How would I get my meds? I have no idea!


Regarding my post about running out of thyroid- my dh just asked me a good question.. what would I do in case of say, a natural disaster or something?? How would I get my meds? I have no idea! I’m wondering if I should like find it online or something and stock up?? What would you do?

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  1. Break into pharmacies and stock up. Either that or start eating the thyroid of what you kill for food.

    Not that I've spent any time thinking about a zombie apocalypse survival plan or anything.

  2. a lot of people are going to die….. most cant live with out meds for more than 7 weeks. slow death equals zombie…..

  3. Not much you can do. People with diabetes, heart disease etc are going to be in the same boat if worst comes to worst.

  4. When the hurricanes hit, meds are brought in as part of the recovery efforts. You should always keep 2 weeks in reserve though. Refill before you need to and if you are questioned, say that you are traveling for business so you need to refill early.

  5. After thinking about it (a lot) I've realized that for most things we are given a warning of some sort. Natural disasters you can choose to evacuate to avoid the potential risk of not getting meds in time. In the event of an apocalyptic event, keep a map with the location of pharmacies, warehouses, and distribution centers on you at all times, because by that point illegal has no relevance. Last as long as you can and go out with a bang and down in glory like a viking.

  6. Insurance companies will let you refill early and purchase more than your usual if there is hurricane forecast. If you are really concerned you could ask your doctor to prescribe extra meds.

  7. I have 4 months of medicne stashed as a back up, I live in a hurricane prone area.. I rotate through my medication.

  8. Keep old medicines. I have two different dosages in my cabinet from past prescriptions (my dosages change constantly).

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