I am having between 4-6 panic attacks a day


Ok need some advice on anxiety. I am in a bad place. I know I need testing on levels but I just started this group. I am having between 4-6 panic attacks a day. If you were me and knew all the knowledge you know now what would you do ? I am on low dose anti depressant and have adivan for attacks but don’t use them often as I don’t want to unless I need to. It is affecting me majorly. Can’t do much of anything.

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  1. Krista Lawson friend request me I use to be in your shoes have gotten way better.I always said after what i went through if i could ever help someone out i would.

  2. Have you checked your thyroid status? Any history that might make you susceptible to panic feelings, WILL be exacerbated by thyroid dysfunction. I used to have panic attacks and they were daily for a while….worst when I was stressed and burning the candle at both ends (small children and career). I completely and forever got rid of panic attacks (over 22 years now), thanks to a wonderful hypnotherapist who guided me to the root of my deeply buried triggers. (having small children at the time was somehow sub-consciously making me address feelings of abandonment that I felt when I was a young child and sent off to boarding school half a world away. If the attacks don't quit, find a good hypnotherapist……much healthier for you than valium or Xanax!!

  3. I would spend less then 10 bucks on the Kindle version of Dr Carolyn Dean's book The Magnesium Miracle. It has the answers to my AF, weight gain, anxiety, insomnia, depression and just about everything else that ails me!

  4. I took some of the CALM magnesium and i feel better and the anxiety i was feeling is almost gone.

  5. Suggest an HTMA and consult with Morley, read the files and start Magnesium and the Adrenal Cocktail. You'll star feeling better and understand all this in time. Great group; lots of support!

  6. I'm a anxiety survivior. Before u do anything please go to benzobuddies.org get off the benzos ativan you said u take. This can reverse it's effect and cause u bad bad anxiety. You are welcome to pm me. Take care.

  7. I'm also a thyroid cancer survior. You might find adding any supplements while taking ativan can make u feel worse due to a fragile central nervous system….

  8. Do you drink caffeine? Or take any allergy medicine with a decongestant in it? Both can really increase symptoms.

  9. I have had panic attacks for ten years but there are times when it is completely gone and other times when it has really affected me horribly. Most recently, the only thing that has made me almost normal has been progesterone cream. It has helped SO much. My magnesium helps too along with vitamin c and I am taking some anti viral/bacterial/fungal concoctions as well as doing homeopathy. But seriously progesterone has been the most help.

  10. Magnesium malete chewed up with a couple of chewable vitamin C' helps a lot. Also helps me to get nice and sleepy. Also getting on thyroid medication stopped most of my anxiety, I still get shaky anxiety type attacks when I eat stuff with preservative or things I shouldn't eat.

  11. your body is lacking selenium

  12. Lemon balm drank in tea form is very calming. might want to also try catnip.

  13. Krista , i feel for you ! you are NOT alone….get the mood cure book…it is literally a life saver.. http://www.moodcure.com and don't forget your deep breathing excercises DAILY…Deep, slow breaths…in for the count of 4, hold for the count of 4 and exhale for the count of 8….SLOW AND DEEP….www.calm.com has free guided meditations as well….you must do some things to get a grip on this….just do them..they WILL help… Amino Acids are also KEY..get some chewable L-theanine and GABA calm….along with magnesium OF COURSE..you may have to experiment with WHICH form of mag to take….everyone is different….and other targeted nutrients and herbs such as lemon balm, passion flower, etc You got this Krista ! you can and WILL conquer this "Life Stealer" Many blessings to you

  14. I use to be like that when I worked at hospital, I'm a SAHM now. I still get anxiety and panic attacks just not as often bc I don't have to deal with stress getting to job, gossipy coworkers etc.
    Anyway NaturalCalm helps me at night and u could put in your water and drink thru the day.also Cammomile 6c homeopathy

  15. So is there anyone who uses magnesium and on antidepressants ? I right now am at the place where I think I need the anti depressant but would like to use magnesium as well. I sent an email to Morley but I'm sure he has lots of emails to go thru. I will probably get into trying to get off anti depressant but right now it's where I am. I rarely use adivan very rarely. Only in extreme cases. I get about 6-8 attacks a day sometimes. I'm this close to heading to the phych ward.

  16. Mg really helped my anxiety and panic attacks and I do not have them anymore, Try to research what nutrients are depleted by the antidepressant and adivan and what symptoms are a result of that deficiency. Some nutrient deficiencies can result in depression. Also, maybe reading Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter who is a Neurologist might provide some clues

  17. Mg is wonderful and a lifesaver for me. I spray it on myself constantly. It does not react with anything else i do. It just makes me feel better and stronger.

  18. Krista. Don't stop the AD. Which one are u on? How much?

  19. Krista if thats where your at right now its ok! messing around with mental health issues is no joke. I am more concerned with Ativan use than antidepressants. Of course I would love for you to not need anything, but that isn't always a reality. I went thru a period when I was on them for about a year. I now use herbs, essential oils, and getting more into minerals. I can't speak with knowledgable about mag but there are lots of herbs you could use in tea for to help where you are at right now. I wish you healing and calmness.


  21. I plea with God every time. I follow Jesus with all my heart. Rachel Lyons Bartolini I am on ️venflaxine just upped to 75 mg

  22. Never heard of that one. When I had panic issues. Bad. I was on Lexapro and Ativan for almost a year. And I don't need either anymore. Point being that this is serious and I think you should take the meds if u need them. My Dr tapered me off when I was better. No issues at all. I also think supplements are awesome and play a vital role. Please don't stop taking meds bc they take time to work and it's frustrating but stick with it and take the others advice with breathing and less caffeine and all that but make sure u have a Dr helping you until this gets under control. And it will!

  23. When I had panic issues it was my thyroid….began on Iodoral….took care of that situation for me…had to take other things to finally fix the Thyroid….but the Iodoral took care of the panic attacks…

  24. Krista Lawson I know how you feel. I was in that dark place as well. Magnesium and B12 helped. I also hear D3 and calcium. I got tired of doctors just throwing meds at me. I was tired of being tired all the time with the butterflies in my chest, heart, and stomach. The doom feeling sucked too and can't sit still.

  25. My anxiety and attacks have completely stopped after supplementing with magnesium and cofactors. i quit coffee for a year, now i can drink it again if i want. My colon muscles weren't working and were cramping and spasming so hard it sounded like knocking on wood, (IBSD / IBSC) and that's where the source of the anxiety would seed and grow and then tension would creep around my body like a twitchy snake under my skin.. magnesium got my muscles working again, along with colonic muscles, and long story shot:i don't have any issues now, none whatsoever; no more anxiety, no more attacks, even have some strong coffee some days too.

  26. have you tried gaba? it can really bring it down a notch for me

  27. Awesome results for you David Gale, how long did it take to get you there ? and which Mag forms did you use ? David Gale

  28. What are the cofactors 🙂

  29. After realizing a three day craving was for pumpkin seeds, i scoured my hometown for the last bag, at the last cornerstore that was open. I ate them while watching a movie, and felt markedly better when the movie was done. Legs and tummy were quiet that night, and i slept well. The next day i was still feeling so much better. It was so dramatically better that i knew that empty bag of pumpkin seeds had something to do with it. 27 seconds of google research and i was fully informed on pumpkin seeds and why i felt better. I bought magnesium citrate in a pill bottle and i was on my way. I'm 250 lb, and eventually figured out that 1000mg per day was a reasonable number. For the last month I have been taking 2000mg per day. I buy webber naturals easy absorption in 500mg pills, a Bcomplex, and a multivitamin from the grocery store shelf. I ordered thorne researched liquid K2/D3 and was averaging about 8 drops per day. Now i am reconsidering whether or not to take D3 or not. Anxiety and cramps were just the tip of the iceberg… I had a long list of complaints, which are ALL gone now. Next halloween i'm going to join linus in the pumpkin patch to pay homage. 🙂

  30. webber naturals came out with a easy absorption mixed magnesium with 3 different ones in it. that is what i switched to about 6 months ago when it came out.

  31. Thanks for sharing, David. Seems like another miracle of Magnesium.. 🙂

  32. I realized that coffee was a bad trigger for IBS and then the next step anxiety / attacks, but i had so much brain fog in the mornings (all morning, or all day) i struggled so hard with it. Quitting coffee, was well…. quitting any semblence of life..period. But shortly after supplementing magnesium, i would sleep beautifully…glorious sleep… and then when i woke up…i would stand up, and i was awake. no fog. ready to go in 60 seconds…wow. still amazes me. I didn't need coffee at all, so i quit for a year. I missed a hot drink at night, so i switched to ovaltine…. a very nice trade. magnesium has improved my health, and my life SO much, in so many ways, i could litereally write a book.

  33. Anxiety feels like dieing. Magnesium feels like living.

  34. I think i would have to title the book, "The REAL Life of David Gale" hahaha (can you believe not even a single copy of that movie for me for xmas that year?)

  35. So encouraging David! Thanks!

  36. 5000mg Mg transdermal as a start, then check oxalate.

  37. Where did you get a Mg transdermal?

  38. Hi Krista, have you tried going to a classically trained Homeopath? I have seen this help so much for anxiety. Was there something that happened In life after which you have not been well since? Trauma, fright, shock or grief? A classical homeopath can really help. Feel free to personally message for more details. Blessings 🙂

  39. Theanine serene helps me a bit. So does magnesium + b5 and b6

  40. Have you had your thyroid checked Krista? I suffered with panic attacks for months with undiagnosed hyperthyroidism. Maybe worth a try xx

  41. They did a blood test at Drs. Said it was normal

  42. Thank you, Murray Yedinak, that was amazing!

  43. Krista they need to test your free3 free 4 and reverse 3 ( if I'm correct). The blood serum test isn't enough to say about your thyroid.

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