I am supplementing and taking my mag in multiple forms


Ugh. I am supplementing and taking my mag in multiple forms. Pumpkin seeds, foot soaks, mag oil, mag deodorant, jigsaw in AM and mag citrate at night. CLO, CatapresF , while food vitamin C. No more D, or calcium and yet my osteoporosis is 4% increased in 1 year. My Dr(s) are all pushing Prolia or Reclast. And they are not happy I stopped c and d. Why is my Osteoporosis becoming so severe at only 54 years old!

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  1. Have you had your HTMA and Mag RBC done? Maybe your minerals are unbalanced?

  2. Yes I have and thus taking CLO, CatapresF, whole food C and tons of Mag.

  3. You did not stop C, you are taking the best form of C in wholefood C.
    You did not stop D, you are taking cod liver oil which has D and the all-important retinol (vitamin A).

    I assume you've increased dietary calcium…… and how about bone broth?

    What I'm not seeing is the cofactors: vitamin B6, boron and bicarbonate. Boron is espcially important in bone building.

  4. Thanks MJ. Yes I add borax to my baths and nightly foot soaks. I take B pollen and B6 every morning, and I eat Greek yogurt daily. The only thing I have not tried is bone broth. I also eat liver once a week. I'll just have to continue doing what I am doing.

  5. Have you tried any Vitamin K2?

  6. Cheri Harkness – please share your success.

  7. I am thinking Vitamin K next. Some of my problem may be ten years of PPI use. I have tried EVERYTHING to come off the ppi's with no success.

  8. I would try vitamin K2, and eat sardines with bones in them. That and yoga.

  9. Also, osteoporosis is very common in undiagnosed celiac disease. I got diagnosed at age 60, after years of osteoporosis

  10. Try milk kefir and kombucha

  11. Yeah I was going to say along with Mary up there… not only wheat, but most all grains can be nutrient robbing for many different reason (auto immune issues, phytonutrients) Most of us consume way to many grains or grain products. Grains are nutrient robbing to our systems. Vegetables are actually a much better source of calcium than milk if you can eat enough of them. Milk can also cause so many other domino issues that I feel often times the nutrients in milk are negated by the negative health impact on our systems. The enzymes in your stomach being off can also contribute to malabsorption of minerals. Also acid reflux meds and many other types of medications can interfere with how well our bodies are able to actually absorb minerals etc. Do you take any reflux meds by chance?

  12. yes, my mother had early osteoporosis and it turns out she had undiagnosed celiac.

  13. Boron is very important for osteoporosis. I take 15mg per day from this company. I talked to Jeff here, he said some take 30mg or more, even up to 75mg, to treat osteoporosis

  14. Maybe think about adding a mineral supplement like concentrace

  15. @Eva How would you know you need that much?

  16. I am taking 15mg for joint pain. The borax conspiracy stated he used 30mg pr day for arthritis pain. (I'm trying this until the pain subsides, then lowering)

  17. Do you need to test first? Does the high boron supps throw other minerals off balance? So many questions

  18. This article says 10mg per day for osteoporosis

  19. Have you had both D's checked recently to see where your numbers are at?

  20. Boron?, b6, bicarbonate, kefir. Stop gluten. I was undiagnosed celiac disease. Go grain free.

  21. Thanks all. I have been gluten free for 5 years. Not celiac by biopsy. I use boron and bicarbonate. I have had both D levels checked. Thanks to Morley I am doing everything right. I take trace minerals. I think I need to keep on the program and try my damdest to get off the ppi's!

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