which means no flouride

  7. Daulton. Its english. Counter top. Google it. I have had it for 2 yrs. Amazing. Not too pricuy. 375. But lasted

  8. big berkey with flouride filters

  9. This diuble sink topb is what I fitted a few years back and they seem to do the job. Not 100% Fl. remova-l butstill pretty good. Cartridges are from USA -so I'm sure you can get locally. These people seem to export too!

  10. Custom Pure under counter filter.

  11. Following

  12. This is a HUGE industry with lots of money to be made – As with all areas related to health – Please do your research carefully and thoroughly.

    And the most IMPORTANT thing – Test your water after it comes through what ever system you purchase. This is the ONLY way to know. And, you might be surprised – This could change the outcome of all the work you are doing for your health…It did for me.

    After all my research and testing water quality (I have a Berkey and have used Reverse Osmosis "Water Stores" in Marin County) I agree with Sigil Sam – Reverse Osmosis and Steam Distillation are the ONLY filtering systems that will remove toxic fluoride and other Heavy Metals. 😉 xoxo

    Ps. And ONLY Reverse Osmosis will work for a full house, which includes your shower, bath and cooking water.

  13. For the likes of me who has no clue about all of this, what is reverse osmosis and how is it achieved?

  14. These systems are expensive and thus a deterrent for many – But one of the most important investment in your Vibrant Health – Good, Clean Water is Life! 😉

  15. Google it Alice! It is not a very environmental process – it uses a LOT of water to make clean water ;-(
    But on the other side of that coin, poisoning our water with fluoride and chloride and pharmaceuticals, etc., etc., etc…is NOT environmentally sound either!

    Get clean water folks – You will notice the difference in your health! xo

  16. I have a system that completely transforms the water, it turns toxic city water into soft healing water. Even if you drink 'filtered' water, your skin will absorb the fluoride and it will weaken your bones, rinsing and brushing your teeth with your bathroom tap water…not realising the toxins going into your system. I learned the hard way. This system also deactivates arsenic, chlorine, guardia, viruses, hormones from pills ect ect ect. Reverse osmosis is good for ground water that has fracking components in it. Still it is 'dead' water. Every one on this page is chronically dehydrated, I really infuriates me to see so much suffering, all of you trying to find balance, meanwhile not really being aware of the causes of your ill health. Because I respect the 'theme' of this page, I keep from bringing important info, not wanting to scare you folks, but since i have been on 'social' platforms like this one, I have helped many regain their health, prevented many from unnecessary mainstream medical abuses, just by sharing the causes behind all ill health. The water system I am talking about is about the best defence we have right now against the constant assaults on our lives, you can reach me through messaging(even if I reach just one of you, I will be content)

  17. Vie Vie – if you have a financial interest in the product/service you are talking about, you must declare that in your posts. Group rules. Vie Vie, you have been advised of the rule in response to your prior,similar, posts here.

  18. just google it. not to be sarcastic, thats what id do. btw, i have never consumed tap water. as child we bought spring water for drinking purposes. its been proven that i municiplities that add flouride to the water that the cancer rate is statsitically significantly higher than in municipalities that do not. so, why do they add it you ask? its called american politics. also. i presume that all you need to do is find somethin g that chemically bods t the flourode, and precipitates it out of the water. it would have to be a filter of some sort that would gather the preciptate….at least thats what i think

  19. sorry for the typos, but this thing posted before i could correct the spell check errors..

  20. George Roberts- you can click on the cross on post top right and edit it. My filter uses activated Aluminium granules that chemically attach the Fl molecules.bbbbbb

  21. Gloria…although ro water takes out toxins it can also lower mineral content and become too acidic…if drinking, it's important to ensure trace minerals are put back in..had a few people chatting with me who have used this water but have stripped their bodies further of minerals which have affected their kidneys….just a friendly word of warning.

  22. Jeanette Elisha-elliss – yes RO water and distilled water are dead waters. Trace minerals must be put into them.

  23. This is why I prefer the simpler, cheaper if slightly less perfect double inline filter system I have. I admit to being more concerned about the efects of lying on the bath for 20 mins and now try to half that. I used to think this level of exposure was minor but not so sure now- maybe just getting older and more sensitive to loads of stuff/

  24. RO system that puts minerals back in when it has taken the rubbish out.

  25. If you use distilled water, is there a specific product to add trace minerals to? Brain fog this morning, thank you

  26. They make filters under their own name and for many other companies. High quality, reliable.

  27. Karen…I buy distilled water and just ad Willards Water to it. This is a mineral solution.

  28. I use an ionized alkaline water filter by Life Ionizers. Love it!!!!! No more acidic water and I'm finally becoming moe alkaline.

  29. Thank you all…think we are going with the Big a Berkey

  30. whole house filter…i heard we need to be careful with ionized water?

  31. for drinking…

  32. Yes, no minerals in the water if ro but we supplement

  33. Yes that is correct Jeanette Elisha-elliss – And also for Distillation – You must add back minerals.

    Again, I caution folks to TEST the water coming out of their systems, especially a Berkey (I have one) – You will be surprised.

    Good luck on whatever system you choose Trixie Belden!
    Water is Life! 😉 xo

  34. With something so important as, Life-Giving Water, a little extra money for Testing is definitely worth it and will provide invaluable feedback, you will NOT be poisoning yourself & family, and you will have peace of mind.

    Please do the Testing. 😉

    Ps. Google Pharmaceuticals in water and which "filters" removes them. NONE!
    You need an aggressive method – RO or Distillation – Sorry, but unfortunately, in today's world that is the stark truth! 😉

  35. There's a joke online somewhere about drinking tap water to get free Prescription meds – If you're feeling a little depressed, or hyper anxiety have a glass of tap water…something like that – Not as funny as it is Very Sad… This is our reality and the same goes for food unfortunately.

  36. Gloria Cotton, what did you use to test your water?

  37. There are sources online and also my local water store provides a kit. 😉

  38. Does anyone know about a rain soft filtration system? It's a whole house water filter that came with my house and I know nothing about it!

  39. Big Berkey with Fluoride Filters.

  40. This is what you can add to distilled water

  41. Never drink distilled water without remineralizing it. It's not good for you

  42. Other recommended brands are Anderson's mineral drops and Aussie Sea Minerals.

  43. Gloria, to get pharmaceuticals out, then re-mineralized distilled water is the best?

  44. where do you buy berkey ?

  45. I found their website on the internet…going to call tomorrow to ask questions and then ordering it….

  46. If you don't understand something how helpful is telling someone to google it? Sometimes a brief explanation helps before you launch into Google. Telling people to google it is not very helpful.

  47. To buy a Berkey – I like the company Conscious Water

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