I am Ordering Pink Himalayan Salt


Salt Question? I am Ordering Pink Himalayan Salt. 5# is the least expensive but wonder if that would be to much to buy? What grind do you normally buy? Course, Fine or Extra Fine?

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  1. If you keep it dry, it lasts for a very long time. I buy fine or extra fine

  2. I use both fine and course grade, I like to use a salt & pepper girder when I season my meals but use the finer grains when I cook…

  3. What ever is cheapest then grind a bit and put in a shaker…fill it 1/3 full of rice (safe). It keeps it from clumping.

  4. I like both.

  5. Really appreciate your input. Thank you 🙂

  6. I got an Oxo grinder from Bed Bath and Beyond that I just love. There are special ones for salt.

  7. I find it too salty. I prefer Celtic gray course in a salt mill. Makes it just perfect. Especially on popcorn. Just takes a little bit.

  8. I grind mine in a coffee grinder as my shaker grinder grinds bits here and there. -beth

  9. I bought 5 pounds it hasn't gone bad yet and i have been using it for nearly a year..I use mine just like it is or sometimes if i want it finer put it in the coffee grinder on fine..usually i use it like it is..love the taste of it..

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