I am confused about the Adrenal Cocktail.


I am confused about the Adrenal Cocktail.

I have looked it up in the files and it seems to be orange juice, cream of tartare and sea salt. But I can’t take orange juice due to blood sugar issues, and
I am not a fan of cream of tartare either.

So what is the alternative? I have potassium chloride tablets.

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  1. Coconut water replace cream of tarter. Camu Camu or Rose hips powder replaces the orange juice or fresh squeezed lemon.

  2. It's tartar.

  3. I use coconut water, sea salt and take whole food vit c in place of the traditional adrenal cocktail

  4. in the juice you cant even taste the cream of tartar

  5. I am SO Insulin Resistant that virtually any carbs/sugars are a no-no. Insulin doesn't work very well, and I really don't want to have to use more than is minimally necessary, as I seem to get a weird reaction to it.

    Coconut water would be out, and I suspect, because Camu-Camu etc. is made from the whole fruit, that there would be a degree of sugar in it, albeit natural.

    Were I not diabetic, it undoubtedly would not be a problem, but sadly it is.

  6. I can't have OJ either, I use whole food vitamin c powder & filtered water. I agree that you don't taste the cream of tatar.

  7. I prefer sipping a light citrus water throughout the day, even adding lime to carbonated mineral water is nice, and I use pink salts on my food, I eat early and I eat often ..making sure to get plenty of healthy fats and non grain resistant starches.

  8. I do have a little fresh lemon juice. I seem to tolerate that much better than orange juice.

  9. try raw honey and the salt on a spoon

  10. I used to drink a lemon and salt in water electrolyte drink when I was following Bee's healing diet, and sometimes took potassium chloride tablets.

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