I am definitely have a dairy allergy


Question, Anyone here just know gluten bothers them but no real diagnosis for allergy? I am definitely have a dairy allergy but think I have to be allergic to gluten because so much bothers my stomach. Thanks!

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  1. Could be an intolerance

  2. My allergist says that you can have an inability to process certain foods that will not show up as an allergy, but are a bodies deficiency to process foods.

  3. I have an intolerance to gluten as well, but I found with a very good probiotic (I use Mercola). I can enjoy A slice of pizza and a good roll once in a while without stomach discomfort. Obviously for me the key is moderation. I also found out that potato starch and potato flour, which is in tons of gluten-free products, can make me miserable with breathing problems as well. Good luck!

  4. I have a gluten intolerance undiagnosed, so I make gluten and dairy free foods to help me feel better. My stomach hurts when I eat it.

  5. Yup. Though i do have an extremely low allergy to wheat, but the gluten makes my allergies flare up

  6. I'm the same way. I'm intolerant to it. I can have like a meal with gluten but all my meals can't have gluten. There are also different symptoms to help you figure it out; brain fog, really bad acne on your forehead, bloating, and upset stomachs to name a few. Some people even break out in a rash. But little doses, like a donut or pancakes are perfectly fine for me

  7. I haven't been diagnosed, but have considered it. I am at least intolerant, but currently going through a reaction to gluten and it's definitely gotten worse. I used to be able to have a little here and there, but a couple croutons recently gave me flu like symptoms. I'm not messing with it anymore.

  8. My husband has MS & chronic Lyme. He does not have celiacs but has a gluten intolerance. It makes his pain worse.

    Gluten makes me swell.

  9. Have you been checked for Celiac disease?

  10. I know I have an intolerance. But no one will firmly diagnose me. My gp thinks gluten free is a fad and the GI Specialist isn't 100%.

  11. I have no real diagnosis for a gluten allergy but My body definitely can't tolerate it. I have also been told to avoid it by doctors. When I eat gluten my stomach gets abnormally bloated, I have sharp pains and I become constipated for days. The last time I ate anything with gluten I suffered a severe migraine, dizziness and nausea and had to end my day because I could not function. Ever since my last instance with gluten I have found it easy to avoid since it affects me so terribly.

  12. I have severe eczema and was blood tested positive for raw dairy sensitivity. I reduced my intake of dairy which helped but I still have large patches of eczema. 2 people at work have personally told me that going gluten free has significantly improved their eczema.
    I've just recently eliminated dairy and have significantly reduced my gluten intake and can already tell a difference. I'm hoping to stay committed and see an even larger improvement within a month. Best of luck to you!

  13. Yes. I can't eat dairy, gluten, chicken eggs, onions, very much sugar or greasy foods. A GI told me that allergy testing is way less accurate than an elimination diet. If it makes you sick, it is a problem.

  14. Get a food panel done

  15. Only way i found out soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, and mushrooms are my big gut triggers

  16. I knew gluten bothered me and even had 3 tests (2 for Celiac and 1 allergy) come back negative for gluten reactions. I continued to have trouble and finally had an endoscopy and biopsy show Celiac. I thought I had cut gluten out, but I wasn't aware of cross contamination issues and hidden forms of gluten. I say if it bothers you, but tests don't show it, follow your instincts. Eat what makes you feel good.

  17. That's me!

  18. U can have a gluten intolerance probably most people do tbh whether they no it or not. But its diagnosed clinically by your symptoms. U can get a blood test which may help confirm this by a functional medicine doctor

  19. Most people are intolerant to gluten, not many are allergic

  20. Yes I know I am lactose intolerant, but I always have problems with my stomach no matter what. I also, have bloating, pain, and gas. And I am always in the bathroom. I started on Saturday with going gluten free and I feel great.

  21. I lost 35 pounds without trying… turned out celiac and lactose intolerant… plus a lot of stomach pain, migraines and really bad insomnia. It was hell until I received a diagnosis

  22. I really think mine is intolerance. I have so many good allergies it could be.

  23. Yes! I get itchy ears, dandruff in my ears + start coughing a lot when I have dairy or too much gluten.

  24. My skin was itching and I was breaking out down my arms. It had to be from the gluten because I always watch the lactose. I haven't itched or broke out anymore since I cut out the gluten.

  25. Go to your primary doctor and request a blood test tTGA (IgA) [ tissue transglutaminase antibody]. If that is positive, the gold standard then is an upper endoscopy for biopsy. It's not enough to think you have an allergy and try to avoid that food. You must know whether or not you have Celiac sprue. If you don't, I am really happy for you! If you do, you need to take the avoidance very seriously, to avoid more serious health problems. Also, I agree that if the blood test is negative, and problems continue, have the upper endoscopy.

  26. I would love to have the tests done, but I have a $5000 deductible on my insurance. I can't afford it.

  27. I have recently heard that if you document the cost of the gluten free product and the cost of the product that you would buy if you could eat gluten, and record the difference … and keep a concise record of it, with receipts, that it can be tax deductible. This info is coming from someone who has been gluten free for 29 years. Message is clear, keep a log of foods you buy and the cost of foods you would buy without gluten intolerances! I added it up for my needs, it comes to about 1,000 dollars worth of deductions in a year! We are hit hard monetarily with things we can't have, but take advantage to where it can help us in the long run!

  28. You are right. There can be a food sensitivity but it won't show up as an allergy. It happened to me.

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