I am on Synthroid now for almost 6 weeks.


Since I am new to this, looking for others experiences- I am on Synthroid now for almost 6 weeks. I started at 37.5mcg for a TSH in the 7s on one test and in the 5s on a repeat (to confirm hashimotos).. initially I felt better bc I have been feeling bad for a long time. Then the fatigue was worsening and hair loss etc. my doc doubled the dose last week- now I’m on 75mcg. I’m only 4 days into the new dose and last night I woke with severe ankle joint pain and finger joint pain. Then it went away all day and now it seems at rest to come back again and it’s migrating to different areas. My TSH before doubling my dose was 2.99— is it common to feel these pains while waiting for it to come down — I didn’t think my number was that bad and I feel horrible. Today I could have slept all day. So much to learn

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  1. All sounds normal for this… do yourself a favor… first thing is to take your Synthroid first thing in the morning. Don’t eat anything for an hour. Don’t have anything with calcium in it for three hours after taking it. Take a calcium supplement every evening with dinner. Stay on the brand name Synthroid!! I have had this for 18 years. That’s the best thing you can start with. You will start to feel better within a few weeks just by doing this.
    Synthroid brand name batches doesn’t vary as mush as generic and it won’t be absorbed with calcium. Have any questions let me know. There is so much more, however, you will see huge improvement with just this!

  2. You don’t test TSH to diagnose or confirm Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

  3. It’s common to experience more hypo symptoms while you are increasing your medication since your body is adjusting to having thyroid hormones brought in from the outside. 6 weeks is only a drop in the bucket as far as taking the meds is concerned. It may take several months to reach a good level and have some symptom relief. Hang in there, things will get better. TSH is tested to determine the degree of hypothyroidism (which is a condition, not a disease), it is elevated TPO and/or Tg antibodies that confirm Hashimoto’s.

  4. I feel like that all the time.sometimes it takes two weeks for the medicine to take.

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