I am thinking to eat bread today (gluten)


I am thinking to eat bread today (gluten). I am missing it since a long time. And there are no gluten free breads here. What do you guys say? Is there anything to do to reduce the pain and diarrhoea? Thanks.

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  1. You can definitely make your own!

  2. Can you eat something else to reduce the craving until you find some GF bread?

  3. Don’t do it. It takes 6 months to get gluten out of your system, plus you will regret it as soon as you eat it. It’s so hard I know. I have 3 kids with junk food all over, I’m the only one in my house not eating it.

  4. Do you not have access to basic shipping.Almost anywhere in the US you can have items shipped pretty inexpensively\nWhere do you live

  5. Ugh 😞 Celiac Disease is not forgiving or forgetful.

  6. Resist the urge!\nI hate how judgmental some members can be. Not everyone has access to the amount of GF options as other countries do.

  7. I’m going to try and make gluten free bread. I don’t know if there will be any savings or not, but it’ll be fresher.

  8. It’s sad to hear this. Anytime you ingest gluten, it is irreversible damage. The gluten eats away at your small intestine. If eaten too much, can cause cancer and other acute symptoms. In my opinion, I would rather not die a slow death because I missed a food item. Their are so many ingridents and foods that are healthy, nutritious and tasty that are gluten free. Please read “gluten freedom” by Celiac expert Alessio Fasano. It will provide you a wealth of knowledge on Celiac. Lastly, get “the autoimmune solution” by Amy Myers. Every Celiac should have these tools to improve their well-being and longevity.

  9. Katie Wood, unless you’re a gastroenterologist, please don’t give medical advice.

  10. Try making your own bread yes takes more time but when it’s GF it tastes so much better

  11. It’s just bread..your fine. There’s other bread just toast it. You don’t want to make yourself sick that’s just oh my goodness..

  12. I think an extra strength lactobacillus GG probiotic helps soon after you eat

  13. Made Gf Bread last night and it was Amazing ! I ordered this bread machine off amazon and it worked great . It was around 60$ and it worked like a charm.

  14. Can you order gluten free flour and bake bread yourself? If so they have lots of options online. Plus fresh home made bread is ALWAYS more fulfilling then store bought! My blind husband loves to bake bread so we picked up some Bobs Red Mill 1 for 1 gluten free flour so he can bake bread for me. I wish you the best and hope you find a healthy and safe solution soon.

  15. How come there’s no gluten free bread there? Most stores carry them in frozen food section.

  16. Wtf There’s nothing you can take to stop/prevent gastrointestinal damage, and it takes several months to be able to heal after an exposure, nevermind intentionally consuming gluten. The only treatment available for Celiac Disease is following a strict gluten free diet.

  17. Bad idea.

  18. Don’t hurt yourself sweetie, get yourself some Schar Ciabatta Rolls they are gluten free and the best out there in my book! They even taste good without having to toast them!!

  19. What is wrong with folks :@

  20. I was going to say something about cancer but it’s your body- do whatever you want to yourself. I just hope that when my Celiac kids are old enough they don’t read a post like this and decide to do this to themselves.
    Missing food is no reason to hurt yourself. If you’re just intolerant whatever but since this is a Celiac specific group…

  21. Don’t do it!!!!!!

  22. You want to go back to gluten because you miss it, and asking if something can stop the stomach pain? This may lead to cancer and more if you go back. The pain is telling you something.

  23. No, you will so regret it !! Make some gf pancakes, and gf cake, or waffles.

  24. Don’t eat the bread. It isn’t worth it. It just won’t be pain and diarrhea for tonight. It’s DAYS of hell.

  25. Make ur own bread

  26. I would eat gluten here and there. My consequences, my intestine is longer than normal, have a “torturous colon” severe vitamin deficient and now need medication that my insurance may not cover because of the expense. So I ask why? It’s not a choice.

  27. Be strong. It’s not worth it.

  28. Don’t do it. You can make your own bread. I’m sure you can get some corn flour and make corn bread. You can really hurt your self!! We have only one body! Once it’s damaged you have to live with it for the rest of your life!!!! But your going to do whatever you want. Hope you don’t. X

  29. Don’t do it, you’ll regret it.

  30. Not worth it!

  31. Why do you want

  32. Activated charcoal. But it’s still not a great idea

  33. Fear is a great motivator. You must have not had enough pain yet to be contemplating that. No bread….google come receipes and make some. Get creative, not sick.

  34. Yeah a shortened life?? You ok with that???

  35. It’s not worth it to eat gluten, I have been gluten free 9 yrs and I have never cheated, I don’t like how I feel when I am exposed to it.

  36. Not worth being sick for weeks

  37. Support groups usually offer support: I send you strength to make the right choice for you and positive energy because it helps you find clarity. ?❤️ Self care is a choice that takes both.

  38. You guys are VULTURES.

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