I asked my Dr to refer me to a gastroenterologist


I was diagnosed a month & a half after becoming symptomatic through blood test only. That was in April. In May I asked my Dr to refer me to a gastroenterologist and she said that since my new blood work came back so great after just being gf for a month, there was no reason for me to go to a specialist. Should I have insisted? Is the endoscopy that important?

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  1. I am wondering the same thing

  2. It is to be diagnosed with Celiac. Otherwise, it’s too late. Celiac gives you certain things like protection with ADA. And it’s also good to know if you need to be cautious of cross contamination and replace pots and pans and such. \n\nHowever, if the blood work is positive, you likely have Celiac and should take all the precautions.

  3. I am a high positive for Celiac through bloodwork. So high my doctor was really concerned. I was referred to a GI specialist right away. I’m doing the endoscopy only because I want to know how much damage I have to work with. Also to check for cancer, and maybe other gastrointestinal issues. Hernias, inflammation, etc.\nIt’s very likely you have celiac but I think it’s good to see what’s going on in there.

  4. Good points Kaylin Persall. But Amber Sentance don’t be surprised if they don’t find signs in your small intestines. They start healing the moment your remove gluten.

  5. You as a patient have a right to see any doctor you choose. I would being it up again.

  6. Its best to get checked out and rule out other things that mimic celiac such as colitis and crohns. They have similar symptoms.

  7. You can be diagnosed without the endoscope. Some doctors will, some won’t ??‍♀️. Yours obviously did. The endoscopy would show you the level of damage, and follow ups would show if you have healing/improvement. But yes, you’d have to eat gluten for a while first (before the first one).

    My daughter & I were diagnosed together about 10 yrs ago. Her antibody level was also very high (her doctor said there’s no way she wouldn’t have celiac with the high of an antibody count). Given that, plus family history (me), plus her symptoms – she did not have an endoscopy. It was determined unnecessary.

    No one has ever questioned that diagnosis. Ever. No school, doctor, insurance, etc – nobody. It’s simply a diagnosis listed in her medical history, and no one has ever asked for test results or anything.

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