I am having- hair loss.


Hi everyone, I am very new to this and honestly a bit alarmed about one symptom I am having- hair loss. I am currently taking a nutritional shake that has some great vitamins in it, but I want to add a multivitamin that specifically might help those of us with gluten issues and perhaps specifically hair loss?

Thank you for any guidance!

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  1. Mine was due to iron deficiency.

  2. Im having this issue too. My hair is very thin and I lose a lot daily. Check your ferritin. You may need Iron supplementation. Stay off gluten! Also, vitamin B-12 or a B complex helps.

  3. Once your intestine heals you will absorb the vitamins and minerals for hair growth. Celiacs are usually hypothyroid, low iron, vitamin D deficiency which all cause hair loss. Plus menopause if your like me!

  4. I had the same thing – I actually had alopecia from gluten – Try Monat hair products – all GF – helped my hair grow back and has been strong and healthy since – PM if you have questions or want more info

  5. If you are having hair loss the best and ony way to combat that is removal of all gluten and I suggest removal of all corn products. I have photos showing loss then regrowth based on diet and CUSTOM COMPOUNDED VITAMINS bc NOTHING over the counter has no filler or corn derivative I ALSO SUGGEST since gut damage from being a celiac u lack the ability to absorb but not the ability to have reaction and u have a second allergy which is typically the case. U need a igg or ige test to show what else u are allergic 2. When I eat something allergy relatied it mimics the same exact symptoms of being glutened just like when I eat something cross contaminated

  6. as jessica alba has white dutch blood which is why she has problems with gluten she makes products that if it were not for them I would have no source of vit D , organic non gmo and no corn soy or gluten….she has a mult vitamin that i have started to take vs the 200 plus custom compounded bc its cheaper but the same level of safe

  7. Is your scalp itchy ? If so, go to dermatologist , I had a separate issue that was treated.

  8. Mine has improved since going GF (celiac) a little over year ago. I also take collagen/biotin combo supplements to help. I recently got a compliment for how healthy my hair looked. Also check your hormones and thyroid. Hope things improve for you 🙂

  9. May want to get your thyroid checked as well. Celiacs tends to go hand in hand w/thyroid dysfunction. Ask for the autoimmune panel for your thyroid. Hair loss is a symptom….

  10. Don’t take Centeram Silver.

  11. My sister has to take liquid vitamins or ones that dissolve in her mouth or shots.

  12. My dermatologist gave me cortisone shots to my scalp when I went bald.

  13. Rachel Graham any advice?

  14. Girl I feel you. Wasn’t diagnosed CD till 5 years ago, I started thinning hair over 12 years ago in high school. Breastfeeding will also make your hair even thinner, yay hormones. Anyways I’ve been taking Biotin, applying Castor Oil to my roots every 3 days diluted with coconut oil bc it’s so sticky, I use the Pura D’or hair restorative shampoo and conditioner (which is some of the best on the market) and is gluten free (woo hoo) and has been through clinical trials, I also use my therapy grade essential oils (rosemary is very important for stimulating new folicular hair growth). I take the biotin in addition to my doterra supplements, and my hair has been coming back 🙂 it’s a lot I know but i decided to go hardcore on fighting this hair loss and although I’m still breastfeeding, it’s filled in quite a lot 🙂

  15. I have been gluten free for 9 years and I still have thinning hair form time to time

  16. What nutritional shake are you drinking? Have you found benefits from it?

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