I am looking at mega mag, trace minerals, aussie, andersons!


I am about to buy magnesium on amazon. I am looking at mega mag, trace minerals, aussie, andersons! I don’t know which to get. Do any of those replace jigsaw powder? I read jigsaw has mg glycenate which turns into glutamate?? i already make too much glutamate, so do I stay away from mg Glycinate then?

Also, cream of tartar…label says contains milk, I am lactose intolerant. What type of potassium can I add to my drink w sea salt? thanks!!

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  1. Read the pinned post on top of this group. Has all the info there.

  2. Jigsaw Magnesium Malate is excellent. Seeking Health Magnesium Malate powder is good.
    Magnesium taurate is excellent
    Cream of tartar contains no dairy.

    If you know you have a glutamate/gaba imbalance, I would avoid glycinate. There are plenty of other forms

  3. Cream of tartar is available at the grocery store in the spices or baking aisle.

  4. I just bought Mag Glycinate for myself and my son who has Autism and now this new information that it's not suitable. Is there any info in the files about Glycinate turning into Glutamate?

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