I am taking 325 mg of Calm magnesium a day.


I have severe anxiety to the point where I cannot rest, I pace around and have shortness of breath and my body gets really hot and sweaty and start to panic. I am taking 325 mg of Calm magnesium a day. I was told this is not enough. Does anyone think I need more magnesium or any other supplements to get me out of this hell? I will take all suggestions

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  1. Caroline Rodo, an unhealthy gut flora can have a direct impact on mental health causing anxiety and depression. Absolutely.

  2. Nica Joy – CALM Magnesium supplement IS Mag Citrate.

  3. Oh that is awfull! I've been in a similar situation where the anxiety and irritabilty seems to build and then I sweat and feel a little better. The insomnia is horrible. It's been happening for months. It got a little better after finding a balance of potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium (but that's according to my HTMA, so specific to me.) I knew these things were what I needed because I felt better the first day, and slept. But then felt worse again after that. I believe these things made me worse again because it gave my cells what they needed to do their job- which is kicking out the extra copper- and I couldn't handle clearing the copper from my body. I had to start with a small dose once a day and couldn't increase for a week or so. Then I went up to twice a day and now I'm at three times a day and it's taken me 3 and a half months to get here. I can finally say it's working, but some of us have to go very slow.

  4. Just went thru this over the holidays. It was horrible. My thyroid meds were out of whack. Got that fixed and thankfully that horrible anxiety is gone.

  5. this reminded me of my dream/nightmare last night. A young woman, who I took to represent my younger sister who died of colon cancer after fighting for 5 years of fighting, had fallen on some huge shards of glass that had fallen on the floor. Her wounds were deep and long on her thighs. She got up and walked to the bed and laid down. I was unable to get her any help and she kept telling me she was ok. I kept telling her she wasn't. Sometimes I would prefer not to sleep and just wake up.

  6. There is a gut brain connection so get a high quality probiotic and or start adding ferments to your plate, 2 tablespoons with each meal. Bubbies makes ferments that are available at the grocery. Good luck I hope you get some relief soon!

  7. For the copper toxicity: intake of extra Zn will balance copper. I read also that maybe drinking coffee will clear out some
    copper, but it needs to be further researched

  8. I am taking magnesium called calm, how many teaspoons should I take, it's a powder, 2 teaspoons is 325 mg ?

  9. Bobby Conte – if you are tolerating Natural Calm, take it again at another time of the day. 325mg is not very much, enough for someone weighting 65lbs.

  10. You are experiencing Adrenal Failure. Yes, you desperately need Magnesium, but you need something to pull you out of the crisis. Look up Adrenal Cocktail in the files section here and make and take twice daily. The sweating is the Adrenals bottoming out and then trying to put out Cortisol, which causes the pacing and panic. It's Fight or Flight, but your body cannot do either. In actuality, you may need replacement Cortisol for your Adrenals.
    You may need replacement of Sodium & Potassium and the Adrenal Cocktail provides tiny amounts of these.

  11. Another thing that works really good for panic attacks is EFT!

  12. Jill what is EFT

  13. Optimum Nutrition for the Mind is a great book. Lots of resources at http://www.foodforthebrain.org/ I hope you find something that helps.

  14. Are you hypoglycemic? Have you tried eating something sugary?

  15. Try MgLThreonate, 1 cap twice a day in combo with your other Mags. I use it daily, and have used it as needed for anxiety ie for pre Mammogram, That always makes me anxious. It helps..

  16. Manuel Rivera antagonists who needs attention ignore the sugar comment .

  17. Bobby I get this feeling and it can last for weeks! If this comes and goes during day it could be related to large drop in blood sugar but if your eating good diet and it lasts all day mostlikely it's something else! Weird but I notice predisone often stops this for me! I am in agreement your not feeling with anxiety but possible adrenal fatigue. Any chance you could get a months worth of hydrocortisone from compounding pharmacy! 10 to 20 mg taken twice a day to let your adrenals rest?? Does this feeling get better when you lay down??

  18. Depends on how deficient you are.

  19. Look at your food, cut the carbs, caffeine, add mag and B complex. I took magnesium glycinate morning and night, now I use the spray. I cured my anxiety with symptoms you describe above doing this. Breathe deeply and focus on something else, knowing you will come out of this.

  20. If you suppliment magnesium but still feel you may need it you may not be assimilating it! Soak in Epsom salts or try transdermal lotion! It does get absorbed through skin!

  21. Killim Time – the amount depends on the degree of deficiency and other factors. Read this

  22. Bobby Conte , I hope you feel better, soon. After I was having shortness of breath and breaking out in sweats I went to my doctor, I'm glad I did.

  23. I am going thru the same thing! For years now. On and off. Have been on Paxil and Xanax. Tried therapy. But these says it's on all the time! Started mag 250 mg a day and 5 HTP. No relief as of yet!

  24. Christine Proctor-Crowe, Your daily Mg amount per day is 5 times your body weight (in pounds) just to MAINTAIN your current level. See pinned post at he top of the group page on how to restore Magnesium level. Also, meds with lower your Magnesium too. If you weigh 100 pounds you'll need 500mg of Mg and then some to up your Mg.

  25. Wow I need to up it! No meds. I'm trying hard to avoid them this time. Thank you Sierra!

  26. Christine Proctor-Crowe, Mg water is great and easy to make. Transdermal Mg >>> this goes directly into the bloodstream (bypasses the GI tract) to avoid the laxative effect from Mg. Magnesium Oil, Mag-a-Hol, Epson and Mg Chloride baths or foot soaks. All of these recipes are in the "photo" area and are made with Magnesium Chloride Flakes. Magnesium lotions recipes there too. Your Mag will be on it's way up and anxiety on it's way down 🙂

  27. Iron? Anaemia has similar symptoms to anxiety.

  28. Bobby sorry I didn't see your question until now, click on the link I posted about tapping for panic attacks. Just follow along with the lady in the video. EFT is amazing, also called Tapping.

  29. Bobby Conte… Dr. Zodkoy who works with military patients with PTSD has found this product to be very effective for calming their high levels of anxiety. It is a little pricey… I am going to try to take the various ingredients to see if it's a little less expensive. It does use an biological source of GABA, rather than a synthetic form. It could be useful for you I think. http://www.amazon.com/Designs-Health-Neurocalm-Capsules-Count/dp/B0050OBTZQ

  30. My hormone doctor has me on compounded magnesium. Its 600 mg and I take 2 at night to help me with my sleep and aniexty.

  31. Yes….325 does not sound like enough. You can try transdermal magnesium oil too.

  32. 325 mg of magnesium per day would be a perfect dose if you only weigh 65 pounds. Most adults weigh two to three times as much, so they need WAY more magnesium than that!

  33. Make sure that you are exercising regularly. That's a great way to burn off anxiety. Even if it's a brisk walk 30 minutes/day, it's well worth it!

  34. The calm has magnesium citrate, not everyone will do well with citrate, it gives me anxiety. Maybe mag glycinate or ionic magnesium, I use angstrom minerals ionic mag, would suit you better. Plus maybe you need more other minersls too,

  35. I have severe panic/anxiety. One non med suggestion is consider quitting your job, if you are still working, if it is causing you to be sick…and apply for SSDI. That would be one stressor gone. If I wasn't already on prescription meds, I would be trying the 5htp, up the dose of mag significantly, and valerian root. Hang in there. It is HELL.

  36. Kimberly Sherman Ketchum, have you tried getting off the prescription meds and just doing the diet, vitamins, minerals route? I have severe anxiety, too and suffer agoraphobia although since changing my diet and following the vitamin mineral protocol after my blood test and HTMA, I have been doing amazing.

  37. Marilyn what blood test did you have and what is HTMA ?

  38. The blood test is the Magnesium RBC which will tell you the amout of Mg in the cells, where it does it's work.

  39. Mj do you know how to order it or who can do it?

  40. Ask your doctor to order the Mag RBC blood test and insurance should cover it. Otherwise, order yourself via requestatest.com.

  41. You can order and pay for the HTMA via this link.

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