I am trying to stay away from prescription drugs


I have anxiety and I am trying to stay away from prescription drugs. It’s getting worse and I don’t really know what to do besides making a Dr apt and getting prescription drugs. Is there anyone that can relate, and what advice can you give? I’m not sure what to try as I am new to this group. Thank you!

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  1. Your gut is 2nd brain says : dr. Becker, dr. Marcola, & dr Eric burg,
    Once you work on getting your gut fixed the rest will follow.
    It's a gut issue really. Hope this helps. Look them up on YouTube.

  2. Bach's flower remedies if you haven't tried them yet. Also, homeopathic stress mints.

  3. Meditation…Yoga..Deep breathing..

    Take a nature walk

  4. When will people realize a pill is not the answer

  5. Turmeric has helped me

  6. Have you tried oils? My sister swears by them.

  7. Motherwort tincture. Doesn't make you sleepy. Passionflower is good at night. http://www.redrootmountain.com/motherwort-healing-the-anxious-heart-and-mind/53

  8. What is the anxiety about? Valerian root is a natural calmer. Valium is a synthetic pharma version of it.

  9. Boy do I know what you are going through. Realize it won't be cured over night. If you do everything right it can take many months so be patient, follow all the steps and meditate/pray.

  10. Ramona Kornacki Jimenez I always have felt that way too, but in desperate situations it has to be done. Personally I had become so chronically anxious about sleep that I wasn't sleeping at all and I've tried alternative after alternative, but when you're not sleeping and you've five kids and constant adrenaline surging through you something has got to give, and I'm viewing it as a stopgap, not a permanent solution. Also, a lot of the alternatives cost the earth, even just buying one or two supplements can cost a lot for someone low income..so there's not always the time and resources when there are desperate times. But yes, of course it is definitely not a long-term solution

  11. Try Omega 3 supplement

  12. I've also heard holy basil. They make an anxiety supplement that has this in there. Can't remember the name but it had alot of other calming herbs and vitamins. I'm gonna try this as soon as I can take all my other supplements

  13. Also read the book ultra mind solution it was very enlightening. The information is heavy at first but he gives you solutions. I haven't finished reading it yet but it's very interesting

  14. Another idea is getting a massage. It naturally reduces adrenaline and cortisol which are stress hormones. It stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin. It can reduce blood pressure and make sleeping easier! I highly recommend it. I'd stay away from deep tissue massage at first and stick with Swedish massage as it is more relaxing! Namaste. ️

  15. I take a powdered magnesium called Calm which is available on Amazon. Works for me!

  16. I took Calm as well. Did not work as well as Magnesium Glycinate. I take about 4 a day. Had extreme anxiety but after starting to take mag anxiety gone.

  17. I highly recommed Magnesium and GABA. Also, go to Greenfields, they are a wealth of information and will help to get you on track.

  18. Dare response book available on amazon, magnesium and a few other supplements (not recommended on here) were a game changer for me.

  19. Consider trying an overhaul on diet and supplements — read Trudy Scott's book "The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood, and End Cravings". She has workshops/questionnaires to help you determine specific amino acid supplements that you may be more likely to benefit from, depending on the type of anxiety symptoms you exhibit. She is an amazing resource!

  20. I bought these yesterday to start with. Thoughts? Again, I appreciate all of your help!

  21. Please get your b-12and especially foliate levels checked. I was very low in folate and my dr put me on methylated foliate plus I take sublingual b-12. I noticed a couple of weeks later that the anxiety had greatly diminished.

  22. Work on following this protocol first… taking L theanine and lemon balm tea has really helped me as well as gaba ! I also have stopped high glutamate foods! Make sure you do not have orthostatic hypotension and stay hydrated!!

  23. Hypnosis ?? It's great

  24. how old are you i know im 47 and going threw perimenapause so i think my axity is from my harmones so maybe if your harmones are off thats why stay away from sugers i take magnesium it helps and just relax like get some massages and meditate take deep breaths it will help i wouldnt get on medicines they are dependent on and you wont get off i know my mom has been on anxity meds all her life that has scared me from them but i guess if its to bad i guess hope this helps

  25. There is new evidence that poor mental health is tied to being malnourished in some way. It certainly couldn't hurt to up your nutrition. Check out


  26. Isolation tank.

  27. This group WILL help !!! Welcome

  28. When your gut flora is off due to antibiotics, etc. it affects the chemicals in your brain. Many psychiatrists are now prescribing probiotics to help with the gut flora which then reduces depression and anxiety! I was on every anti-anxiety and anti-depression med known to man. Since taking rx probiotics, I am better than I have been in my entire life! I take VSL3. You can find it at VSL3.com

  29. You should check out Niacinamide for anxiety !!

  30. Yes. I've been on & off for 30 years. I think it's ok to take them but do everything else first, like diet, exercise etc. Check allergies. Here's the thing, if you can get it under control it really can become physical. I'm thankful I only have eczema & arthritis from holding so much stress in my shoulders. Much of the day I repeat in my head, shoulders down, shoulders down! Also, talk therapy is great. Good luck. Many of us understand!

  31. L-theanine works for some people, as does passion flower. Do you have COMT?

  32. After reading most of the posts,I have over the past thirty years I have tried EVERYTHING. Each time something else happens to me and everything changes so I try something else. It goes on forever without true satisfaction. I think you would have to be a magician to find the right fit of drugs and complimentary products to make you well.

  33. Learning how to deep breathe really helps &Take Drenamin for your Adrnal …………….Massages & reflexology helps……..

  34. few more responses Tiana x3C3

  35. Try nero calm by menagetics it is amazzing. It helps with the symptoms of anxiety

  36. Neuro Cranial Restructuring, Lithium Orotate.

  37. Kinesiology is the best!!!!!

  38. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can really help too.

  39. L-Theanine works great! You can safely take up to 1200 mg a day or night too, just spread it out. Also camomile tea, acupuncture, yoga, exercise and meditation will change your life as they will all help keep your energy, breath & neurotransmitters flowing. As will getting enough Magnesium of course.

  40. Christine great advice

  41. Inositol works great for me! Just make sure to mix it with enough water or you will get osmotic diarrhea, which is not a big deal, more of an inconvenience. Unless you are constipated and need a bit of help. Also support adrenals with an adaptogen like holy baisil, and vitamin C. You can also see and ND for a heavy metal test and see if that is contributing factor, along with the accompanying candida. You can also check out Truehope . com and ask them about their products for anxiety etc.

  42. ^^^ whole food vitamin C

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