How would you prioritize testing various family members?


How would you prioritize testing various family members? All tests will be paid out of pocket. Here are the contestants:
*adult with restless legs and depression #1
*adult with headaches and brain fog #2
*young adult with severe anxiety and ocd, semi treated with supplements #3
*tween, kinda low energy#4
*child with ODD, anxiety, huge dark circles under eyes (big factor in family disruption)#5
*child who sleeps poorly, has leg pains#6
This family cannot afford to test all at once, unless you all know of some wonderful deal for bulk testing, but I am at a loss as to whose needs go first. What say you? What ought I to consider?

ETA: someone brought up the question, “Which test?” And so I ask you, does each person need the same tests? Is HTMA sufficient or do I need different tests for each member?

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  1. Seems that maybe first contestant (I like that) ought to be the big factor in family disruption, # 5. Then my choice for second would be the young adult, #3. After that, looks like basically a toss-up.

  2. Start with #5. Get serum copper, serum ceruloplasmin, plasma zinc and complete iron panel done. Get the HTMA/consult if possible. the dark circles are probably being caused by iron overload/dysregulation. The ODD and OCD are likely a result of high unbound copper/copper dysregulation. For both the copper and iron dysregulation, you will need to work on increasing ceruloplasmin and optimizing Magnesium RBC. Start reading the files on copper dysregulation and also watching Morley's YouTube videos and reading his books. Begin optimizing magnesium and cofactors for all family members. Work on ceruloplasmin for all family members.

  3. By testing you mean HTMA?

  4. An argument could be made that the adult who is the main family caretaker should be first. 😉

  5. Hmmm, there's a good point there, too.

  6. I could have written this post myself! Thank you Natalie! Great question!

  7. This family sounds a lot like mine.


    why not start the magnesium program while waiting on the testing, that will give you a headstart.

  8. It depends on who has the brain fog. If it's the main decision maker, they may need treatment first. I've always put my family ahead of me. But this time my daughter was not feeling well and I worked on myself first. There was no way I could make decisions for my daughter when my brain fog was so bad I couldn't get through a paragraph or understand what the doctor said. I felt guilty, but it was the best thing. Once I was better I was blessed to advocate for her better.

  9. I feel for you and your family Natalie. As a lot of posts /people said, your post describes lots of families. I'm also saving for a HTMA test and consult but in the mean time I started the Mag protocol myself. I feel so much calmer and have less pain. I can focus better too (brain fog from Fibromyalgia). I'm still working on sleep issues but am convinced Mag is the way to go. I found lots of bulking agents which are not recommended by this group are included in some brand names of Mag so do your homework there before purchasing. The Admins in this group are fantastic too. Thank you all! And best of luck to you and your family.

  10. Have you watched this woman's videos? They are all in the files here. Amazingly simplistic.

  11. #5, then #3.

  12. If it was me, I'd test child #3 first, put child #5 on a gluten free dairy free diet and add food sensitivity testing to the list of tests for that child when funds are available, and put everyone else on the magnesium protocol this group advocates until testing is done for all. I'd honestly put everyone on a "clean" gluten, dairy, soy free diet such as a "whole 30" for a month and observe changes.

  13. I was going to say #5, then realized that getting the parents on the right track will help everybody even more, I think. Depends on how challenging child's issues are. Sorry, I am not helping much!

  14. Kids first, of course! Just start with a decent diet, go GFCF and start mag and trace minerals with a B complex and half their problems will go away. 🙂

  15. Test yourself first. Since you appear to be the person with the most "buy in" (since you're posting), get yourself in a good spot. I hearken back to the old airplane adage about putting on your oxygen mask before helping others so you'll be in the best position to be of help to the rest.

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