I ate food that was cross contaminated.


So…I just thought I’d share my frustration for the day because I know you guys understand! I spent the entire day in bed, sick, because I ate food that was cross contaminated. Well, I am in college with a food plan, so you can all imagine how hard it’s been to find food in general. Well, I emailed my professor and told him how I must have been contaminated and his response was, “If you have this disease, shouldn’t you know if something has gluten in it? Im not excusing you.” It has been so hard to find people who understand the struggle! Ugh!!!

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  1. I tried so hard to get out of that damn food plan. Refused to use it, had Dr notes, wouldn’t stay in dorm for a floor wide community kitchen. You know what they said when I talked to the food directors? \

  2. Get yourself some charcoal pills at your local pharmacy they really help reverse the effect and make it bearable. They are very inexpensive. Feel better.

  3. You can sue the college. Her is 1 of many cases that the school had to make changes. http://stoloff-law.com/blog/gluten-free-meal-options-in-college/

  4. You should take this to the Dean’s office.

  5. Lauran we had a hard time when my daughter was in college. The food plan ended up a waste of money. You can gt out of it, but it’s a lot of hops to jump through. They had one dorm that had GF options, but it was hard for her to get to. Getting to know the kitchen staff in her dorm helped a bunch. They set aside many meals for her.

  6. Where do you go to school?

  7. Maybe show him this group. Or send him links to the numerous blogs online. Hopefully he’ll change his mind. Praying so!

  8. Do you have an office for students with disabilities? This is not OK. I’m scared to death of my son starting college in a few years and this is why.

  9. People that don’t have celiac can NEVER understand.. under a meal plan you might have to personally meet whoever is in charge

  10. No, we can’t ‘magically’ tell when someone hasn’t taken all the precautions to give us safe gf food, just as diabetics can’t always tell when some jerk gives them a regular soda. What the heck!

  11. I’m so sorry the lack of respect and understanding you have received. Is there a Allergen Specialist in the Dinning Hall? I would talk to the highest you can get to because it is unacceptable.

  12. I am so sorry you have to go through this. It is enough to deal with a course-load but Celiac is rough. I didn’t knowingly have it when I went to college.

  13. Torreh Pearl, I was scared to death my son was diagnosed just after graduating this past June, and heading to college. His college has been great with it. He even gets special meals if he emails the kitchen manager with food request and day with time he will be in. He did have to meet with the nutrionist 1st, and the admin

  14. Had a friend tell me that if it is such a big deal, “pack a snack”

  15. People suck

  16. Another option is to go to the college’s board meetings. See if your school has a dean meeting and get put on the calendar to speak about the issue. It matters.

  17. I’m sorry you are going through this one of my sons is at a university in Ohio and they have been great about providing meals. They have their own dietitian that checks in with the kids.

  18. Can you go above him? I’m sorry, Prayers.

  19. I’m a college professor and that’s not reasonable if there is a policy for medical issues

  20. ‘if you’re this stupid, shouldn’t you know NOT to be a professor?!’

  21. So sorry you were exposed…both to gluten and insensitivity. Hope you bounce back quickly. You are not alone.

  22. You should have accommodations due to your disease … ask your college how to apply for accommodations… my teen daughter does … it allows you to turn in work late and stopped or retake tests if sick … also look into a delivery fresh company that delivers gluten free already made gf meals in a facility that Is 100% gluten free … we are considering this when my daughter goes away to college

  23. At my old work, we called it food poisoning. Sorry this happened to you

  24. His day is coming when you have to do teacher evaluations!

  25. I would go to your advisor or to the administration of student affairs or even the dean of student affairs and explain your situation you are having with the professor and your medical issues with gluten so he can understand your situation and try to go about it that way I am so sorry you are having so much trouble this should help

  26. Hate it when educated people say uneducated things. Bless his douchey heart…

  27. Oh like it was your fault! I bet he doesn’t even know what’s in his chicken nuggets -.-

  28. We understand! it is so easy to get contaminated. i am so sick of eating the same things and i am so hungry. my clothes are falling off me.

  29. Register with the disabilities office by getting a note from your dr that you have celiac disease. They should legally set up accommodations!

  30. Cafeterias, restaurants, street fairs, church dinners or any carry in are the most dangerous places for a Celiac to eat. Get a doctor’s note and take it to your counselor or the equivalent and have that person turn it over to your high and might professor.

  31. Go to your dean, that is not right. I’m sad you’re sick.

  32. Wow! Sorry you have to deal with this on top of everything.

  33. Follow

  34. My old boss was the same way… They dont see that this is so hard for us to live with

  35. Wow…so not cool I would report that to the Dean

  36. Horrible, he just does not understand at all , so sorry and no sometimes that sneaky Gluten gets in and we don’t know 👎

  37. I’m so sorry your professor is heartless. Shame on him

  38. If you are diagnosed with a doctor’s note. He is in the wrong and you should talk to the dean so it doesn’t happen to the next person. (I’m guessing yes, because you have a food plan) if you don’t have a doctor note I see why he said no… I will not understand why people are rude and cruel.. but I would see his point.
    My son is a freshman in college and if it happened to him… The Dean and professor would hear it from me. I see what my son eats and there is no way I would not get contamination going through his cafeteria…
    Chin up Hun! Smiles are contagious

  39. Sad really, as a health professional I wish I could educate these people sooner then later do they understand more about this.

  40. This is sad…please go to college health clinic ….find alliance and go to the Dean of Students…fight ignorance..


    So very sorry Lauran Brown maybe you should tag him in a few of the posts where others have been unknowingly contaminated…..\nBlow up his email / social media feed !!! \nMaybe someone can teach this ignorant Professor of yours about something he truly does not understand !

  41. I just can’t imagine trying to get through school, in a dorm, and being told that I should know what I can and can’t eat. Most of us cope by cooking all our own food, but you can’t cook, so you are extremely vulnerable. I hope this professor gets some stern education.

  42. Would disability support services be any help in dealing with the prof? Go see him during office hours. I may be more difficult for him to deny you face to face.

  43. Too bad you’re in his class, he seems like a moron.

  44. I am sorry, yes wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could always safely eat food. Too bad that professor isn’t more informed of reality.

  45. Jeez! That’s freaking horrible! Ask him if when he eats a food does he know EVERYTHING that went into making it!?! DB! I’d get a dr. note…screw him

  46. whenever i had celiac attacks in college and missed class i just said i had food poisoning or like illness. i assumed they wouldnt care about celiac. and sadly your situation proves that 🙁

  47. Also, do you have a kitchen anywhere on your floor? I had a meal plan when i dormed but by my last year I couldnt take how sick I was. Iwasted money on the food plan but I used a kitchen in our hall and I just had to stay up late and prep all my own foods.

  48. For a professor he’s an idiot!

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