I am broke out on my face a neck bad!


Hello! Got a question please. Ok im 55 yrs old. Have Hashimoto Disease. I take 75 mg of levothyroxine and im on low dose estrogen. My problem is i am broke out on my face a neck bad! Like high school acne’s days. Now I havent have my blood panel done in over a year. I stopped taking the estrogen 4 days ago. What do yall think? Could this break out b from to much hormone or not enough or is it something else? Its so bad I don’t even want to go in public. Help!

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  1. Good question! I am taking 125 mcg of levo and also using a transdermal estradiol gel and I haven’t noticed increased acne, once in a while I will get a blemish or two. What dose of estrogen were you on? Pills or patch or gel?

  2. Pills. 0.5 mg

  3. I don’t know if this will help but I have had strange breakouts PRIOR to estrogen replacement. YEARS! I, too have Hashimoto’s. I tried everything to clear it up. Fast foward, had an ION blood profile done and all of my minerals and aminos were low. Including sulfur. So, I tried a sulfur base product on my skin ( for rosascea) and it is clearing up. Btw, Dermatologist didn’t know what it was. Go figure.

  4. Maybe I need to have that done

  5. I had this problem BEFORE I began treatment for Hashimotos…. it was unbelievabley bad!… how long have you been taking thyroid med?

  6. I had a few months ago a nasty patch of spots on my chin and cheek area, I just put bepanthum cream which is like a nappy rash cream on it at night it cleared within a few days xxxxx

  7. Acne breakouts are from hormones/bacteria. Im 34 and i have an iud so i dont bleed. I still get symptoms though. When i feel bloated/crampy my face breaksout. It freaking sucks having pimples as an adult. My thought would be, if you quit taking the estrogen and broke out after thats why. Hashis is related to/controls hormones including metabolism. My advise is to get a blood panel done and talk to your doctor about the hormones.

  8. Well I don’t have my uterus anymore so Idk.

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