I am very interested in cannabis oil


I am very interested in cannabis oil. I have a couple questions that I hope don’t sound stupid. I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor. I believe technically I’m in remission because it was in one lymph node. So my question is when would I start using this? Would I use as a preventative or wait and see if it comes back?

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  1. I drink the rolls royce of aloe vera drinking gels which helps keep your system in an alkaline state. It works on the skin and the immune system.
    I have been drinking this aloe since 2010. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and had all the usual invasive treatments including chemo and radiation. The aloe does not cure anything but has played a bit part in my recovery and i wouldnt be without it. Plse pm me if you wkd like more info.

  2. Any information on Alkalining the body what to eat what not too eat.. is there a equilibrium.

  3. You have to start by purchasuing the illegal Cannabis or I believe there are vendors in the USA, I think you need a likkle note form the doctors.

  4. Start by alkalising your body you many not ever need the oil x

  5. You can't get the oil, you should make your own oil. Dont trust the sold ones, they are scam.

  6. Is cannabis oil legal? I have asked on several pages where to get it. I keep reading posts about it and want to try it but reading posts and watching videos does me no good if I can't get it. Help!!

  7. all of the above–Also adding Essiac supplement–black garlic….graviola

  8. Also congratulations for surviving! All the best x3C3

  9. Definitely use it as a preventative

  10. Yes that's another thing….make your diet as ALKALINE as possible! One thing that the cancer industry does not want you to know, is that cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment

  11. Is it true that cancer feeds on Sugar. So if you take sugar out of your diet you will not get it as bad.or am I just dumb with a capital D

  12. if u can get it use it as preventative

  13. J-Normand Litalien, based on your comments, I'm begging you to at least watch the first few minutes of the Burzynski documentary I posted above ^^^
    Digging deeper into the history of the AMA and ties to the rockefellers/big pharma… It became irrefutable that natural & holistic medicine was abolished to make way for a much more powerful profitable establishment.
    It scares me that medical doctors only have to take a few hours of nutrition in medical school, meanwhile I have to take 300 hours of orthomolecular nutrition, homeopathy, detox etc to become a holistic health practitioner. If you reduce the bodies overall toxic burden, and give it the proper nutrition, it can heal from more than just cancer.

  14. Yes, I agree that J-Normand really should check out the cannabis thing, because what do you have to lose by trying it? It's infinitely safer than chemo, and a hell of a lot cheaper as well. There have been many cases of chemo making cancer worse and sometimes even killing people, but you never hear about those cases in the media. Again, follow the money.

    You shouldn't be so quick to close yourself off to something JUST because it hasn't been officially "proven" to work. Especially when it's something that has as many success stories as cannabis does. Remember, all that "proven" really means is that it's been approved, by the government and big pharma, to be researched publicly. Don't expect to see official proof of cannabis curing cancer making headlines anytime soon, because if that truth went mainstream, it would threaten the billions per year that is profited off of cancer. But just because the proof has been systematically suppressed and hidden from the public, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    I'm just telling you this info for your own good man, because I'd love to see you try something that works for you much quicker, is easier on your body, and easier on your wallet. If you do some research and check out some of the testimonies about cannabis and cancer, as well as some of the information that a few doctors and scientists have discovered, you'll be convinced that it's worth trying…I guarantee.

  15. Burzynski Cancer is serious business is the documentary that woke me up to the corruption & greed within the medical establishment/FDA/AMA/ACS Check out this video on YouTube:


  16. The beautiful truth is another great documentary that covers detoxing & the Gerson Therapy- a must watch for anyone dealing with cancer Check out this video on YouTube:


  17. Watch Running from the cure about cannabis oil Check out this video on YouTube:


  18. J-Normand Litalien sounds like you need to do a lot more research. I know I would be if I had an advanced stage cancer. I definitely wouldn't trust our govt to save my life. They don't want a cure. They want you to live long enough to keep getting your $4000 per month.

  19. It is important to understand that there are emotional causes involved in cancer as well as dietary. If you are holding any resentment in you that is not resolved, the cancer can very well return. These emotional issues can be removed easily with the Light of God and Sacred Symbols. Find out more at http://www.holygroundfarm.org/book/.

  20. Go to u tube and look up cancer and cannabis oil..lotsof good videos.

  21. Please look up Rick Simpson run from the cure,hemp oil

  22. lmao Sensi Seeds have the best products available if you are in Europe.

  23. Well fuck being controlled by unjust laws…i'm just gonna grow my own once i have my own house, and come what may…

  24. They canb have all ther GMO shite it kills you, makes animals infertile.

  25. Yeah Monsanto also is trying to patent gmo weed

  26. The Big pharmaceuticals companies are trying to patent weed so we cannot smoke it or create Oil with it.

  27. I don't know what you consider proof, but the correlations of cannabis oil use and drastic improvement in cancer is astounding

  28. J-Normand, you know the only reason it's not officially "proven safe" is because of the coverups by the government and big pharma, right? You know the chemotherapy isn't even CLOSE to being safe, right?

  29. I don't know much but I have heard it can stop tumors in brains and much more

  30. It isn't available because Pharmaceuticals company's make billions giving you pills.

  31. You should read this site. If you got the book it is better. http://phoenixtears.ca/

  32. Thanks for all the great info!

  33. I'd also add to the cannabis oil a raw, alkaline diet. Here is a Facebook group with a lot of people who have reversed all sorts of illnesses including cancer by detoxing with a raw alkaline diet (note…the $10 membership is only if you order herbs…the facebook group is free) https://www.facebook.com/groups/141078089311877/

  34. My husband had prostate cancer, he was lucky because the camcer wad caught in time so he had his prostate removed, so he dodn't have to have any treatments that was about 10 years ago, then he had s spot on his head and it to was cancer again he was lucky because this time he had a fatty tumor behind the cancer so it stopped the cancer from speeding that was about 2 years ago. So my question is what can he do to help his body to fight the cancer cells? I say lucky but really he here because our Lord had other plans for him.

  35. Use an ounce of high grade bud per cup of olive oil. Make sure it's ground really finely. And use organic olive oil, because conventional olives are sprayed to no end. Cook the bud/olive oil mixture in a crockpot for 4 hours on the LOWEST setting. If it has a "keep warm" setting, use that. You can then keep it in dropper bottles. This stuff will be EXTREMELY potent, so you definitely shouldn't need more than 20 drops to go to outer space. Even 10 will give you noticeable effects. Note that I mean 20 DROPS, and NOT 20 dropper-fulls…haha

  36. Were can you get it?

  37. Are you juicing (green drinks) everyday?

  38. Now would be as good a time as any

  39. You can start using when ever you like! It's very good for every day health! Have you looked at rick Simpson protocol? Or watched his documentary running from the cure?

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