Hypo makes me want to scream sometimes.


I’ve decided one of the hardest parts of dealing with thyroid disease is dealing with the lack of knowledge and understanding from most of the planet. Whether it’s trying to get people at work (high stressful job) to understand that, no brain fog and extreme fatigue is not a choice. My “great” endo, who started great–just tried to lecture me about losing weight (it’s obvious she’s never had an extra pound on her a day in her life)–while I”m still hanging out in the upper “5’s” (which she says is “normal”). I already deal with IBS and asthma, which most people do not grasp–but the lack of understanding about hypo makes me want to scream sometimes. Especially when I’m doing the best I can , and it’s never enough!!!!

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  1. Just lower your expectations about the rest of the planet and you’ll be less frustrated.

  2. Sometimes Drs lack the compassion gene. I was at an Ob/gyn once and I was talking about something related to periods and he said “yeah I know”. I said “how would you know? And he sheepishly said “my wife and daughter tell me! Ignore your Drs comments…when it’s her turn she will realize maybe she lacked a little tact and compassion.

  3. I have found a solution to the weight challenge. If interested PM me, happy to share

  4. I’m right there with you. I lost my job due to this illness. Was told as long as I had proof I was at the dr I wouldn’t loose my job, and I did because the company didn’t want a sickly on their team I was on.
    I also deal with ignorant doctors.
    I was told by my family doctor that my chest pain and shortness of breath were just caused by anxiety and that there was nothing wrong with me. I’m lucky to have a great endo because she found that I’m allergic to the levothyroxine and thats what was causing my sob and chest pains. Not anxiety. I also suffer from endometriosis. I’ve had it for 5 years now and was suppose to have surgery but my obgyn decided at last minute to increase my birth control to try to get my periods to stop. . . So far the meds have made it worse not better and when I told them that he told me to deal with it.
    There are a lot and I mean A LOT of people who just don’t care. All you can do darlin is just keep doing the absolute best you can and try not to let mean, or rude comments get to you because no one but the people who are going through it will understand and generally if they don’t understand they don’t care. 🙁
    As far as your work goes, just remember that it’s a job. It’s replaceable and you won’t take it with you when you die so don’t let them get to you either!! Focus on you. You know yourself better than anyone else and if you don’t think a dr is of much help, find a new one that understands and don’t give up!
    You’re in my thoughts!!! Hang in there! And I hope you have a lot of good days versus bad ones!!

  5. My brother-in-law suffered terribly before he passed away and after he had died I watched this movie and it really hit home. His drs. did not really understand what he was going through as a young man who really was terminally ill. You should watch this movie and then recommend it to your doctor. Trust me THEY will be changed by it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101746/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

  6. Yes, it is hard. Just know we understand and care….a lot. No one can understand until they are where you are. We ARE with you on this road we travel together!

  7. Hanging out in the upper 5’s? Are you talking TSH??!!! That’s not normal and not acceptable….GET A NEW DOCTER NOW!!! Doing your best? It’s a wonder you can do much of anything!

  8. Yeah—I was at 7’s—had to go to 4 doctors to get one who would even treat me at 7’s. So not sure I can find one who’ll treat me to get below 5’s. I agree though–I agree!!!

  9. Thank you all!!! This is why I belong to this group!! Thanks so much for the support!!!

  10. I often get questions of why im not this or that. Why your only 33 and are in the prime of your life. I must be lazy and not care.

  11. My family thinks I am overexaggerating and being a hypochondriac. F%ck them

  12. I hope you’re on the WHEATBELLY diet …!!!

  13. Become your own best friend. You will reap many benefits. Give yourself unconditional love. Become savvy & learn all you can use for your body, mind & soul.

  14. ” In all your getting, get Wisdom …”
    “God Is Spirit, & those who worship Him must worship in spirit & reality .”

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