Hypothyroidism and irregular texture


Hello. I had blood work done at my general doctors office and he diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. They proceeded to do a ultrasound on my thyroid and they told me I have no nodules but an “irregular texture” on both sides of my thyroid gland. I have googled and I can not find anything on “hypothyroidism and irregular texture” and idea of what they are talking about? Thank you

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  1. It sounds like you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, autoimmune thyroiditis.

  2. Hi Julie. Thank you for the reply. So you have heard of the term “irregular texture”? Thanks

  3. Normal thyroid looks rubbery. An irregular texture could be caused by the immune system attacking the thyroid (aka Hashimotos)

  4. right on. I appreciate the comment. is there a specific test (blood or other) that they use to determine if you have Hashimotos? Or is it based on something else? Thank you

  5. They can test your antibodies to go along with the scan.

  6. Interesting. Thank you Gillian. I wonder can smoking or “vaping” cause damage to the thyroid that would appear the same as Hashimotos.? I am very appreciative of this group and your responses ..

  7. I’d definitely ask them to test your antibodies. When I had my ultrasound done they kept asking me if I’ve ever had a partial removal of my left lobe. I told them no but they didnt believe me because half of my lobe is missing! No idea if it was from birth or my hashimotos but I think I’d remember a surgery to remove some! Lol

  8. WOW! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I am trying to look for the positives in all of this… I quit smoking cigs about 4 years ago. I have gained about 30 lbs and have been pretty tired especially the last 1 year. Also, I have this one finger nail that 1/3 of it is constantly white. I also have a regular need to clear my throat and now my back molars hurt a bit… It would be nice is most of this was related to the hypothyroid and I could get back to normal.

  10. Also, sometimes I get a rash on my forehead and behind me knee

  11. Weight gain, lethargy, fatigue, and brittle nails and hair are definite symptoms of hypo/hashi. (Most people diagnosed hypo will also be positive for hashi) clearing your throat could be due to enlarged lobes- did they mention anything about weird sizing? You can definitely come back from it with proper diet and a med that works for you. (Some say they’ve reversed theirs but I’m far from that- I get very sick without meds!) It’s frustrating, and a long road ahead but support groups like this one go a long way! If you ever need to chat or need advice dont hesitate to contact me! Good luck, you have an army of support behind you!

  12. Thank you Jodi. Facebook can be a wonderful thing.

  13. When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s that is one of the things that the doctors noticed as well. They said the texture of my thyroid was like corrugated paper board. From what I understand this is a classic sign of Hashimoto’s.

  14. I’m sorry you are going through this, Clay. Although men can certainly be diagnosed with hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s, it seems it is more of a women’s disease. This is a great group with knowledgeable people.

  15. Thank you everybody. I will sleep well tonight because of your support

  16. “Heterogeneous” (irregular) is a term you’ll often see on an ultrasound report if someone has Hashimoto’s. It’s characteristic for the disease since thyroid tissue is gradually destroyed and is replaced by scar tissue. A healthy gland would have a homogeneous/regular structure.

  17. My endocrinologist diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s because my thyroid sonogram showed an irregular texture. I do have nodules and he checks them with a sonogram every 6 months.

  18. I was diagnosed by TPOab blood test. Just tell them you want your antibodies for Hashimoto’s tested.

  19. Ok. I had tested today .. Folate. T3 free. Thyroglobulin antibodies. Thyroid perixidase TPO AB. Vitimn B12. Vitimin D 25 hydroxy… did I miss anything?

  20. Elevated Thyroglobulin and/or TPOab are markers for Hashimoto’s.

  21. Kathy, my numbers – including the top and antibodies – are elevated only slightly (TPO 177), but my thyroid looks on ultrasound looks \

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