I am cautious to supplement D without K2


I know that the protocol recommends taking vitamin B6 alongside magnesium, but I also have read that vitamin D and vitamin K2 are important to supplement with magnesium, as well. I haven’t been able to find a K2 supplement that agrees with me (I get heart palpitations) and I am cautious to supplement D without K2. Any advice?

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  1. What's the difference between k2 & k4?

  2. Be cautious in supplementing isolated D3, especially without the benefit of the four "D" blood tests. It is risky business.

  3. Well for me I couldn't take the k2 because fermented food being soy would make my heart race. I'm allergic to soy.

  4. I never knew there was another test for vitamin D3 …Drs only did 1 test! Ughh! results were 23 then the dr told me to take 5,000 iu and after 6 wks. it's 55

  5. What type of B6

  6. This Dr. wanted me to get compounded 50.000 to take 2x a week for 1 month! Something told me no & I found this group! So help what do I need to take?

  7. Ty MJ I'm new to this…right now I take mag.citrate 4oomg after dinner to help sleep. Any thoughts on another mag? I'm going to dr. Mon. & will ask for that test. So cod liver oil not fish oil? Also I'm MTHFR a1298c and don't know what b to take.

  8. 400mg of Mg citrate is a drop in the bucket and Mg citrate is not recommended. See this protocol.

  9. MJ that was a very informative read…so 2 questions…should I stop the vitamin d3 5,000iu? & what B is in the jigsaw mag?

  10. The protocol above explains why risky
    Be guided by the results of the four "D" blood tests.
    Then, if needed, supplement with sunshine and cod liver oil and etc.

  11. I know D3 is verboten here. I did not take any for a very long time and was not getting well. I have added it back in since August and have improved greatly. To each their own.

  12. Cheri I have MTHFR a1298c is that vitamin b ok for me?

  13. Hold on looking up tests

  14. Mag said 2.2 I only have vitamin d25 hydroxy result 55.4. I have to get tested or all 4 of D

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