How to restore magnesium in 3 easy steps?


Reading how to restore magnesium in 3 easy steps, do you do all three steps? It seems that taking mag drops, mag bath/foot soaks & supplementing is a bit much!

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  1. Yes, all three, as recommended.

  2. Agreed. I wasn't doing all three together for months. Now I am and I am finally free of day and night cramps without diarrhea. Nirvana for me.

  3. And, don't forget the important Mg cofactors

  4. I can never keep up my mag levels, I do all three!

  5. Aline, congrats to you! Nicolette – as MJ mentioned – are you too co-factors? Is your calcium too high? Good luck!

  6. Easy. Drops and supplements and a really good excuse to take Epsom bubble baths every night! Stock up on candles!!

  7. Thanks everyone. What's a cofactor?

  8. From the Magnesium Beginners Guide at the top of this page…
    "*B6 helps get Mg INSIDE the cell (We recommend Jigsaw Mg Malate as it contains B6, Mg co-factor)
    *Boron helps keep Mg INSIDE the cell (Relyte or Anderson's Concentrated Minerals contain much needed trace minerals such as boron)
    *Bicarbonate helps get Mg INSIDE the Mitochondria (check files to learn how to make Mg water)"

  9. Thank you. I'm new to this & could use call the help I can get!

  10. Also see my simplge Mg site here:

  11. Just curious if anyone here is as picky as I am about BpA and any plastic or chemical exposure (I have history) that in putting boiling water in a dollar store China made plastic foot soak could leach chemicals? Especially with the mag chloride in it?

  12. I don't put boiling water into a foot tub, I use hot water.

  13. 1. Why do u need oil foot bath & salt soaks (both)?
    2. I didn't see mention of adding baking soda to salt this should help absorbing right?
    3. Does Jigsaw have enuf B6 or take more separate (if so how much more?)
    4. 2 forms of Mg are suggested take both or 1 (as Pure was much cheaper in $)
    5. Take AM or PM?

  14. As stressful as our world is, we probably burn through magnesium faster than we can absorb it.

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