I can’t handle eating any kind of eggs.


I have a question I was diagnosed 4 Years ago. In the last year I can’t handle eating any kind of eggs. Is this normal. I also can’t do Dairy unless it lactose or soy . Just wondering if anyone else got sick anytime they ate eggs. I just can’t anymore. What did you do to replace it in foods?

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  1. I was diagnosed with an egg allergy this past summer.

  2. Sad,I can’t tolerate them either anymore

  3. Yes. I had to go on AIP and eliminate certain foods for 4 months. I avoided 26 foods and was able to reintro eggs again. But I buy range free from chickens not fed soy or corn. Dairy is problematic for me. Part of celiac.

  4. Maybe that’s my problem with eggs. I buy range free organic eggs but never thought about them eating soy. I’ll have to call the farmer

  5. What kind of eggs do you eat? Meaning what are the chickens fed? Pasture raised chickens who aren’t fed corn, soy wheat is the best option.

  6. Also, y daughter get hard tofu…dries it out with a paper towel, crumbles it up and adds a pinch of turmeric, garlic, salt, onion powder….a touch of olive oil and it tastes like scrambled eggs ??????

  7. I have issues with eggs if the chickens are fed wheat or other gluten containing grains. I raise my own hens and my local grain elevator has a gf blend.

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