I am trying to find solutions to my anxiety


I cut gluten out of my diet two weeks prior to my California trip (August 4th, so it’s been 3 weeks). I wanted to do an elimination diet, but cutting out gluten seemed easier.

This evening I’m in my daughter’s campus apartment … while moving her in I ate 2 slices of regular order-in pizza, veggies only on it. 🙁 it was in my stomach before I even thought about it 🙁

If you have reactions to gluten, what do they look/feel like? I feel like my tongue and throat are fuzzy and not happy, but there was red pepper on it too. I thought if I was going to react it’d be more clear.

EDIT TO ADD: I am trying to find solutions to my anxiety.

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  1. I think once you've eliminated something, eating it again makes a more noticeable reaction. I have found that without gluten I stopped getting cold sores. I can cheat once in a while, but will eventually begin having cold sores or abdominal discomfort.

  2. To me it feels like someone is taking a little knife and stabbing me in the gut over and over. I also get canker sores and joint pain in my fingers within hours of eating it. Not fun

  3. Oh wow, Lita Rodgers Wallace, yours seems less immediate but clear and yours Michelle Hancock seems both immediate and clear! Not that I want to have such a clear reaction but since this is a pita to eat this way I was hoping for something clear and not woo woo.

  4. I have been enjoying baking with coconut flour occasionally. It is used in small amounts with eggs being the main ingredient, for muffins, etc. And my husband likes my alternative pancakes as well or better than regular. It's kind of nice to have something bread-like once in a while.

  5. Oh, and flaxseed crackers are super easy to make.

  6. It can take months before you are clear of it. 3 weeks is not much time. Also it is in cosmetics for example.

  7. You might be super irritable later on or tomorrow.

  8. My entire body swells–especially my stomach. I look like I'm 9 months pregnant when I eat it.

  9. I get super itchy. And bad stomach cramps.

  10. I feel like a hangover.. dizzy, swollen stomach, sometimes itchy

  11. My stomach feels on fire and my body acts like it's trying to reject it through stuff like vomiting. 🙁

  12. I get headaches and very angry from eating gluten

  13. Sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with hives

  14. I get itchy, my asthma comes back, I get hot/sweat and it makes it hard to sleep, my bowels are blocked for a day or so, my face gets red, I get bloated, I feel a little down and less sharp mentally.

  15. My reactions are worse if I haven't been eating gluten at all for awhile. When I have been, my baseline is worse so my symptoms aren't as noticeable …

  16. For me it feels like someone is stabbing me in the gut. I also get bone and joint pain after eating gluten and sugar and dairy.

  17. Joint pain the next day and beyond. Stomach pain sometimes/not always

  18. I've been glutenfree for about 5 years now. I don't have an immediate allergic reaction but all my ailments somehow come alive if I 'cheat'. I've had stomach/gut/intestine problems since my childhood, allergies, depression etc.
    The things that changed the most are stomach issues and unsolvable candida problems. I suffered for yeeeaars and now if I cheat and eat gluten here and there, that's what comes up the most.
    The key was of course eating non processed food that doesn't have gluten to begin with, but even if I eat a lot of candy and sugar, candida doesn't flare up if gluten is not involved.

    There are many different symptoms. One thing that stopped happening after stopping gluten was someting I didn't know had anything to do with it. My eyelids were always very dry and nothing I applied really helped.

    Sorry to say that my anxiety and depression haven't disappeared, but I finally learned what it's like not to feel sick *all the time*.

    Good luck!

  19. Fuzzy throat and tongue? Do you mean a coating? That signals candida in the gi tract.

  20. dry feeling eyes, pain in digestion, irritable, tired…

  21. Bloated stomach, joint aches the next couple of days.

  22. If you take WF vitamin C it will help it pass quicker. And don't eat corn. It cross reacts with gluten

  23. I don't have a gluten intolerance (actually I don't know about gluten; I eat gf bc it's the easiest way to avoid wheat), but I do have a wheat intolerance (determined by elimination diet). Initially my symptoms were vague and varied – emotional, fatigue, headaches… Now when I eat wheat at all I have more allergy like symptoms – itchy mouth and throat, cough. I also often have some kind of gastric distress as well.

  24. Thank you all for your input, I really appreciate it!

  25. Maybe look into gut healing … it's a journey I've been on …. well worth the journey. At one point I was having reactions to all foods

  26. I get very loose stools if I ever eat wheat. I don't intentionally eat it but there has been some accidents where I wasn't aware there was wheat in something, we'll just say, it doesn't take long for me to discover if I've eaten wheat

  27. Gluten reactions in IgG- stomach pain will start tomorrow- in 2 days

  28. If I have been off of gluten for a while and I accidentally consume some, all of my ailments come back full force within a day or two. I usually get bloating almost immediately. Moderate-severe digestive issues for several days.

  29. It ranges. If you have to ask, you may only have the start of it. For my daughter mac n cheese sends her to bed with cramps and trips to the bathroom 10 minutes after eating it. The night is ruined.

    For pizza, she'll bloat and hurt a little. This goes on for 24 hours.

    Before we figured it out, she would get sick a couple days later and be down for a few, sleeping.
    We are healing her gut:
    Digestive enzymes-Important- for her. Makes a difference.
    Bone broth
    Orange can gelatin
    Good fats
    Stay out of drive-thru
    Concentrate on what she CAN have instead of what she can't.
    Avoid the gluten, it's much easier for her now because she knows 'that hurts" 17 years old

  30. Anxiety might not show after eating once. But gluten is very likely contributing.

    I get itchy skin, headaches, bloated belly, pain in the gut and joints, fatigue and more with one gluten meal.

    Anxiety and depression have improved after a few months off.

  31. try an activated charcoal capsule….for your anxiety, quality probiotic for the gut and healthy fats for the brain…

  32. If you are not Gluten sensitive you wont have a reaction . Find a practitioner that will test you for it 🙂 not just the gliadin antibodies but also iGG iGM ..etc . Have them test for other things sensitivities as well . Corn milk eggs . Good luck 🙂

  33. Here's the thing, if I'm not Gluten sensitive, at present, I'm really leary going off it if by doing so will tend to risk reactiveness…if by cutting out Gluten and cross reaction items will *trigger* or *flip on* some reactions I'm not having right now.

  34. Have you noticed a difference being off gluten?

  35. One more thing to add .. If you do not have Celiac but gluten intolerance like I did you can find a N.A.E.T. practitioner to treat you for that and any other allergies, intolerance, sensitivities. I just found out I am intolerant to all forms of magnesium! Bad asthma attacks. So I am being treated now. Google it. It has changed my life.

  36. I have Celiac Disease. After Dx, I cut back on gluten, and noticed an immediate difference in my gut… Not much stomach pain, more regular bowel movements, etc
    But when I made the decission to be 100% GF…..THEN, amazing things happened!
    It took about 3 months for my body to detox enough to begin to see BIG changes. (3 weeks may just not be enough time!).
    The life changes for me, were all symptoms that my doc was treating as individual things, I had no idea that they were all connected to gluten!
    I quit 2 sleeping pills (Ambien and Tofranil) first…just didn't need them anymore. Quit my antidepressant. Then quit 2 thyroid meds…didn't need them either. Also quit taking daily muscles relaxers, and pain meds. Quit taking Prilosec, too, altho I have low stomach acid, so take digestive enzymes.
    Chronic sinus infections are gone. Now only the occassional sinus infection, when I travel to a higher elevation (we live close to sea level). Lost 40 pounds without even trying! 🙂
    Then THE most amazing thing happened after 10 months glten free….The brain fog lifted! I thought the fog was just part of growing older, forgetting things… You know, senior moments. Nope!
    All of it… ALL of my symptoms were gluten related!
    All of these Life Changing events took place over the span of 10 months!
    Your body needs time to detox. Then time for your gut to heal. And more time for the rest of your body to heal.
    If you do not have a sensitivity to gluten, wheat, or any other food, then avoiding it won't make any difference for you. But if you've been living with all kinds of issues that are 'masking' the symptoms, then taking those sensitivities out will make all the difference in the world! Hang in there!

  37. Your reaction should get stronger the longer you're off gluten, two weeks isn't very long so you may not have a very big reaction but that is one of my symptoms. And also if you didn't cut it 100% out sometimes people don't have a reaction, like making sure you're not getting any in any of your medicine or double dipping in there butter peanut butter or things like that and a toaster it cetera. And making sure you don't eat regular but get gluten-free oats. Just some ideas I had a friend who couldn't notice a difference in her symptoms until she cut it out really really well and then she felt a lot better and noticed a lot when she ate gluten

  38. I'm finding myself still unclear. Talk to me like a five year old 🙂

    Is my going Gluten free going to start something – going off completely – then adding it back in to see what happens – is by going off going to start some unintended consequence?

  39. Ive looked at my IT cosmetics and the mascara line contains gluten. It's old enough now that it needs replacing anyhow. Thanks for the tip. I realize too that by scraping the innerds off of the bread and tossing the bread meant I was likely consuming gluten also.

  40. I find taking bromelain really helps me when I slip up and eat anything that contains gluten. It's an enzyme found in pinnapples! Bromelain it helps break food down and a natural anti inflammatory. It helps heal the gut when taken regularly.

  41. Being off gluten has lowered my antibodies

  42. It takes six weeks to eliminate. So your effects wont be as bad. Feelings of toothpicks going tgrough tongue. Joint aches. Stomach issues

  43. It takes six months to totally eliminate gluten from your system

  44. Bloating, pain depression too!

  45. One can react for up to 12 days after eating something containing gluten. Keep an eye open for what might come. My friend reacts to chicken after two days!

  46. Super goo-poo …. omg could it be the Gluten? Yesterday, I didn't connect it…but two days in a row of goo-poo, lighter color too. This is crazy!

  47. I don't know if an immunological reaction that takes 12 days. There are reactions that take 3-4 days IgG IgA

  48. If you decide to go gf, please read every single ingredient….they will add other chemicals in order to make it gf and those can cause so many problems….

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