I am making the Boron water


Hi there, I am making the Boron water. So it is 1tsp of Borax in a litre of water. So then how much of this mixture do I drink a day?

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  1. 1 tsp = 3 mg. I have read to take 6-9 mg per day, so 2-3 tsp total.

  2. Thank-you!

  3. Is tetrahydrate the same as decahydrate? Having a hard time sourcing 20 mule team locally

  4. Stay very slow, it gives a massive Herx

  5. The cofactors are what kicked my energy up a notch. ️

  6. Wow maybe I will increase it slowly. Thank you. I am surprized.

  7. would it be ok to take the boron and the DE but not at the same time of day?

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