I am snacking on gluten free way too much!


I am snacking on gluten free way too much! I think I am over whelmed by the diagnosis and have no idea what to cook. Please share your easy recipes to help get me started ? thank you so much in advance!

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  1. One of my quick easy favorites! \nSalmon, with salt and lemon to taste (I squeeze a whole half of lemon before putting it in the oven…maybe another half afterwards! 😉 ) and prosciutto wrapped asparagus! All in the oven for 20-30 minutes and it’s juicy and ready to eat!

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  3. My easiest thing is to buy a kilo of chicken breast , wash it all and put every portion in a plastic bag, and marinate them all with different marinades. Sweet chili sauce, homemade pesto, olive oil rosemary and lemon, whatever you want. Every time I need a quick dinner I just take one pack out and grill. The key is to prep lots of things in advance and be ready. Good luck. It does get easier

  4. Taco salad with gf seasoning

  5. Check out Pinterest.

  6. Any type of Tacos: beef, chicken, pork, bean ect…pair with corn tortillas cheese, lettuce & tomatoes…add avocado, salsa, beans, green chile or even ketchup for added flavor to top off your entree.

  7. I have this problem with breakfast.. the rest im ok with :/

  8. I like sloppy Joes, frito pie, red beans n rice. All easy and yummo!

  9. My Dr. put me on an “autoimmune diet” no dairy, no gluten, and only chicken and fish. I’m eating the same old things to stay on the diet. All the suggestions above seem to be off my diet – no red meat. I’m gaining weight from all the rice and gluten free noodles and rice cakes, etc. This diet has cured my colitis, so i am limiting my fruit and veggie intake as not to start up the colitis again, but I do eat a pretty huge amount of both. I miss my old comfort foods

  10. Apples, bananas, oranges, plums, pears!

  11. I bought Danielle Walker’s Against all grain cookbook and every recipe I’ve tried is amazing!

  12. I made turkey taco meat with gluten free seasoning, brown rice and boxed them for the week. The day of I add lettuce tomato etc and have taco bowls. Eat alone or with corn chips. One of my faves!

  13. I think it’s easier to make a list of all your go to recipes from before and modify them to be gluten free. Does that make sense? That worked easier for me and was way less overwhelming. And then look for ways to incorporate more whole foods and veggies in your diet then.

  14. Made cheese enchiladas, la Palma sauce is gf, refried beans and near east brand of Spanish rice both gf. Just watch the off brand shredded cheeses, jury’s still out on that. I grate my own. All gf and what we used to eat. Of course, if you can eat dairy & corn hopefully. You’ll get very creative out of necessity, hang in there.

  15. I find it’s like paleo diet, don’t eat processed and just eat everything fresh, ie salad with grilled chicken

  16. Pinterest on Gluten free – loads of recipes .. stay away from th gluten free noodles, breads, they are high in sugar and starch and will just lead you to pre-diabetes .. eat lots green leafy vegetables ..

  17. Just eat what you would normally but replace the gluten

  18. If I’m out and forgot to eat or pack snacks I go buy a GF pizza. If I’m at home and starving while I cook my artichoke I eat popcorn or pickles and cheese.

  19. Do you like bread?

  20. I felt this way at first too… one thing that really helped me was portion control containers. That way I knew how much I was supposed to be eating. Took all the guess work out.

  21. What did u cook before? It’s essentially the same just make sure the ingredients are gf.

  22. Ojainaturalfoods.com. \n\nI’m the head baker. GF bread at its best. Pm for questions.

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