I am unhappy with my primary care doctor.


I am newly diagnosed and was already unhappy with my primary care doctor.

I’m curious what kind of doctor most of you see to manage your symptoms and treatment? I see many mentioning endocrinologists… do they address the auto immune aspect as well or just the hypothyroidism?

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  1. I see a nuclear medicine physician for detailed blood tests, ultrasound etc and my GP for in between testing and prescriptions. Treatment for hypo and Hashimoto’s is the same.

  2. I see an endocrinologist for management of Hashimotos/hypo (as Christina Ernst Messmann mentioned above, the treatment is the same) and I see a thyroid surgeon for regular ultrasounds and biopsies (if necessary) of my nodules.

  3. I see an functional endo for my hypo and hashi and an md specializing in functional medicine (integrative) for my hashi. While they are clearly related (hypo caused by hashi), they are separate conditions with separate but often overlapping symptoms and each often require specific and separate treatment.

  4. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease, hypothyroidism is a condition. Hashimoto’s symptoms come from hypothroidism. There’s no real treatment for autoimmune diseases other than immune suppressant drugs, but those are not worth it for Hashimoto’s because of possible serious side effects.

  5. Hashi’s is also an organ-specific AI disease, as opposed to systemic AI diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

  6. Yes. Hashimotos is the autoimmune disease which causes Hypothyroidism. You may be more likely to develop another AI disease, but Hashimotos doesn’t cause problems with other organs or systems. It is thyroid specific, causing Hypothyroidism, which causes the symptoms.

  7. I see my primary care doctor though my rheumatologist monitors it as well since she takes care of my sjogrens.
    Nothing to be done about the auto immune aspect. I’m not even on immunosuppressants for my sjogrens as it’s just not worth it.

  8. I understand how it works… I meant that replacing the hormone is not the end of the story. I see so many posts with people experimenting with diet, supplements, etc. to manage their symptoms and levels as well as complaints that doctors are referring them to therapist for depression/not taking symptoms seriously. I guess I’m asking if your doctor is helping with that- and if so, which one?

  9. Hashimotos causes Hypothyroidism which causes a deficiency of the hormone. Replacement of the hormone is the necessary treatment.
    There’s nothing in food to replace the hormone. A well balanced diet is a great idea. No need to have a restrictive diet. You only need supplements for anything f you are deficient in (for me that is D and B12)

  10. Hormone replacement and vitamin D are all I take. \n\nI’m on a diet for weight loss but that does nothing for any AI condition. For most people a pill a day is all they need.

  11. I have an endocrinologist that treats hypo with nature-throid, and hashi’s with diet, supplements, and stress management.

  12. An endocrinologist will usually only treat the hypothyroid aspect of the disease, not the autoimmune part. I see a naturopath who has helped me eliminate my food sensitivities and balance my vitamin supplements to optimize my nutrition. It IS possible to lower antibodies and reverse this autoimmune disease and stop the attack. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done.

  13. Most of the time endos are useless, they only treat hypothyroidism. Try a fujnctional medicine doctor, a DO, or a reputable naturopath. Always be your own advocate and do your research. This is vital. Diet changes, hormone replacement, other possible auto immunities, and vitiman deficiencies need to be addressed. Highly recommend getting the Stop The Thyroid Madness book and The Root Cause. These books will help you more than most doctors.

  14. My endocrine primarily treats the endocrine issues but also addresses the autoimmunity. My functional doctor worked with my endo and her team to address the gut issues, lifestyle changes and diet.

  15. I am also seeing a naturopathic Dr. She is helping me with diet, sensitivities, and supplements. I’ve tried the other kind of Dr for about 25 years now, she is has helped me more in just the three weeks I’ve went to her.

  16. I see an endocrinologist and have been very happy with the care I’ve been given.

  17. Not necessarily. My Endo keeps telling me I’m overweight due to insulin resistance but every time I go in to be checked…I don’t fast and blood sugar and A1C is perfect. I don’t take the metformin or victoza either. Giant waste of time over many years.

  18. I see an integrative medicine doctor.

  19. Naturopathic doctor

  20. I don’t even see a doctor! *Gasp*
    I have a fabulous family practice nurse practitioner who manages my thyroid just fine.

  21. I see an endocrinologist and my primary doctor.

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