I am unmedicated.


Just looking for some insight on brain fog. Recently I have had some pretty nasty days. Days where my brain function is non existent. I feel like general conversation is hard and I’ve been making my husband drive where me or my kids need to be. My hashi’s was found last year by my general practitioner. All blood work comes back normal so I am unmedicated. I just got my 6 month blood work a couple days ago and have an appointment to meet with the doctor on Friday, so I’m assuming there are changes in my blood work since I didn’t get a phone call saying see you on 6 months. All the info on the Internet has me quite scared.. Im 33 with a 7 and 9 year old, im feeling like a terrible mother because I can’t keep up with them.. Just curious on anyones input <3

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  1. Just know that many doctors will tell you that your levels are “normal” but everyone is different. My levels have been “normal” but we are trying for “optimal.” Some people don’t feel better until their levels are optimal. I’m glad you have a follow up, hopefully they have a plan to help you feel better. I’m still living with brain fog and it sucks. Best wishes.

  2. Welcome to my life … Normal labs Unmedicated mom and student can’t drink coffee because it induce a hashi flare and makes me flip to hyper ..getting my adrenals checked next

  3. Frustrated when a doc I saw for bronchitis wouldn’t just listen to me explain my answer and just kept saying…you are not answering my question. My daughter ended up having to translate. It’s hard enough to think on good days… but when sick. I finally said…I am trying to tell you the answet.\nI have called the trunk of my car the oven and zipper blueberry. Now I’ve reverted to calling everyone huny or darln . At least in texas it’s not sexual persecution unless you say to a cali or new yorker fresh.

  4. Take gluten and sugar out of your diet, that helped a lot with my brain fog.

  5. Adding t3 meds and vit d3 biggest life changers for me . No longer chronically fatigued or pain riddled. Switching from Synthroid to Tirosint improved brain fog a lot. Quit BC pills, soy and artificial sweeteners all together. Avoid gluten, dairy, grains and tomatoes. Eat an 80/20 organic, whole food diet. Pilates and treadmill for exercise. I’m 90% better.

  6. Paleo diet. also eliminate dairy and soy. I take a supplement called, EM Power Plus q96. Made by company called Q Sciences. I noticed a difference within a week, with my brain fog. Not only does it help that, but helps you better deal with stress.

  7. I take EHT. It’s a supplement that supports brain function. It really helps me.

  8. What have you done diet wise, supplements, gut healing etc. so far??

  9. Never go to a doctor without viewing your blood work first. Ask your doctor about T3 hormone Cytomel. Studies show it boosts memory. Did the doc test your T4 and T3 separately? If not, don’t waste your time going back. Find a new doc. I can recommend one in St Louis if your are interested (about an hour from you).

  10. Thanks so much!! Very much appreciated!!

  11. It will b ok….. Just breath all most every mom that has thyroid issues feels the same way you do. You are not a terrible mom you have just put your self last for awhile and its time to take care of you.

  12. I had that problem and started taking Methyl b12 and folate. I have both MTHFR mutations. Switching made huge difference and no more low b12.

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