I am diagnosed with vestibular migraine


Hello, I searched the group & scanned files but I am not having any luck finding what I am looking for. I am diagnosed with vestibular migraine and take LOTS of magnesium (Pure Encapsulations mag glycinate) recommended by my neuro as well as transdermal magnesium. I am on a VERY strict elimination diet and cannot consume citrus or coconut products. I am concerned about maintaining electrolyte balance. Are there any alternative adrenal cocktail recipes that do not contain those two products? I purchased Concern mineral drops to add to my water…..will that help? Please respond kindly.

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  1. Many use Innate Response C-400 tablets

  2. Or just don't add the juice and adjust the potassium to compensate.

  3. I just ordered some pure synergy as the innate is not affordable at this time. Looks ok.

  4. I had migraines until I started ConcenTrace trace mineral drops. 1/2 teaspoon per day, and have been entirely migraine-free since a week after I started! That was early in the summer. Have you had your mag RBC tested?

  5. I was just reading a thread somewhere of people saying glycinate gave them headaches.

  6. Maybe use watermelon juice? High potassium. I buy bottles of it.

  7. Dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes with the skins, white beans, avocados, beets, black strap molasses, tomato juice all have a good amount of potassium in them.

  8. You can get potassium tablets from any drugstore. Read the label carefully to see how much actual potassium is in it, compare to how much is in adrenal cocktail to calculate how many to take, with a whole-food C supplement and good salt.

  9. Tomato juice is very high in potassium, if you can find some that doesn't have ascorbic acid added.

  10. Have you asked the doc who put you on such a strict diet how to maintain electrolyte balance? Also, how long are you going to be on it?

  11. Jennifer, do you suffer from vertigo with the vestibular migraines?

  12. Vestibular migraines are THE WORST. What diet are you doing, have you checked your oxalate levels? Some teas give me the sound migraines. Vom 🙁

  13. I use camu camu powder for C

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