I ate a few twizzlers


So I ate a few twizzlers not realizing that they weren’t gluten free and today woke up with a bloated feeling in my uterus?? I’m curious if anyone gets that or is this something totally different..

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  1. I used to as well at first my pains felt similar to period pains then became worse as time went on to the point that I could barely move.

  2. I have some serious period like pains right now. Stupid sandwich.\n\nAlmost feels crampy, and my lower back hurts. 🙁

  3. I ate 2 boxes of good and plenty. Soon after I was feeling so sick and a headache . I checked the box and not gf.

  4. Yummy earth have gluten free twizzlers I found them on Amazon

  5. I seriously had no idea it wasn’t gluten free… I check everything but didn’t even think to check these

  6. Before going gluten free that was one of the problems I was having, It felt like my uterus was falling out.

  7. I had no idea they weren’t gluten free. I got really sick eating them. I am heartbroken because that is my go to candy

  8. Thanks for replying.. I didn’t think it was possible to be a side effect but I guess so

  9. There are gluten free candy on Amazon

  10. I get pain down below like period pain and really bad cramping

  11. I’m so glad you asked this question because I’ve been having the same thing and was wondering if it was gluten related.

  12. I used to think the cramps I was getting were my period coming on. Then it wouldn’t start and I would be puzzled. Still I brushed it off. That was right before I was diagnosed.

  13. I get bladder pain

  14. Ur colon is behind it uterus… It spasms when u eat wheat. Hence the period pains… Large colon goes up the right side across under the ribs(where I hurt the most) down the left side then behind the uterus and out!

  15. Before starting my gluten free diet, I constantly felt like I was a few weeks pregnant. Maybe there’s a link between the two.

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