I believe I am undiagnosed Hashimotos.


Hi all. I can’t sleep and am a bit upset. I believe I am undiagnosed Hashimotos. I’ve been in fertility treatment for one year and have had nothing but two miscarriages. My TSH is fine but I have antithyroid antibodies which they won’t treat as they think I’m fine (arrrrrgghhh!!!). However my antibodies levels (peroxidase) are over 1000 when they were last measured and I know they like to see lower than 40 to be considered normal. I’m desperate. I want to be a mum so badly and I feel that this is why I’m miscarrying. Has anyone ever had such high antibodies with a normal TSH and gone onto have a successful pregnancy? With or without treatment. I feel like nobody (as in the doctors) even wants to listen to me and I’m so frustrated. They cancelled my t3 and t4 tests because I’ve “only” had two failed pregnancies and I should come back if I have a third. Nothing like feeling like a number in the system! I live in Denmark, btw, so the system will e different to US. TIA.

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  1. Btw I recently went gluten free in a desperate attempt to bring down the levels myself, no idea if it’ll work though.

  2. Selenium (200 mcg) & vitamin E (400IU) daily, on an empty stomach, to reduce antibodies

  3. Do you know what your levels are at the moment? A TSH that is “fine” may not be optimal to sustain a pregnancy. It is recommended to have that number 1.5 or below.

  4. My TSH was around 1.5 in October which is when I was pregnant last, before I miscarried. But they didn’t even measure my antibodies then, the last measurement of those was back in June and they were 1100.

  5. I’m just so desperate, I can’t stop crying. I’m sick of people telling me it’s just bad luck. I want to be a mum and I feel that the endos aren’t doing their bit to help me get there, just telling that I’m “fine”. I know I’m not. I would do anything for this.

  6. I had three miscarriages with high antibodies before having my son and even though it’s heartbreaking you’re not alone, don’t give up x my fertility specialist actually diagnosed my Hashimotos basically as soon as I sat down in front of her and looked at my neck. It takes quite a special doctor to realise what is involved and will listen! Only after being medicated was I able to sustain a pregnancy. Best of luck in your journey xx

  7. I am so sorry. I remember that feeling well. I miscarried before I was diagnosed with Hashi’s. It was frustrating to me as well as devastating. They should be testing your T4 and T3 though. Those give a bigger picture as to how your thyroid is currently functioning.

  8. You are certainly Hashi’s with antibodies that high but, symptoms do not correlate with antibody levels. They are measured to diagnose but after that, you really don’t need to repeat them. You need to find out your free T4 and free T3 values, those values can affect your ability to sustain a pregnancy.

  9. I’m showered, make up on and nearly ready for work, despite having been up since stupid o’clock my time. Thanks to you all for listening to my desperate ramblings today. I forgot there’s a big company meeting this morning so am going to ask my husband to ring the hospital, and I’ll leave him with the details. Thank you all so much for replying – you made me cry even more by being so lovely, helpful – and, most of all, making me remember that I am NOT crazy – but at least those were happy tears 🙂

  10. It’s a hard long road but you can be a mama, don’t give up

  11. I have my tpo aka antibodies tested every time i get tsh n t3 n t4 done try n lower them by raising immune system probootics n selenium n vit e my dr gave me supplement called moducare is plant stuff of sum sort to raise immune n lower antibodies that u can order online my functioning dr said high antibodies which mine are 1000 too are sign u have hashi flair up n thyroid under attack dumping hormones into blood stream …i read hashimoto thyroiditis get to root of it good book

  12. Took me long time get prego n idk was hashi then but i was so lucky to have two

  13. Probiotics * stupid phone lol

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